Truth Bomb Tuesday: How to 50x your productivity

The power of this brain hack has to be seen to be believed Ok, I want you to imagine something. Someone comes to your house and asks you whether you’d be willing to put up a 3x6m billboard in your yard promoting safe driving. It’s a worthy cause, right? But I’m guessing you’d say, “yeah, […]

Truth Bomb Tuesday: How to unlock powerful self-belief

  How to cultivate powerful (and practical!) self-belief. What does self-belief mean when the rubber hits the road? You hear it all the time. “You’ve got to believe in yourself.” But what does it actually mean? Like, I used to believe in the Easter Bunny. Am I supposed to believe in myself in the same […]

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Are you valuing yourself enough?

Most people don’t value themselves enough. I think this is why. There’s a story I love about the art professor and his grand-daughter. She asks him, “Grandpa, what do you do for a job.” He says, “I teach art at the university.” She looks confused. “I teach people how to draw.” She looks at him […]