Why Sub-$800K is the hottest show in town

Things are getting hot down there. A few weeks ago I noted that we were in a compression market. With prices rising, across the board, that was pushing more buyers into the more affordable segments of the market, which in turn was lifting prices in those segments. There was a bit more evidence this week […]

T-Bomb: How to avoid generosity burn-out

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Burning out? You might be asking the wrong question. We give too much of ourselves. We give to others – we support, we care for, we champion others – but sometimes we do it in a way where it’s not sustainable. We deplete and run ourselves down, and in time, we start […]

T-Bomb: Why you’re thinking too small

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Expand you’re thinking, expand you’re life. You’re not thinking big enough. That’s my guess. That’s ok. Most people aren’t. I mean, when I sit down with my students for the first time, and we step through their goals and what they want to achieve, people are generally pretty modest. They want to […]

Yikes! This will put even more pressure on house prices

This tilt in the market will put even more pressure on prices. We’re creating exactly the wrong kind of demand in the housing market. It’s going to make things worse, not better. Last week we saw that new home loan commitments were up 13.3 per cent year on year in February. That’s pretty healthy. Break […]

Rents surge as Aussie income collapses: the economy in pictures

See the world through the eyes of an economist: Rents, container rates and economic surprises. These are the charts that caught my eye this week. First up, SQM research posted rental data for the March quarter. The exponential tilt seen since Covid times show no signs of abating. This is the median rental price level: […]