T-Bomb: Why your first step is always a power move

Truth Bomb Tuesday: How to make sure your goals aren’t empty dreams. Help us out here. I’m road testing a new motto. What do you think? “Invite tomorrow, empower today.” Catchy? Can you see on it on a motivational poster with some dolphins and stuff? I’m trying to catch a really important balancing act that’s […]

T-Bomb: Why 95% of people worry too much

Truth Bomb Tuesday: You just don’t need to worry so much about what people think You probably care way too much about what people think about you. I can say that with confidence because 95% of people care way too much about what people think of them. (The remaining 5% are psychopaths.) And the reason […]

T-Bomb: How shared-truths prevent JV disasters

Truth Bomb Tuesday: If you want honesty, get it in writing. “I just wish they would be honest with me.” I have seen quite a few joint ventures go pear shaped in my time. Not within my community. We are super-big on making sure you get everything down on paper, and getting the right contracts […]

T-Bomb: Beware the time-leeches!

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Guard it jealously. You won’t get it back. You have a lot of resources at your disposal. How wisely do you use them? Some of your resources are unlimited. Like your creativity. I seriously believe that everyone has an unlimited number of million dollar ideas inside of them. The only challenge is […]

T-Bomb: The hidden gold in jealousy

Truth Bomb Tuesday: We tend to shame jealous feelings. There’s something being missed there. I was talking to a friend recently who has a tendency to get jealous. So I decided to do a quick lightening search around how to work with your jealousy. (That’s one of the things about being independently wealthy. You just […]

T-Bomb: Success is simple, but hard

Truth Bomb Tuesday: The ingredients for success are simple. So why aren’t more people successful. People often want to know what the formula to success is. They expect it’s going to be complicated. They expect me to get out a chalkboard and draw up an equation with 200 different variables, and dozens of weird symbols. […]

T-Bomb: who is telling your story?

Truth Bomb Tuesday: The stories we tell matter, but who is telling yours? I’ve written a few times about the power that comes with being the author of your own story. And I don’t just mean that you get to decide the way you live and the things you get to do. I mean being […]

T-Bomb: don’t rush your healing to market

Truth Bomb Tuesday: It’s beautiful to share. But don’t be in a rush. We are all merchants of our own healing. Once we understand what the medicine is that is going to sort us out, we become super inspired to share it with the world. I think this is sort of universal. It certainly describes […]

T-Bomb: why happy = who cares?

Truth Bomb Tuesday: There’s no useful information in happy. I’m going to tell you why you don’t actually want to be happy. I’m serious. You don’t. You don’t necessarily want to be unhappy either. You just don’t care. As far as you’re concerned, happiness is largely irrelevant. Now you might be thinking, “Hang on Dymphna. […]

T-Bomb: how to find your ‘why’

Truth Bomb Tuesday: If you can get clear on your why, it will unlock a mountain of energy. The first step in the journey is finding your “why”. Why is the place that you drive from. It’s home to all the energy you need to achieve great things. It’s your mission and reason for being. […]