T-Bomb: Why your tribe can’t find you

Truth Bomb Tuesday: To find your tribe, look within first. We had our super-conference a few weeks ago and it always leaves me on a high. And it’s not just the amazing stories of students totally transforming their financial lives – though that is awesome too. For me it’s feeling like I’ve found my ‘tribe’. […]

How big is Bitcoin, really?

To get a sense of how big Bitcoin is, look backstage… I think people don’t really appreciate how big the crypto space has become in just a few short years. It’s actually massive. And you can talk about how many coins are traded every day, but in a digital era where things are flying around […]

Do I think crypto is a revolution?

Crypto has created the first global-scale network of trust. Do I think Bitcoin is revolutionary? Look, Bitcoin and the whole crypto-currency universe is one thing. And we can talk about that. But blockchain technology – the innovation underpinning crypto-currencies – that is a revolution. Why? Because blockchain scales trust. If you don’t understand this point, […]

Video: Even MORE broken property records!

I know I sound like a broken record at this point (Pun intended) But I can’t help but be excited for the continued SMASHING of all these property records. Which records exactly? I drop all the juicy details this weeks episode. Here’s everyone else you’re gonna learn on top of that. How the inflation data […]

Why are kiwi policy makers freaking out?

The Kiwi government is worried about the boom… about 18 months too late. There’s a bit of a funny situation unfolding across the ditch in New Zealand. (A funny sitch across the ditch?) Basically, house prices are in the middle of an economic boom, and policy makers are tying to walk it back… … even […]

Why Tarantino can’t NFT his movies

More proof that cryptos will change how we do everything. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are the latest craze to come out of the cryptoverse. Many are pieces of art, but they could be any digital thing. The key is that their ownership is verified by the block chain. So while it’s possible for a fancy million-dollar […]

Brisbane to benefit from “Millenial Migration”?

Everything is lining up for Brisbane Do you reckon Brisbane is about to boom? That’s my sense. I reckon Brisbane is primed. I’m not the only one. Some social researcher reckons that Brisbane is about to benefit from a “Millennial Migration”. Social researcher Mark McCrindle said Queensland was yet to see the peak in interstate […]