The Market’s Dead… Good! This is a Win.

Stamp duties have ‘killed’ the foreign buyer market, according to this bloke. I’m not sure it’s true, and I’m not sure it’s a bad thing anyway. You might remember that last year both the NSW and Victorian governments decided to go after foreign property buyers. The NSW government doubled the foreign buyer surcharge to 8 […]

Immigrants moving bush? Should I buy regional?

The government has dusted off an old policy. Is there any hope for it this time around? So the government is flirting with a ‘migrants to the bush’ scheme – a program that will require immigrants to move to regional areas. Scott Morrison and Cities Minister Alan Tudge haven’t given us the exact details yet, […]

Brisbane Apartment Crash Cancelled?

A lot of doom-merchants were selling the apartment crash in Brisbane. Looks like it’s not happening. Brisbane is actually headed for a shortage of apartments. I know, right? That sounds crazy. I’m flying in the face of conventional wisdom here. The rule of thumb is that Brisbane, like most capitals, got a little too high […]

Govt hands lucky investor $160K!

This is how to play government changes There’s a saying in property that ‘they’re not making any more land.’ The idea is that land is a fundamentally scarce commodity, and that’s why its value grows and grows over time. And with it, dwelling prices. Except it’s not entirely true. For example, you could say that […]

Fake cycle? Houses still selling like hotcakes!

Days on Market is pointing to a boom… so why aren’t we there yet? I sometimes wonder if Aussies are getting too soft. It’s like thing are so good for so long, that people acclimatise. They get used to the good times. And when things go from mind-blowingly awesome to just awesome, it’s like the […]

Sunny Skies For Perth Property Portfolios

Happy news at last for Perth, and how to read this particular piece of data. It’s always a risky business calling turns in the market cycle, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Perth has turned the corner. This is going to sound strange when Perth is still posting some […]