T-Bomb: How to conquer negative self-talk

Truth Bomb Tuesday: There are two places negative self-talk comes from. One is bad. The other is a disaster. Where does negative self-talk come from? Your self-talk is important. These are the things you tell yourself about yourself. They give you an insight into your beliefs and attitudes about your most important asset: Your self. […]

T-Bomb: Are you a cat or a possum?

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Despite all my rage I am still just a possum in a kitchen with the lights on. People are afraid of who they really are. This is something I see all the time. People get so locked up and defensive trying to be this and that. They invent an image of themselves […]

T-Bomb: Loving yourself is not loving your ego

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Most people get this completely wrong. It’s easier than they think. I’ve got one question that will define how wealthy you will be. How much money did your parents have? No. that’s not it. This is even bigger than that. It has more influence over your financial fortune than that. The question […]

T-Bomb: Found it! The hole in the budget.

Truth Bomb Tuesday: I did a bit of forensic accounting on the budget. What I found might surprise you. Ok, the dust is settling on the budget, and there’s a lot that’s been written about it so I won’t cover it all again here. But there is one thing that jumps out at me, and […]

T-Bomb: how to weaponize time

Truth Bomb Tuesday: I don’t think kids realise the power they have in their hands… Tell your kids: time is a weapon. We talk a lot about how this generation is different from previous generations blah blah blah. I think this is a bit of a waste of time – like somehow a human born […]

T-Bomb: How to avoid the project death-cross

Truth Bomb Tuesday: By the time we recognise that change is needed, it’s often too late. Ok, so I know a lot of my students have to manage projects and deal with people. In fact, this is really most of the job. If you can do this, you’re halfway there. The remainder is strategy and […]

T-Bomb: What Anzac Day means in 2021

Truth Bomb Tuesday: We’re still all in this together. Anzac Day felt different this year. It’s a bit strange. In some ways it feels more distant. Like WWI feels like a thousand years ago – like an entirely different age. In that way, Covid is an entirely modern phenomenon. We’ve had pandemics before, sure. But […]

T-Bomb: “your soul is hosted in the cloud”: Professor

Truth Bomb Tuesday: A new theory of consciousness opens up some interesting possibilities. So scientists are still baffled by some pretty basic questions. Not basic like ‘easy’. Basic like, fundamental to our understanding of the what the heck is actually going on here. Last week I was reading a piece on ‘consciousness’. This is still […]

T-Bomb: the selfishness conspiracy

Truth Bomb Tuesday: This idea is really, really dangerous. They want you to believe that people are selfish. This might sound like a conspiracy theory, and look, I’ve got no idea what the actual truth of the matter is. But it certainly looks to me like there’s concerted push to paint a picture of humanity […]

T-Bomb: how to get your kids to do the dishes

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Time to learn a new way of moving in the world. How do you get your kids to chip in around the house? How do you get yourself to pull the finger out? These two strategies, more often than not, are exactly the same. Let’s call it ‘the motivation paradigm’. Most of […]