Who is really driving this boom?

There’s a frenzy in first home buyers, but the baton might finally be heading over to investors… Who’s running this boom anyway? Is it investors? Is it those naughty investors gobbling up all the good properties again? Nup. Not yet at least. That’s what Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon over at Yahoo Finance is saying. In fact, there’s […]

Think you’re smart? Watch this pee wee

What do your instincts drive you to do? How sophisticated are you, really? I was watching a pee-wee the other day. I think they call them Magpie Larks – similar colouring to a magpie but half the size. Anyway, this pee wee was hanging around a car. Everyone now and then, it would fly up […]

The financial conspiracy to fight Trumpism – pt2

Donald Trump gave the elites a scare. They’re not going to let it happen twice.  So on Monday I introduced you to the Jackson Agenda – a secret agreement between the world’s financial elite to run the economy red hot. I’ll get to that in a sec, but just to recap, on Monday I showed […]

Revealed: the global agenda to supercharge money

There’s a new game in town. And Most people haven’t noticed. I want to introduce you to what I think is one of the most important geo-political developments of recent years… … and one that almost nobody is talking about. What I’m talking about is a behind-the-scenes agreement between the captains of international finance. That […]

My housing predictions 1 year ago: How did I do?

If you listened to me, you’re sitting pretty. Way back in late April last year I made the following prediction about how the Covid crash was going to play out and what I thought would happen to house prices. First up, I noted that there was a phenomenal amount of fear in the market. That’s […]

T-Bomb: the selfishness conspiracy

Truth Bomb Tuesday: This idea is really, really dangerous. They want you to believe that people are selfish. This might sound like a conspiracy theory, and look, I’ve got no idea what the actual truth of the matter is. But it certainly looks to me like there’s concerted push to paint a picture of humanity […]

Renew your contract with life this Easter

What I’m connecting with this Easter time. Easter is about the renewal of the world. Traditionally, and back in the Northern Hemisphere, it was a Springtime festival. It was about the sun making good on its promise to return, the days getting longer, the buds and blossoms breaking on the trees, and life returning in […]

T-Bomb: how to get your kids to do the dishes

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Time to learn a new way of moving in the world. How do you get your kids to chip in around the house? How do you get yourself to pull the finger out? These two strategies, more often than not, are exactly the same. Let’s call it ‘the motivation paradigm’. Most of […]

Will the US boom be bigger than ours?

Australia, New Zealand, America… this boom has gone global. I had some great response to the piece I did on New Zealand last Thursday, so I thought I’d take a quick look at what’s happening in the US today. And the point is that the boom that is launching in the Australian property market right […]