T-Bomb: So much for normal…

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Well things ever be the same again? Well, I think our collective hopes have been well and truly dashed. We survived 2020. (Well, most of us did. Raise of the glass for those who didn’t.) And the mood was lifting. 2020 was almost in the rear-view mirror. Surely in 2021 things could […]

Am I crazy? You tell me.

How to get ready for the biggest property boom we’ve ever seen. What I’m going to share with you now is probably going to sound crazy. How can we possible be set for a rerun of the Roaring 20s? We’ve got the Coronavirus under control (for now!) in Australia, but its still running amok in […]

T-Bomb: 2021 – from Resiliency to Vision

Truth Bomb Tuesday: 2020 was a challenging year. But the answers that served us this year might not serve us again in 2021. Is 2020 done yet? I’ve got the feeling it might have one big sucker punch left for us, just as we start to bring our guard down for Christmas. Or maybe I’m […]

The Roaring 20s will be thanks to this

What will households do with their warchest of money? Today, I’m going to show you what I think will be the primary driver of the boom in 2021 and beyond. What I’m going to show you is that households have actually come out of 2020 sitting on a massive warchest of money. Massive. I don’t […]

Revealed: the boom is already here!

Most people don’t realise, but the boom’s already started. Right now, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. The boom is already here. Right now, the market is at an inflexion point. It’s changing direction. The tide is in the middle of turning. At times like this, the market doesn’t give you […]

Well, that could have been worse

I’ll be honest. That panned out better than I expected… So, close of 2020. Where are we at? (Aka – what on earth just happened?!?) Pretty much all the data we’re going to get this year is in, so we can paint a pretty clear picture of what 2020 has left us with. And to […]

T-Bomb: How to know what’s right for you

Truth Bomb Tuesday: There’s a simple, 2-part hack for knowing if you’ve made a good decision. I want to share with you a little decision-making hack my friend uses. I really like it. This is a hack for those moments in life where you’re really caught on the fence. When you’re not clear on what […]

How to hack the economic data

Economics 101: What does normal look like, economically speaking? Is there a way to get a quick handle on whether a piece of data is good or bad? Yes. Ok, so I’m flowing on with Dymphna’s Economics 101 course. A week or so ago I gave you a framework for placing all the different data […]

T-Bomb: Why we are anxious and frozen up

Truth Bomb Tuesday: There’s two ways to build culture. I show you what’s best. One of the big challenges we face is that we don’t have the right role models. Without the right role models, we’re a bit lost. How do we know how to act? How do we know what to say? How do […]

Who gave the RBA the keys to money?

Economics 101: What does the RBA even do? It’s probably the single-most important economic institution in the country, and most people have no idea what it actually does. I’m talking about the RBA – the Reserve Bank of Australia. It’s a plucky little bank. If it continues to work hard at practice it might be […]