T-Bomb: the selfishness conspiracy

Truth Bomb Tuesday: This idea is really, really dangerous. They want you to believe that people are selfish. This might sound like a conspiracy theory, and look, I’ve got no idea what the actual truth of the matter is. But it certainly looks to me like there’s concerted push to paint a picture of humanity […]

T-Bomb: how to get your kids to do the dishes

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Time to learn a new way of moving in the world. How do you get your kids to chip in around the house? How do you get yourself to pull the finger out? These two strategies, more often than not, are exactly the same. Let’s call it ‘the motivation paradigm’. Most of […]

T-Bomb: money buys answers, not happiness

Truth Bomb Tuesday: You’re not silly to make money a focus “Money can’t buy you happiness.” If I had a dollar for every time I heard that, I’d have enough to buy a semi-trailer chock full of happiness. There is some truth in the saying obviously. Money can’t directly buy you happiness. It’s not on […]

T-Bomb: the courage to say ‘enough’

Truth Bomb Tuesday: It starts when you decide to say “no”. Your life is defined by what you accept. We give a lot of attention in the success journey to what we can achieve. What we can make happen and manifest. What we can engineer in our lives. This is a big part of it. […]

T-Bomb: the meaning of life (I guess)

Truth Bomb Tuesday: how you should live your life, even if you don’t know why you’re here. I found myself watching a doco on Netflix the other day: “Surviving Death”. It was a six part series on the afterlife, and the way the spiritual world interfaces with the actual world. It was very interesting. Some […]

T-Bomb: the one thing holding you back

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Our conditioning leaves us ill-prepared for success. Sometimes I wonder if maybe there is just one challenge. Having enough available working equity. No, I’m not talking about financial stuff here. That’s another matter altogether. That said, I don’t reckon you’ll get to far on your journey towards financial freedom until you’ve met […]

T-Bomb: your excuses define you

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Want to know what you are capable of in life? This will tell you. I can tell you where you’re at right now. You are on the frontier where your courage and your excuses meet. True Story. Excuses can crowd in and smother a life. I’ve seen it a thousand times – […]

T-Bomb: how to declutter your life

Truth Bomb Tuesday: decluttering your life is all about vision: So some girlfriends of mine are doing a challenge – The Declutter Challenge. Basically you declutter (get rid of) stuff. You get rid of one thing on day one, then two things on day two, three things on day three etc. The idea is that […]

T-Bomb: how to shine like a crazy diamond

Truth Bomb Tuesday: You might think you need to ‘shine’ more… It might be a dangerous idea. “I need to shine more.” Maybe you do, Susan. But maybe you don’t. It’s one of the funny things about my line of work. Your mindset defines what you are capable of. So while I’m teaching all the […]