Truth Bomb Tuesday: Why I hate the Melbourne Cup

Is it just a harmless gamble? I have mixed feelings about the Melbourne Cup. As someone who grew up around horses, the race gets the young girl of me very excited. When I was little more than a toddler, I would pretend race my horse Apache around the paddock, shouting at the sky every time I […]

From Negative Cash Flow to $71k in Just Three Years

It’s possible to create a passive income that will support you and your family. Natasha offers plenty of proof of that. Investing in Australian property while you’re living overseas… It’s not really the done thing, is it? It certainly isn’t the typical path that most property investors take. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t […]

WA Govt kicks own goal on property

The WA government has its heart in the right spot. But this is a miss. I’ve been watching the Perth Market for a while now. It’s struggled and is still struggling. Last count it was down over 20% from its last peak. That kind of fall can really put your stomach in your throat. But […]

Truth Bomb Tuesday: After the diagnosis, this is what we did

Her life had been thrown into chaos. This was the first step in getting it back under control. My friend got a diagnosis a few months back. It was one of those diagnoses that puts a complete stop to the life you’re living, and takes things on a whole new direction. Poor darling. Anyway, she […]

Understand the economy in under 5 mins.

This is how to think about our unusual economy. Ok, I’m going to give you a handle on how the economy works, in under 5-minutes. Once we’re done, you’ll have a better handle than most on how this crazy ol economy works, and you’ll know why the RBA is in such a pickle right now. […]

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Before you complain, read this

I’ve found the perfect building material. It’s not what you think Ok, I want you to imagine Goldilocks enters a sculpture competition. In the first round, she has to make something out of water. Water is very easy to push against and move, but it has not shape. It’s too soft. As soon as she […]

From Living in a Car to Property Success – Andrew’s Story

Property investing can take you from dire circumstances to a hopeful future. Find out how below. There’s this perception that you can only invest in property if you already have a lot of money in the bank. That’s what so many Australians think. You either need cash or a huge chunk of equity to get […]

WTF? ‘Old women’ to blame for weak economy?!?

Older women are digging in and staying in the work force longer. That’s not their fault. One of the weird things about the economy right now is that the labour market has been frustratingly soft. Wages growth remains very weak, and unemployment is pushing higher. And apparently it’s all the fault of old women. That’s […]

How Dan and Leanne Put Themselves in a Position to Leave Work Within Two Years

Even experienced property investors can always learn more. Dan and Leanne are living proof of that. Real estate has always been the greatest vehicle for wealth. Dan and Leanne understood that long before they discovered I Love Real Estate. They’d already invested in several properties and had a fairly healthy portfolio. But they’d also made […]