Broker win is market’s gain

It was a change no one was calling for, but now that it won’t happen, what does it mean for the market? Mortgage Broker’s have had a win. When Kenneth Hayne delivered his Royal Commission into the banking sector, he recommended that mortgage brokers be moved to a user-pays system (as opposed to the commission-based […]

Struggling property investors turn portfolio costing them 22k a year into 77k positive cashflow

Experience and education are key when it comes to property investment, no story exemplifies that more than Sue and Marks. Before joining I Love Real Estate their investments were plagued with issues, dodgy accountants, and classic property missteps. Throughout their journey and learning they overcame not only their trials in investment but also trials within […]

How to Move Forward and Avoid Self Sabotage

I sat down with life coach and motivational guru Pip Mckay to discuss all things “road block”. Whether that be emotionally, physically, or even literally. We talk about the fear of failure and the road block people don’t even know their facing; the fear of success. If you’re not afraid of success and want to […]

How to fall into success

The Buddha had some gentle advice for people trying to do the best they could. There’s a legend about the Buddha that I really love. And when I say legend, I don’t mean to imply that I don’t believe it. But there do seem to be a lot of stories about the things he said […]

This ‘disaster’ just lit a fire under property prices

The biggest challenge in a decade could send property prices soaring. Seems that Australia’s building industry is ‘falling apart’… and it could make property prices boom. There’s some twisted economics at work here, but it’s not too hard to follow. The first thing to get our head around is the revelation last week that Australia’s […]

What beauty really is

When we try to define beauty, we realise that there’s something wonky in the mix. I mean sure, in a world where our standards of beauty are set by photo-shopped teenagers, I know I’m probably a long-shot for Australia’s Next Top model. But that’s the thing about beauty. It’s not a form of perfection. It’s […]

How a regional couple jump started their real estate career in a “flat market”

This free webinar reveals the real estate strategies they used to create these amazingly simple projects. Success isn’t impossible even from the reaches of regional north Queensland. Kelly and Liam are a testament of how taking the right chance with the right plans can lead to a huge pay off.Through their property journey they explain […]

Rates Hike? RBA Does as it’s told!

The RBA’s admission that rate hikes are off the table is good, but I’m still not sure they get it. So the RBA rolled over like a good little puppy dog last week. For a long while the RBA has been running with the line that the next move in interest rates would be up. […]