What happens when the hiding ends

How much are you ever going to achieve if your first instinct is to hide? Something happens when you decide to stop hiding. Once you decide to stop being a shrinking violet – once you stop being terrified of being judged and being judged to be not good enough there’s a magic that starts unfurling […]

T-Bomb: How to make happiness stay

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Happiness is hard to find and even harder to hold. Have a guess. How much happiness do you think you can handle at time? 3 hours? 8 hours? 12 hours? Nup. Scientists have measured it. Want to know how much happiness the average person can handle? 4 seconds. That’s it. Maybe if […]

Could a debt crisis happen here?

Sri Lanka is in real trouble. It can’t happen here. So a student asked me the other day if I thought that the economic crisis playing out in Sri Lanka right now could happen here. The very short answer is no. Zero chance. Things are tough in Sri Lanka right now. The economy is collapsing. […]

Proof: No-money strategies work

No-money-down strategies work. Here’s proof. People often ask me if it’s possible to make money in real estate if you’re starting with nothing. It is. 100%. Now I could give you lots of examples from students that I’ve worked with personally, but I thought this CEO profile from the AFR is a great example of […]

T-Bomb: Why I don’t want to be remembered

Truth Bomb Tuesday: If your motivation is a eulogy, you’ll never get far. “After you die, how do you want to be remembered?” I was filling out some interview questions for a glossy magazine a while ago. They were doing a special on ‘Women in Business’ and they were giving me a run. The questions […]

“Put the bosses in Hi-Vis!” – Qantas

How Qantas wasted our money I caught up with an Aussie couple the other day. (I am currently fulfilling a life long dream to sail around Europe. I’m writing this from the boat in a fjord in Norway!) Anyway, this couple was telling me about how rough their international flight legs had been. I asked […]

T-Bomb: Why do we fear what we love?

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Are we hard-wired to fear the things we love? Humans are pretty strange creatures. We are a mess of contradictions and competing drives. How we get anything done amazes me. And the more I work with people (and I mean really work with people – getting past spreadsheets and feasibility studies into […]

T-Bomb: The 100 coffees theory of emotions

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Emotions aren’t scary. Dosages are scary. I was talking to a friend recently, an older friend, who had just lost her husband. And she was saying something like she just can’t face the grief. The grief is too much. And it got me thinking, it’s not the grief that’s too much, it’s […]