The timing on Westpac’s boom

Westpac is expecting a property price boom, but there’s more to it than that. Westpac made headlines a few weeks ago when they said that property prices were going to boom 15%. With most people still wondering how far property prices were going to fall, it was a bit of a shock to hear Westpac […]

Weirdest jobs data ever.

Don’t take the unemployment data on face value. So there was a lot of confusion around the most recent jobs data. Was it good? Was it bad? Is it all just a vast conspiracy to hide the true extent of the nation’s economic pain? This really was a funny one. At first it was good. […]

T-Bomb: the two sources of hope

Truth Bomb Tuesday: If you’re waiting for hope to come, I’ve got another trick for you. I’m hearing more and more people describe their situation as ‘hopeless’. This is something I’ve heard a lot in my line of work over the years. In fact, a significant number of people come to see me precisely because […]

Revealed: Banks insider-info

Want to know why CBA is backing a boom? What does CBA know that we don’t? I noted last week that CBA have upgraded their outlook for the property market. They’re now expecting a peak-to-trough decline of a piffling 5%. Given we’re already at 2.4%, that means we’re pretty much there already. They’re kinda just […]

When she won the Nobel Prize… with magic

These tough times are squeezing the wonder out of us. But we can’t let go. This is a tough time to find the magic in the world. I mean that kinda literally actually. If you’re locked down in your house, it’s hard to connect with the things that normally fill your days with wonder. But […]

T-Bomb: working with wuss-bags

Truth Bomb Tuesday: What you do at the water’s edge can define your life. Everybody knows what it’s like to jump into cold water. Am I being too Aussie if I say this is a universal human experience? Maybe not everyone the world over knows what I’m talking about, but my guess is you do. […]

The Myth of “Pressure Creates Diamonds”

The pressure of COVID has been crushing. It’s not just financial, it’s effecting people on every level. Rates of violence, suicides and depression are running rampant in “first world” society. People say “pressure creates diamonds”, but is that really true? Today we’re exploring how to really deal with the pressure of a covid-plagued world, and […]

Meet the millenials who “broke” property

We don’t want to hear any of this “millennials are lazy” nonsense! Find out how one young couple achieved amazing results in their real estate journey. It seems like the media wants to bombard us with messages about how lazy millennials are. We’re sure you’ve seen plenty of articles about how “millennials are killing X” […]

When the world is too sad to bear…

The world is full of suffering. How do we find the strength to keep showing up? How do we handle all the sadness in the world? I know a lot of people are doing it tough. Covid is creating a lot of struggle and heartache. Me, I’m safely bunkered away in a fortress of independent […]