T-Bomb: The magical third option

Truth Bomb Tuesday: This is how to care for others without losing yourself. I’ve been having this conversation a lot lately, so there’s a point I want to make about caring for other people’s needs. And this is probably timely because I know the whole Covid story is pushing people. It’s taking a lot of […]

T-Bomb: Why people have this totally wrong

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Want a life full of miracles? Be prepared to get dirty. “Everyday is a miracle.” This statement is either a weapon or a shield. And it’s a terrible shield. This is one of those funny sayings you hear – one that is either profoundly true or profoundly wrong, depending on what you […]

T-Bomb: Don’t put up with it!

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Had a gutful? That says a lot. How do you make space for everything you need to get done? How do you make space for the new version of you to come through? There’s a school of thought – and this might not be for everyone so try it on and see […]

T-Bomb: What’s your lightning rod?

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Emotional energy must be released, or the universe will find a way for you. What’s your lightning rod? In my experience, we all have them. We all have these etheric aerials waving around, calling down high-voltage emotional charge. And sooner or later, BAM, lightning strikes, and you get an intense surge of […]

T-Bomb: The worst investment I ever made

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Don’t sell yourself out. It’s never worth it. As a celebrity investor, there is one trade I warn all my students about. It’s a guaranteed misery trade. What is it? Selling your soul to the devil. Now I’m not talking about the actual devil here. What you choose to do with your […]

Truth Bomb Tuesdays: The “I’m ready” brain hack

Ok, I want you to imagine two people. The first person says, “I want to go sky-diving.” What do you see? Maybe you see someone day-dreaming about what they might do one day. Maybe they’re serious. Maybe it’s a pipe-dream. Who knows? Ok, now imagine some who says, “I am ready to go skydiving.” What do […]

Truth Bomb Tuesday: To All My Haters

I’ve received a lot of help over the years. This journey has been tough, but there were people who believed in me, Who supported me, Who gave me just the right words at just the right time, And I got through it. But for every person who believed in me, there were a hundred who […]

Truth Bomb Tuesdays: Hunt questions, not answers

They say that you don’t win a Nobel Prize for your answer. You win it for your question. Ask the right question, find the right way of framing the problem, look for what it is that no one else is seeing… and the secrets of the universe will open themselves to you. Our lives are […]