How property cured their crippling debt.

Jordan and Alex have an incredible story to share. Abandoned by conventional money-making tactics, they slowly accumulated a debt that would plague them for life. In comes I Love Real Estate, and the opportunity to learn of a way to finally achieve economic freedom. Michael joins Jordan and Alex and they take us through exactly […]

The low-cost way of replacing your entire income… In just 3 years.

$20,000 seems like a lot of money right? And yes, it is. But if I told you a student of mine used just $20k to completely replace their working income… Suddenly seems like a pretty insane return on investment. Today we’re chatting with Sanjeev to find out exactly how he did it. Enjoy. Book A […]

How to turn a property into an 1.5mil powerhouse.

When you start investing in real estate your accountant might say to just go out and buy an investment property just because “it’s a good thing to do.” And if you’re a budding property investor like Tom was you might’ve just listened. Of course one day with I Love Real Estate and he realised just […]

How to sell a farm and buy a shopping centre.

Desley didn’t want her kids to have the life she did, working day in day out on the farm just to get by. When she decided to sell the farm and move to somewhere more urban, she did so without realising the huge shift in finance her life would take. But after stumbling across I […]

Renting, Revonating, Airbnb, and Thousands of Dollars.

Army vet Kevin had landed into a dark period of his life. After a spell and recovery from a mental health breakdown, the world he once occupied now labelled him as “damaged goods”. Looking for options, he sought new ways of generating income, and was drawn to one of I Love Real Estate’s events. After […]

-$70k negative gearing HELL to +$498k in only 1 year.

If you’re a seasoned investor chances are it’s snuck up on you before… The investment from hell. No matter how stack it, no matter how much you THINK it “can’t possibly fail”, Eventually, the drain it has on your income continues to swell untill it hits ciritcal mass until… Bang. Your finance can take it […]

Adding 0’s to your deals? It’s all about mindset.

Renovations, feasability, a proper auction, these are a couple of factors you might think of when it comes to getting more profit from your property deals. But from the get go one factor often goes criminally overlooked. Mindset. Seems silly, so I’ve brought out Aygun & Sanaz to help explain how this overlooked factor can […]

From -$200k to +$250k equity in under 12 months.

At the young age of 20 Kelly and Liam rushed into the property market guns blazing, investing only with a dream and whatever she knew at the time. Soon after, the town they bought in was hit with the mining crash, and their propeties lost $100k in value each. Still working their 9 to 5’s, […]

Struggling mum pivots into $1.4 MILLION career change.

Juliette had just hit a fork in the road of life, newly married, newly pregnant, and newly saddled with a BIG mortage for a TINY townhouse, she realised it simply wasn’t going to work. On a friends reccomendation, she checked out one of I Love Real Estate’s free events, and immiediately knew this was the […]

Broke immigrant couple now does 5-6 PROFITABLE deals every year.

Maria and Bill were quick on the uptake when they first came to Australia, they could tell from day 1 the money making potential of property. Now, as a property development power couple, they net up to 5-6 deals every year, making them hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process. We’ve got Maria and […]