T-Bomb: Why rich millennials can’t make ends meet

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Anyone can be broke. Ask me how. Henry is broke. Poor Henry. But Henry shouldn’t be broke. He’s earning six-figures. But that’s the thing. Anyone can be broke. It’s surprisingly easy. I’m not talking about one person here – I’m talking about high income millennials. The so-called Henrys – High Earners, Not […]

Revealed: APRA’s secret plan for negative rates

Negative rates could be a thing I’ve heard a few people say that the only way for interest rates from here is up. Let’s make something clear: It’s not. Rates could still go lower. Rates could go negative. I know that sounds radical, and it is. But we’re all set to go. It was actually […]

Video: Intelligent Property Investor Update

I never thought this day would come. But Australia is now the wealthiest nation on the planet. Or should I say, Australians are now the wealthiest people on the planet. While you might not see us topping the GDP charts, in 2020 we rocketed ahead of the median wealth per adult. What does that mean? […]

How to make an offer that WILL land that deal

Five tips for making your offer count. So you’re ready to go. You’ve found a property and you have made contact with the agent. Now is the time to put in an offer. This can be a scary experience if you’ve never done it before. So before you go in, let me walk through some […]

The ‘boom loop’ in full effect

Sellers are freezing up. The boom loop is in effect. So the boom keeps on booming. And we’re now in a feedback loop that will keep prices growing quickly through to the end of the year. I call it the ‘boom loop’. So we’ve got the latest results from Corelogic. Monthly price growth is down […]

T-Bomb: Why its ok to be triggered

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Do you know how to work with your triggers? Do you get ‘triggered’? This is one of those words that has come out of nowhere recently, and now you hear it everywhere. “I was talking to my mum and she got totally triggered.” I has taken on a tinge though that I […]

When a property manager isn’t worth it

I don’t care who it is, but someone needs to be looking after your investment property. One of the questions you’re going to have to answer as a property investor is whether to engage a property manager, or manage your rental properties yourself. I’m agnostic on the question personally. It’s really just a question of […]

Video: Intelligent Property Investor Update

Global debt reached $281 Trillion last year. It’s a big, scary number (Especially when it’s attached to the word ‘debt”) But other than being a big scary number, most people never give it much thought. You’re more likely to hear that “Who is the world in debt to? Jupiter?” joke than you are to hear […]

T-Bomb: Beware decoy desires

Truth Bomb Tuesday: This is a hack for knowing what you should set your sights on. Gun for your most satisfying desire. This is my advice to you. This is my advice for people trying to figure out what they want. It’s actually one of the hardest things to figure out in this journey: what […]

Video: Intelligent Property Investor Update

More proof that the Aussie property market is running hot like hell right now. (Like we needed more…) But it’s not only the property world, unemployment is is hitting record lows, Aussie businesses are on the rise, and foreign powers are starting to take notice… In this weeks episode I explain all the why, wheres, […]