Understanding the 8 year cycle – How to prep for market growth

Amongst the freak out and doomday-sayers of the current property market, the people not freaking out have one thing in common, they’ve either been in the property game for decades, or they’ve listened to someone who has. I sit down with my friend and fellow property veteran Mark Baker to discuss the exact property trends […]

Investing in yourself: The secret to success with Jon Giaan

Out of everyone we’ve ever worked with here at ILoveRealEstate, no one is more inspiring or personally successful than Jon Giaan. Sitting down with Jon today we discuss every facet of not only starting and running a business, but maintaining success in every aspect. Whether that be your own business, your health, or even weaknesses, […]

How to stop gambling and start INVESTING

This excerpt from one of Dymphna’s live shows looks deep into her personal journey from accountant to full time real estate investor, and how to use what she learned in order for anyone to do the same. Her story isn’t just about money, Dymphna’s tell all story involves, her family, the emotional weight, fears, and […]

The Secret to Real Estate Niches

While you can “make it” in any property field, I can never stress the importance of “Niche”. If you aren’t striving to fill needs then you aren’t taking full advantage of your investments no matter where you are or what your speciality is. Being able to supply a need doesn’t just mean your capable as […]

Inside tips on financial loans from the moneylenders themselves

Loans are one of the corner stones of property development, but securing and managing them is as daunting as it is difficult. Dymphna chats with Andrew and Clint from Wizdom to discuss not only the ins and out of securing a loan, but also insider secrets on how to properly structure your loans while minimising […]

How to create “wealth worthy” mindset

It’s a common problem all people face, the feeling fo being “unworthy”, that you’re simply not good enough for wealth or success. Dymphna sits down with Rayleen Burns to discuss some of the tactics and strategies in order to strengthen your ability to be “wealth worthy”, and truly regaining your emotional self control. Listen and […]

How I know you won’t be sticking your new years resolutions

Today’s podcast delves into the reasons you, and many others, just can’t seem to stick to their goals. Whether they be big, small, or even financial.Honing in positive and negative reinforcements, Dymphna discusses the phycology behind goals, and how exactly you can train yourself to start achieving them. Hope you Enjoy. If you want to […]

Bugger it, just do it.

This special motivational speech from Dymphna speaks to one of the most common issues people have with investing, fear of commitment and fear of failure. Before people even have the chance to get experience they’re obsessed with the “perfect deal” or the “perfect moment”.. But as you’ll find, no one ever made money waiting on […]

Increasing your equity TEN FOLD. One couple effectively replaces their income with $62k annually, in just three years.

When Sanjeev and Illa’s baby girl was born, they wanted a way to escape their ‘hectic’ jobs. Initially, they started small and focused on building cashflow. Three years later, they’re just a deal or two away from replacing Sanjeev’s income, and having the family time they so desperately wanted. Despite having cash flow as their […]