We’re 80,000 homes short… again.

Economists can see the writing on the wall. We’re going to miss. We are on track to miss our housing targets by a wide margin. Actually, it’s looking like we’re not even going to come close. It looks like we’re going to throw a dart at a dartboard and hit the vending machine with the […]

Competition for cheap suburbs set to get worse?

We’ve been waiting for this for years. Has it finally arrived? Last week I noted that we’re in a unique phase of the market and it’s driving price gains in more affordable suburbs: There’s an interesting thing happening in the market right now. We’re in a compression phase. Often at the turn of a cycle, […]

T-Bomb: A back-door hack into desire

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Get this right and it will feel like magic. People are often surprised to learn that figuring out what you really want is often the hardest part of the journey. People say things like “Oh I know what I want. I want to be rich and financially free.” But rich is just […]

The scariest idea I’ve heard in a while

This sounds like a horrible idea. Want to hear the scariest idea I’ve heard in a while? We’re in the middle of a housing crisis, and we definitely need to get innovative, but this sends chills down my spine: Mirvac chief executive Campbell Hanan has thrown his weight behind the push to develop lower-value mortgages, […]

Building sales nosedive as container rates lift: the economy in pictures

See the world through the eyes of an economist: Approvals, sales, business confidence and container rates. These are the charts that caught my eye this week. First up, building approvals continue to nose-dive and detached building sales remain in the gutter. There’s no signs here that we’ll be building our way out of the crisis […]

T-Bomb: Do you feel like you give too much?

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Giving is good, but not always. Where are you giving from? This is a really interesting question. When you give, do you give automatically, out of impulse? Or do you stop and consider deeply whether you actually have the resources to offer? I was talking to a former student the other day […]

What’s the end game for the rental crisis?

Eventually we’re going to have to face we’re in a crisis. When is the rental market going to roll over? Rents have been growing at a blistering pace since Covid. Take a look at the chart. Australia has never seen anything like it: The hard news I have to deliver is that I can’t see […]