Truth Bomb Tuesdays: The “I’m ready” brain hack

Ok, I want you to imagine two people. The first person says, “I want to go sky-diving.” What do you see? Maybe you see someone day-dreaming about what they might do one day. Maybe they’re serious. Maybe it’s a pipe-dream. Who knows? Ok, now imagine some who says, “I am ready to go skydiving.” What do […]

Wealth secret of a multi-billionaire

Want to create wealth faster? The smartest thing to do is find people who have already done it and follow their lead.  Study what they do… figure out why they do it… and go do it yourself! One of the greatest minds I ever studied was Warren Buffett. He’s 88 years old, worth an eye-watering […]

PROOF: Property markets next launch pad

Most people think the property market will fall further. But that’s not what the evidence says. Quite the opposite… There’s a bit of a slingshot building in the market right now. People always forget that this is how markets work. The seeds of price growth are starting to take root long before prices actually start […]

Truth Bomb Tuesdays: Your personalised key to success

If you ask Richard Branson what the key to success is, he’ll tell you something completely useless. Maybe it will be something generic like: “Follow your passions” or “never give up” or “do a sea-water colonic irrigation every morning.” Totally useless… for you. Because the thing is, there is no one key to success. There’s […]

[Haters get ready] The TRUTH about getting rich

This email might inspire you to the greatest heights of your life. Or it could leave you bitter and angry. Either way, it’s the truth and I’m going to say it. You deal with it any way you like. The reason more Australians aren’t rich is because … … most Australians don’t have the motivation […]

Revealed: Are you going to benefit from the rate cut?

I saw this rate cut coming a long time ago. That’s why I’m ready. So the RBA cut rates this week. Let’s have a look at who wins and who loses. The first winner is… me! I predicted this rate cut, well over a year ago. And at the time I was pretty much the […]

Truth Bomb Tuesdays: The ‘hero’ who saved me

Sometimes I look at everything I have now, and it blows me away. It wasn’t always going to be like this. I was on a dark path there for a while. I was on track to heart-disease at 45, children who hated me, still up to my eyeballs in debt… … and, most probably, sad […]