Brisbane Apartment Crash Cancelled?

A lot of doom-merchants were selling the apartment crash in Brisbane. Looks like it’s not happening. Brisbane is actually headed for a shortage of apartments. I know, right? That sounds crazy. I’m flying in the face of conventional wisdom here. The rule of thumb is that Brisbane, like most capitals, got a little too high […]

APRA- bunch of spankmonkeys

  APRA is just not doing us any favours. If you want to know what’s behind the multi-week decline in Sydney property prices, there’s only one culprit: APRA. APRA – the bank regulator – has been tightening the screws since the middle of last year, going hard on investors and interest-only lending. APRA threatened the […]

Did someone say 16%?

I’ve stayed out of the US election commentary on purpose. You know that I’m a practical, straight-to-the-point person when it comes to investing and I don’t like getting caught up in all the noise and drama. Now that it’s all over, next week I will weigh in with my views. Look out for that …but […]