Revealed: Is the ATO coming after you?

The ATO is targeting investors – this is what they’re looking for. Looks like the ATO has got investors in their sights this year. The government has been really clamping down on the kinds of deductions that investors can claim, but now the ATO is going to be going through investor’s tax returns with a […]

If you have a holiday home – read this!

ATO have a new campaign… and a new PR agency? Word from the ABC is that the ATO is gunning for deductions on holiday rentals, particular when the property isn’t genuinely available to rent. “The ATO’s assistant tax commissioner Kath Anderson said too many holiday home owners were claiming deductions for properties which were not […]

17 tax deductions you may not be taking full advantage of

You probably know that before I dedicated myself to property – in my former life – I was an accountant. So I have a built in automatic reaction now to sit up and take notice when it’s coming up to tax time. First of all, let me say that most people (including accountants) think in […]

PODCAST: If there’s a possibility that one day you may die… Listen to this.

This podcast might not be for everyone… This podcast is only for you if there’s a possibility that one day you might die. If that’s you then you need to listen to this podcast. Today I talk to a specialist called Derek who is going to make sure that all the wealth you are […]