What A Jerk! But He Might Be Right…

Malcolm Gunning maybe could have chosen his words better. But he’s pointing at a rental crisis no one else is seeing. Malcolm Gunning started a bit of a social media fire storm last week. Gunning, the president of the Real Estate Institute of Australia, told the ABC that young people struggling to find an affordable […]

Why I hate guys like this ?

He was one of the giants of literature, but he thought inventors, and all creatives, got way more credit than they deserved. The American writer Mark Twain lived at a time of great technological innovation. Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, the telegraph was new to the world, the railways were transforming the country. But […]

Is this dangerous idea making you a coward?

Somewhere this idea once served a purpose but the context it’s get’s used here in the west I find dangerous and destructive. Watch this and make sure you’re not ever thinking like this.

Achieving greatness with your hair on fire

You have to bring a certain intensity to the journey, but it needs to be coming from the right place. “How much do you want it?” Apparently, this was a rhetorical question and “Not THIS much” was not the answer my Spin Cycle instructor was looking for. But although he probably didn’t realise it, my […]