Video: Labor To Give $300,000 To Home Buyers?!

The election campaigns are running red hot at the moment. And labor is looking to make a big push to new home buying. And when I say big, I mean $300,000 big. Sounds nice, but when politicians are involved, I always ask abuot the strings attached. So that’s why I’m talking about it this week. […]

T-Bomb: Beware the time-leeches!

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Guard it jealously. You won’t get it back. You have a lot of resources at your disposal. How wisely do you use them? Some of your resources are unlimited. Like your creativity. I seriously believe that everyone has an unlimited number of million dollar ideas inside of them. The only challenge is […]

T-Bomb: The hidden gold in jealousy

Truth Bomb Tuesday: We tend to shame jealous feelings. There’s something being missed there. I was talking to a friend recently who has a tendency to get jealous. So I decided to do a quick lightening search around how to work with your jealousy. (That’s one of the things about being independently wealthy. You just […]

The surprising winners from Labor’s housing policy

Labor’s pitch to voters has a surprising winner So we got Labor’s contribution to housing policy last week, with their Help to Buy scheme. This is a shared equity scheme, with the government effectively coming in as a money partner on your home. So if you can come up with a 5% deposit, the government […]

How much rate pain can households take?

The RBA has launched its rate hike cycle. Can Australia hack it? So the RBA hiked rates as expected this week. Actually, I shouldn’t say that. They hiked more than expected. Most economists were expecting them to hike rates by 0.15 basis points, to get us from the “as low as it can possibly go” […]

Video: Pandemic changed property… Forever.

Everyone loves to talk about the effect the pandemic had on property. But I’m doing it differently. Not just looking at the short term, not even the current cycle, I’m talking about how the pandemic altered property PERMANENTLY. Here’s what else I’m covering. Why this a ‘best-ever’ labour market,…And how that is going to push […]

T-Bomb: Success is simple, but hard

Truth Bomb Tuesday: The ingredients for success are simple. So why aren’t more people successful. People often want to know what the formula to success is. They expect it’s going to be complicated. They expect me to get out a chalkboard and draw up an equation with 200 different variables, and dozens of weird symbols. […]

3% mortgages – can Clive do it?

Clive Palmer is making some big promises on interest rates. Can he deliver? So Clive Palmer is promising to keep Aussie mortgage rates at 3%. Amazing. How is he going to do that? Well, we don’t know. He didn’t tell us. He only just came out and made this massive promise to fundamentally change the […]

T-Bomb: how to call in what you really want

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Are you sending a clear message to the universe? I want you to imagine something. Imagine there’s an old man who comes into the possession of a new kids bike. He wants to give it away, so he asks two kids in his local neighbourhood if they want the bike. The first […]

First jobs boom, then property boom

This jobs market truly is one for the ages. I don’t know if people really get that. So we got the jobs data last week, and I don’t think people really get how important this is. Because when you have a jobs market that’s this tight for this long – when everyone who wants a […]