The Myth of “Pressure Creates Diamonds”

The pressure of COVID has been crushing. It’s not just financial, it’s effecting people on every level. Rates of violence, suicides and depression are running rampant in “first world” society. People say “pressure creates diamonds”, but is that really true? Today we’re exploring how to really deal with the pressure of a covid-plagued world, and […]

When Do the Rich Make Money?

When it comes to the wealth of the rich people like to throw around a lot of assumtions, “The rich exploited this boom, or this guy just got lucky, ect. ect.” When in reality, the rich make the most money when times are tough and the ecomony is weak. This has been a repeating and […]

What you aren’t being told about Rental Gaurentee

Rental Gaurentees are a super common policy, often with new properties, often with negative gearing, it’s a tempting draw for investors looking for security… But it’s a con. And I’m here to tell you why, as a investor, you never win out on rental gaurentees. If you want to find out more about this type […]

Conquer the Chaos Part 8: Australia’s most pressing questions ANSWERS

In the final part of our Corona chaos summit series, we quickly turn to Dymphna and her team to answer viewer questions from the live event. A lot of these burning questions ARE important, Dymphna gives out some really comprehensive answers on all things related the current property climate. We got some great questions about […]

Conquer the Chaos Part 7: Is the Crash Coming?

Continuing on from part 6, Dymphna speaks about the ongoing property cycle and the drastic turns it will take in the next 6-8 months, ongoing to the next 12. Though the outlook is grim, Dymphna offers a fresh perspective, backing her convictions with evidence and experience, she proves how the coming fallout is more than […]

Conquer the Chaos Part 6: Investing in Yourself

Jumping into part 6 of our COVID themed real estate breakdown, Dymphna covers the 4 futures model, her famous system for taking action and actually acting within your own best interests. This system is PERFECT for the current climate, the sooner you take action the better, the sooner you know what’s going to benefit you, […]

Conquer the Chaos Part 5: Creating your own Property Boom

In part 5 of our exposee in killing it during the corona crisis, Dymphna covers the secrets behind asset growth, the key insider tips on how to engineer your property to grow in value by your hands, in your own time. If you sit around waiting for your property to gain value naturally, it’s no […]

Conquer the Chaos Part 4: The Ultimate Investor Bluerpint

Leaping right off from part 3, part 4 continues on breaking down and showing the power behind structure in property investment. How the correct structuring across all your assets can save you headaches and dollars, especially during a massively shifting market like this one. Dymphna then moves into her “Property Blueprint”, the 3 key foundations […]

Conquer the Chaos Part 3: The Formula for Success

In part 3 of our series covering just how to avoid being a fincial casuality in a post COVID world, Dymphna covers the formula for success – Laying out the skeleton of what will become a powerful blueprint for your investments. You’ll find that protecting your assets during and post development is the real key […]

Conquer the Chaos Part 2: The Perfect Storm for Investors

Continuing on from part one of our new part podcast-part masterlcass series, Dymphna jumps into just what you should and shouldn’t be confident about while being an investor – That dispite the bad turns the world is taking, there is a so-called “Perfect Storm” brewing in the investment world. Exactly how you participate is up […]