Stretch to Grow – The Key Mantra Behind Tack Lee and Hoe Ping’s Investment Success

You’ll always struggle as an investor if you don’t have education and support. That’s what Tack Lee and Hoe Ping discovered over 10 years of investing. Many people have this romantic notion about self-made millionaires… That they pulled themselves up from nothing and went on to achieve enormous success. This idea is a myth. There’s […]

From water crisis to housing boom?

Tamworth is facing a water-crisis. Can you grow your way out of trouble? Let’s think a little about investing in regional areas. A lot of students without a lot of money to work with, when they’re starting out, do really well investing in regional areas. The price points are accessible and there can be opportunities […]

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Too poor to be a saint

There’s a mental blind spot a lot of people have… and the results get weird. There’s a strange little feat of mental gymnastics that I tend to see a lot. It’s like I was talking to a student a little while back, trying to get clear on their ‘why’ – what was the motivation that […]

Will 2020 be ‘The Year of Perth’?

Some people are now saying Perth will boom. Are they right? What do I think about Perth? A few weeks back I noted that government policies to support new construction were probably coming at the wrong time, and risked choking off a nascent recovery in the Perth property market. I want to dig into that […]

Shocking fact: the longer you work, the earlier you die

People are talking about encouraging people to work longer, as if work doesn’t kill you. Apparently retire late = die early. Ok, so the nation is debating retirement again. People are saying that maybe people should be working longer, retiring later. Maybe you’re looking at your own financial situation and thinking, “Maybe I’ll have to […]

The “Homeless” Investor Who’s Building His Success With I Love Real Estate

You don’t get many successful investors who class themselves as homeless! Find out about Michael’s investment story and what you can learn from it. She’s a con woman! A charlatan!  A trickster and a vixen! That’s what Michael had heard about Dymphna Boholt and the I Love Real Estate (ILRE) team about ten years ago. […]

Economists shocked by “phenomenal” rebound

The current rebound is one for the history books, shocking everyone but me. I’ve been saying for a little while now that this current upswing (or boom – may as well call it what it is), is just getting started, and has about 5 or 6 years left to run. And it seems like everyday […]

How Henry Escaped $70,000 of Credit Card Debt and Built $350,000 in Equity

So many Australians get caught in the downward spiral of debt. With a series of real estate deals, one man turned his life around. This is his story. According to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), 18.5% of Australians feel overwhelmed by credit card debt. And collectively, we as a country owe $45 billion […]

Truth Bomb Tuesday: The power of asking for help

Why do such amazing things happen when we ask for help? Something powerful happens when you ask for help. What I’ve seen, over all the years I’ve been with people in the first few days after they’ve asked for help – help sorting out their financial lives, and their lives in general – is that […]