Interview with Michael Myer Part 2: Creating Profitable and Sustainable Australian Towns

Picking up where part one left off, Dymphna and Michael Myer cross section the incredible plans and execution of one of the greatest property investing undertakings in this countries history, the creation of entire towns that are environmentally stable and sustainable. Myer discusses the exact tax strategies he’s used to save huge amounts on this […]

Revealed: will the govt seize your deposits?

I’m taking requests. Lately, people have been asking me if bank deposits are safe. This is my response. Are your bank deposits safe? You might be wondering why I’m even asking the question. Of course our bank deposits are safe. There’s a government guarantee… … isn’t there? Well, there is. But what governments promise and […]

Corona has become an epic test for democracy

China says they’ve won the war on Corona. Does that mean the Chinese model is better? The theatre of the Coronavirus has shifted squarely to America now… … and the future of liberal democracy hangs in the balance. That’s my take on it. Look, I know you’ve probably got enough to worry about right now. […]


I recently received news that famed financial planner “Harry Dent” put out public word to “Sell! Sell! Sell!”. This got my blood boiling! Australian economics requires an Australian perspective, and that’s my issue. I break down exactly why Dent’s opinion on Real Estate simply doesn’t work, and what you SHOULD do as an Australian, whether […]

Corona an ‘economic wake-up call’.

The corona crisis shows just how economically vulnerable we’ve become. Things are going to have to change. Corona is proving to be a wake-up call on a whole lot of levels. Our health systems, our crisis-readiness, our economic resiliency… But I’m really praying that this will be an economic wake-up call – on how we […]

Interview with Michael Myer Part 1: Inside the mind one of Australia’s greatest investors

Dymphna dives deep into the career and origins of Michael Myer, one of Australias greatest entrepreneurs known for his prowess in property, business – and even bakeries. Michael tells his story of success in particular in creation of entire sustainable towns – His ingenuity and raw sense for investment innovation cultivated into the amazing story […]

T-Bomb: Time for a ‘role-model mindset’

Truth Bomb Tuesday: how to make the most of this crisis Look, I know we’re still deep in the woods with this one. I actually think most people have been so focused on the unfolding health crisis and on keeping their loved ones safe, that they haven’t fully woken up to the economic wrecking-ball that’s […]

Charting the virus’ “synchronised king-hit”

I’ve lost count of the number of countries in crisis. The world has never seen anything like this before. As Australia continues to move towards shut-down, it comforting to know we’re not the only ones having to deal with this. At the end of last week, the Governor of California put the whole state in […]