Property Affordability: How Did House Prices Get So Expensive? [Part 2]

On Tuesday, I showed you that young people are actually not smooshed avocado eating hipster whingers. (Who would have thought?) I showed you some amazing charts that prove just how much harder the property market is for young people these days. (If you missed it, Part 1 in this series is here.) Before I can help […]

Selfishness and the art of generosity

It’s a fine line between being clear and strong in what you want, and becoming a spoilt brat. The art of generosity is the key. “Some of this new-agey stuff sticks in my throat a bit.” Kathy, late 30s. Spiritual but not religious. Open-minded but not flakey. Good friend. Not her real name. “I mean, […]

Premium Video: Get The Millionaire Mind

When I talk about the real estate investing mindset and how you, as an investor, ought to look at things… Most of what I tell you is on you, isn’t it? Now some people don’t like to hear that… Some prefer to pin the blame on something “outside” of themselves… Things like the interest rates, […]