T-Bomb: My secret – I’m an introvert.

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Most people would never guess, but my energy comes from a surprising place. Confession time: I am an introvert. No seriously. I am. Now I know I don’t really look like it. I know I make public speaking look easy. I can get up in front of 5000 people and talk to […]

Video: Intelligent Property Investor Update

I could mire you with my usual spiel about chaos in the streets and panicking in the Parliament… But right now, I want to cut through the BS and deliver the hard facts about what’s going economically and financially, and why property is holding strong through it all. Here’s everything I’m going over. Why jobkeeper […]

Will lockdown stall the rental boom?

In normal times, this should put a pause on rental growth. But these aren’t normal times. One of the interesting things about this boom is that it’s really being driven by two engines of growth. The first is record low interest rates and the massive money printing program the RBA is currently in the middle […]

Lessons from a bad-ass saint

This is a great way to work with fate. I’m running an event called Women of Cashflow, and I’ve taken it upon myself to really help women get on top of their finances. For whatever reason (and there are a few), women tend to fall well behind men in terms of financial security and wealth. […]

Video: Builders are going bust in the middle of a boom

Lockdown hum and drum is running rampant throughout news. While I’m not lockdown crazy, I decided to take a practical approach and talk about it on this weeks Intelligent Investor Update. Safe to say the results shocked me. Here’s everything I’m diving into this week. What the impact of lockdown is really going to be […]

Wow! This chart blows my mind

The property boom is moving at an incredible pace. It’s actually getting hard to describe how big this property boom is. You know I’ve been in the game a decent while now. I’ve definitely never seen anything like it. Westpac released their property outlook the other day, and there was one chart that really popped […]

T-Bomb: How to make a bad job seem great

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Without this, everything is hard. You have to make your own meaning. Now this isn’t some generalised, stick it on a motivational poster type advice. This is a productivity technique. This is a way to achieve more in the world. Let me give you an example. I once knew someone who had […]

What technical tools do investors need?

A good investor has a good set of tools. A lot of investors – even investors who have been in the game a long time –don’t realise that there are a lot of tools out there now that help you crunch the numbers and take the guess work out of investing. Obviously I can’t go […]

Are the Olympics worth it?

We won our Olympic bid. Here I look a gift horse in the mouth. So Brisbane won the right to host the Olympics. Up you go Brisbane. Well done. But, we do know that hosting an Olympic games costs a lot of money these days. Is it really worth it? Now, I don’t want to […]