Video: Who WON property in 2021?

The dust has well and truly settled on 2021… It was a whirlwind of a year, whether you were involved in property or not. But after it’s all said and done, I’ve come to a conclusion on the 5 BIGGEST winners from the 2021 property scene. Spoiler alert: It’s not the usual suspects. But it’s […]

The 1 trigger that turns a wage-slave into an investor

On this episode of the podcast I wanted to shed light on a particular real estate journey that is as common as it is remarkable. Mary Palaric was a student of mine that came to me as many do, running her life on a treadmill. No matter how hard you run or how fast, you’ll […]

Video: How The Property Market Broke A 33 Year Old Record

Records are already being broken, rental markets are shifting rapidly, and there’s huge financial storylines unfolding in every sector. But don’t panic, I’ve wrapped up all the news in my latest episode of The Intelligent Property Investor. Here’s everything I’m covering this week. How the property market broke a record that’s stood for 33 years […]

Video: What’s The Fallout From JobKeeper Ending?

I want you to be smarter. Why? Because an intelligent property world is a healthy property world. And to do that I’m starting a weekly masterclass/podcast dedicated to enlightening and educating that property world (AKA you), for free. It’s called the Intelligent Property Investor. It’s a weekly video series with updates on economic news, market trends, […]

Real Estate Reset 2021 Part 10: I Answer Your Burning Questions

In the 10th and final episode of the Great Real Estate Reset we pull back the curtain a little and answer some of the viewer questions recieved during the original live broadcast. From bank loans to tax law Dymphna answers a slew of interesting questions with answers ranging from specific knowledge to general advice. Thanks […]

Real Estate Reset 2021 Part 9: How to “Think Rich”

In the second to last episode the Great Real Estate Reset Podcast Dymphna enters a dialogue on the mental game of wealth and success, and how you need to be thinking in order to be wealthy. It’s not just strategy or dumping dollars into the right place, it’s a concious and vitual set of mentalities […]

Real Estate Reset 2021 Part 7: History is doomed to repeat itself.

In potentially the most exciting episode of the Great Real Estate Reset Podcast series, we deep dive into the facsinating and incredibly practical world of property cycle, specific the cycle that you need to live and die by in order to be a successful inverstor. Investing in not gambling, it’s a science that can be […]

Real Estate Reset 2021 Part 6: How to take control of your life.

This Part 6 of our Great Real Estate Reset, Dymphna’s live broadcast cut down into podcast form. Part 6 diverges slightly from the world of property and hones in on the driving force behind it; You. Your life is a series of micro-decisions and butterfly effects ultimately culminating into your actual experiences and more importantly, […]

Real Estate Reset 2021 Part 5: Growing your property empire

In part 5 of the Great Real Estate Reset series jumprs right off from part 4, moving directly into an obvious, but often overlooked, aspect of being an investor, growth. It’s all well and good to invest and pocket some change, but long term investing requires long term strategies. Without those strategies you stop being […]