T-Bomb: Why I have zero-tolerance for this

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Many people do this, but I’m not having it. Why do we engage in defeatist self-talk? There are lots of types of negative self-talk? There’s criticism, shaming, ridiculing… so many ways to hate on ourselves. It’s astounding really. But today I just wanted to look at defeatist self-talk. This is something I […]

T-Bomb: Motivation for tired dogs

Truth Bomb Tuesday: It’s kind of obvious when you think about it So the science of motivation is shifting. It’s a very interesting time to be alive. There’s so much going on. It’s wild. Take AI for example. Nuts. But psychology is also offering up lots of gems at the moment too. And when I […]

T-Bomb: Tapping your hidden superpower

Truth Bomb Tuesday: They told you your superpower was a curse… Are you sitting on a hidden super-power? Are you squashing it? There’s a good chance you are. When I first got into the game, an older investor once told me that women don’t make for good property investors because they’re ‘too emotional’. You needed […]

T-Bomb: Motivation – the gentle way

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Motivation doesn’t need to be so hard. You can only get so far with hating yourself. And look, hating yourself does work. You can get results. You can train your inner monologue to yell at yourself every time the alarm goes off, “Get up you worthless worm. Why don’t you make something […]

T-Bomb: A year to change your life?

Truth Bomb Tuesday: The state I try to put myself in as the year begins. Here we go. The year is in full swing now, and we’re rushing down the water-slide chute towards 2024 at break-neck speed. Is it terrifying? Exciting? A bit of both? I’m excited. The new year is a new chapter. It’s […]

T-Bomb: Why people are scared of permission

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Be direct. Be clear. “I give you permission to do whatever you want, all the time.” You should see people’s faces when I say this to them. It’s subtle. But they freeze up a bit and their eyes bug out. There’s a jolt of energy that slips through their system. “What if […]

T-Bomb: The most toxic idea out there

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Be direct. Be clear. “I just wish my hubby was more affectionate.” “You don’t think he loves you?” “Oh no. He loves me. I know he loves me. He’s just not very touchy. I just wish he was more affectionate.” “What happens when you ask him to be affectionate?” “When I what?” […]

T-Bomb: Why its better to fail at what you love

Truth Bomb Tuesday: This bent my head a little bit If you’re looking for something a bit out of the ordinary – and a bit mind-bending and inspirational – check out the Andy and Jim documentary on Netflix. (No affiliate kickbacks, I promise!) More and more I love a good doco. The reality is that […]

T-Bomb: Escaping a ‘culture of wrong’

Truth Bomb Tuesday: A simple framework for de-escalating conflict “In the end, I lost it at my husband, threw the loaf of bread at him and said ‘Stop trying to change me! I’m sick of feeling like I’m wrong all the time!” And he said, ‘That’s exactly how I feel! I feel like you’re always […]

T-Bomb: Where real joy comes from

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Life starts when we take off our masks You are nowhere near as clever as you think you are. Actually, you are probably more intelligent than you think you are, but you are not as clever – you can’t fool us as well as you think you can. Many of us spend […]