Truth Bomb Tuesday: Why we gave her $52,485

Think you can’t do it? Listen to Desley’s story. At the recent I Love Real Estate Super Conference, we had our annual Student Success Story of the Year competition. This is one of my favourite things of the year. It’s fantastic to be able to share in people’s success, and these stories really bring it […]

Truth Bomb Tuesday: How to 50x your productivity

The power of this brain hack has to be seen to be believed Ok, I want you to imagine something. Someone comes to your house and asks you whether you’d be willing to put up a 3x6m billboard in your yard promoting safe driving. It’s a worthy cause, right? But I’m guessing you’d say, “yeah, […]

From Negative $30k to $56k Positive Cashflow, in just 13 months.

If you’re interested in me and some free education check out my free webcast: So many times I hear that people say their situation’s too tough, that you don’t have the time or live too far away to invest in property. Well Nathan successfully invested in Australian real estate and replaced his income all […]

The Market’s Dead… Good! This is a Win.

Stamp duties have ‘killed’ the foreign buyer market, according to this bloke. I’m not sure it’s true, and I’m not sure it’s a bad thing anyway. You might remember that last year both the NSW and Victorian governments decided to go after foreign property buyers. The NSW government doubled the foreign buyer surcharge to 8 […]

“Pollies need an uppercut” – Economist

The privatisation of the land titles registry in NSW has had a predictable result. And we might be picking up the tab. Last year, the NSW Berejiklian government privatised the land titles registry. In doing so, they instantly created a private monopoly, against all economic sense. Monopolies are bad economic news. They don’t charge efficient […]

Old Skeptic Makes Good with Property

When I met this fella he thought I was a complete charlatan but half an hour into my presentation he’d already decided to buy my course… I must have been convincing. Since then he’s property journey’s taken leaps and bounds, you’ll get a kick out of this story, take a listen.