The Top 5 BIGGEST Trends of 2021

The financial world is shifting big time in 2021. I’m here to take you through what IS and WILL be happening in the financial world, from interest rates to global politics, these are the biggest factors shaking up the financial world and by extension, our financial back yard. Enjoy! For blogs, info, events, and to […]

Revealed: ‘the economy’ doesn’t exist.

Economics 101: Forget about the economy The economy doesn’t exist. I mean, have you ever seen one? I’m feeling like I want to give a few blogs to something of an economics primer – Dymphna’s Economics 101 – something to help people get a basic sense of how the economy hangs together. This stuff is […]

RBA happy to let house prices boom

The RBA is pretty chill about the house price boom they’re in the middle of creating. The RBA is happy to let house prices boom. That was the key take-away from the RBA Governors “game-changing” speech last week. (Well, it was the key takeaway as far as I was concerned.) Phil Lowe outlined a new […]

Yikes. 30% increase in unemployed

The jobs data is steady, which might be disappointing for some. The jobs data were released last week, and it seems to me that the dust has settled, and the data is giving us a pretty good look at where the market is at. First up, unemployment nudged higher to 6.9% from 6.8% the month […]

What the ‘young investors’ are up to

People often ask me… “Dymphna, why teach when you could put your feet up and take life easy?” Truth be told, I don’t work that hard these days. The easy life gets plenty of my attention! And I certainly don’t need the money. In fact, I didn’t start teaching until I was set up for […]

A second job is not a solution. Do this instead.

There’s a million Aussies working multiple jobs. Are they being conned? The view from 30,000ft says that the Australian economy is kicking on pretty well. But down on the ground it’s often a different story. And it’s one of the challenges that developed economies all over the world face. How do we make sure everyone […]

Broker Slaughter Will Make You A Better Investor

The Royal Commission has come down hard on mortgage brokers, but strangely enough, this is a free kick for investors. So Hayne delivered the findings of his Royal Commission last night, and with 76 recommendations, it really is a mixed bag. The good news is he’s not recommending that the government should do any more […]

What are the investment banks doing? Buying property.

The big money is already out in the market hunting for bargains. Is this downturn going to be shorter and shallower than we think? One of the interesting features of the American property crash in the GFC, was that it was institutional money that lead the way after the bottom had been reached. Massive Hedge […]

Bank bribes customers. Did you get yours?

The banks are hiking rates, as I predicted, but one of them went the bribe instead. Back in July, I was warning readers to get ready for rate hikes. And in the past few weeks, it happened. I’m not talking about the RBA hiking official rates. Nothing like that. (If you’ve been following what I’m […]