Why property never gets crushed in a stampede

Herd dynamics are in full effect in markets these days. I wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole. Humans are funny. Human herds are even funnier. In financial markets, herd dynamics have been in full effect over the past few weeks. First we had a string of bank runs on smaller banks in America – […]

This will be a big trend in property over the next 10 years

Retrofitted offices could be a big trend, but there’s also some big hurdles. When Covid hit and our CBDs became ghost-towns, there was a lot of talk about repurposing all those office buildings as apartments. Heck, that chatter started long before Covid. It’s bit an idea you see spit-balled around from time to time. But, […]

I don’t know why this works, but it does

This indicator is fairly reliable, and it suggests we’ve reached a turning point., How do you predict a turn in the property market? There’s a few things I look to: rents, mortgage finance, interest rates etc. But actually one of the most reliable indicators has been the premium property market. For whatever reason, high end […]

T-Bomb: You’re not broken. Your context is broken.

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Things need to change… but you don’t. “I dunno. I used to really love surfing…” A whisty, dreamy look came into his eyes. A sad look… followed by a sad sigh. Josh did used to love surfing. It brought him a lot of joy. These days it didn’t so much. He couldn’t […]

What happens if apartment construction collapse 73%?

The supply shortage is about to get a whole lot worse. It’s a common mistake to think of the “property market” as a distinct thing. Sometimes its useful to talk about the ‘national property market’. But there is no national market. There aren’t even capital city markets. Within cities there are suburbs marching to the […]

T-Bomb: Why I have zero-tolerance for this

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Many people do this, but I’m not having it. Why do we engage in defeatist self-talk? There are lots of types of negative self-talk? There’s criticism, shaming, ridiculing… so many ways to hate on ourselves. It’s astounding really. But today I just wanted to look at defeatist self-talk. This is something I […]

Why investing looks easier than it is

Investing sometimes looks easy. But you need to invest and believe in yourself first. A few years ago I remember helping Anna crunch the numbers on her first project – a pretty straight forward renovation on a town house that she had got on vendor finance. “So what’s your profit at the end of the […]

Why Perth has gone “next level crazy”

This dynamic is playing out across the country.   So this recent property sale caught my attention, and it really brings home how far-spread the rental crisis is right now.   I mean it’s gotten all the way to Perth! That’s practically a different planet.   But it’s basically the story of a property that sold lightning fast […]

T-Bomb: Why boats are better than cars

Truth Bomb Tuesday: There are different ways of moving in the world. Be like a boat. You know what the problem with the world today is? Is that we spend too much time driving cars and not enough time driving boats. There. I said it. Come at me rev-heads. This isn’t just because getting out […]