The $400k property that “Keeps giving”.

Matthew had received only one piece of advice from his grandfather when it comes to real estate. “Real estate is important, real estate will you get somewhere.” When Matthew found himself lost in life, he decided to chase his grandfathers admittedly vague words. Stumbling across an ad from I Love Real Estate he saw a […]

IT worker turns $25,000 PROFIT in 6 WEEKS

Eugene was a career IT worker his whole life, and was pretty successful at it too. So successful that he kick started his investment career and owned a whopping 20 investment properties. But despite all that, he was barely turning a profit. There was clearly a piece of the puzzle missing In comes I Love […]

Single acre “chore” transformed into $150k passive income.

A few years ago Peter and Fiona had a solid family unit and already owned a couple properties… Living the dream right? But they still woke up to work their day job every single morning. The money just wasn’t adding up. Until you realise their properties were negatively geared. Eventually they learnt how to make […]

How to double a home in value.

Melissa has an interesting origin before joining I Love Real Estate. She was a “prize home buyer”, buying homes to be given away in huge raffles. She would scout, buy, and even renovate dozens of homes to be given away. But despite her impressive wheelhouse, when she joined ILRE she wondered if she actually had […]

Taxi driver scores $1.4 million dollar PROFIT property deal.

Aman was a pretty common case before joining I Love Real Estate. Taxi driver, immigrant, not the kind of person you’d look at and say “that’s the worlds next millionaire”. So when Aman was in line to generate $1.4 million of a single duplex property deal, you better beleive he started turning a few heads. […]

Chance encounter leads to $265,000 in gross profits.

Ever wonder if you’re passing a millionaire in the street, someone worth talking to? What if you took that chance and actually asked? Well that’s exactly what happened to Allie. Her story is how a chance encounter with a secret millionaire celebrity lead to her to make $265,000 in gross profits from a single property. […]

How to sell a farm and buy a shopping centre.

Desley didn’t want her kids to have the life she did, working day in day out on the farm just to get by. When she decided to sell the farm and move to somewhere more urban, she did so without realising the huge shift in finance her life would take. But after stumbling across I […]

How to Live Rent-Free While Turning a Profit.

Anthea never had a 5 year plan, never had the need to worry about it. When she finally came across a goal for herself it seemed pretty humble, a home of her very own. And after seeing an ad on Facebook for a free I Love Real Estate event, she figured she’d take the free […]

The “Perfect Storm” of rental properties.

Everyone thinks you have to be in the right place at the right time to be a successful investor. Doesn’t matter if it’s stocks, property, crypto, everyone has that same excuse. I use the term “perfect storm” a lot, and I think people get the wrong idea, that I’m only talking about timing. But considering […]