July 22, 2016 by Dymphna 1 Comment

6 stealth auction-killing tricks that you’ve never heard of…


Auctions can be brutal.

And heartbreaking.

Especially if you don’t know what you’re doing.

And there are more and more of them. So if you want to win, you’ve got to get this.

In today’s podcast I share my top secret tips.

Secrets I’ve used to win auctions… Even when the competition is ruthless!

==> What you need in place before the auction.
(This is so you don’t get bitten by auctioneers slimy tricks)

==> Where to stand during the auction.
(The auctioneers hate this… but it’s the best place to exploit other bidders’ weaknesses.)

==> My killer ‘team bidding’ tactic
(no – not the illegal one)

… combined with the one piece of technology that gets me the stealth win most times I’m bidding.
(you wont have heard of this one before, but it works a treat)

==> How to get the vendor away from the agents and get them spilling the beans.
(Get all the information the agents don’t want you to know, and that the other bidders won’t have.)

==> How to get the ‘conditions’ you want into those nasty unconditional auction contracts.

==> And I share my Auction game.
It’s fun and you’ll subconsciously become like Russell Crowe in gladiator. Beaten in competition and come out victorious.

==> And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s loads more!