Would you bid on this hoarder home?

Yes, the market’s hot, but there’s still opportunity in this deal. I’m going to tell you why property the best way to create wealth from scratch. And look, I’m assuming you’re something like an average Aussie household. If you’re a hedge fund starting out in the game looking to deploy your first billion, then property […]

The overlooked reason why we can’t build more houses

People don’t get the connection here. There’s a reason why we can’t fix the housing shortage. People think it’s easy. We just need more houses so build more houses. Well, first, building a lot of houses isn’t easy at all. There’s land release and zoning and a whole bunch of things that need to happen […]

What is the property capacity gap?: the economy in pictures

See the world through the eyes of an economist: Property, borrowing capacity and rents. Corelogic released their market update for October last week, so let’s keep our focus on the property market this week. First up, prices were up a solid 0.9% in October, with both houses and units now performing strongly. That’s now the […]

T-Bomb: Fail fast, fail furious

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Mistakes are a cost of doing business. “Wow. You work so fast.” I was messing around with my messaging system while a friend was over the other day. I didn’t know what I was doing, but I was trying to figure it out. Click that setting. Have a look. Youtube what that […]

How ‘walk to shops’ = $2.6m over reserve

It’s a lot of money to avoid teaching your kids to cook. Here’s a funny story from a recent sale reported in The AFR. A property for sale in Canley Heights Sydney sold at auction for $2.6m over reserve! That was over double the price they were expecting! You’d have to be happy with that […]

How to sell a farm and buy a shopping centre.

Desley didn’t want her kids to have the life she did, working day in day out on the farm just to get by. When she decided to sell the farm and move to somewhere more urban, she did so without realising the huge shift in finance her life would take. But after stumbling across I […]

CBA puzzled by ‘extraordinary times’

Without this, would price falls have been bigger? CBA Economists are privately a bit confused about the housing market’s current strength. We got CoreLogic’s October update last week. It showed that the pace of gains remains strong, with prices up 0.9% in the month. But there’s a puzzle. This strength is ‘quite remarkable’. The turnaround […]

T-Bomb: Why only humans think growth looks like this

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Change is tiny kid’s cardigan. There’s a funny thing that happens when your kids are little. You accumulate your own favourite outfits for them. They’re almost certainly not the clothes that they want to wear all the time themselves. But they’re your favourites. That cute little cardigan. The one piece romper suit. […]