Real Estate Reset 2021 Part 4: Why cashflow is king.

Continuing on in our Real Estate Reset series, part 4 covers one of the most key aspects of actually making money and replacing your income as a budding investor: cashflow. Using real world examples Dymphna explains how everyday people have exploded their cashflow and passive income using specific and targeted strategies, from their humble origins […]

What the monk said shocked them!

One monk’s take on seriousness Money is a serious business. Well, it is and it isn’t. But some people take it very, very seriously. You should see some of the people that come to me. First day (back when we used to do live events.. sob!), they’d have everything in colour-coded folders. Pencil’s sharpened, highlighters […]

Real Estate Reset 2021 Part 3: Real Estate as a Business?

Originally taken from Dymphna web-streamed-summit, part 3 of our densely packed new series dives into the fundamental bases of knowledge required to effectively become a real estate investor in the currently climate. From asset protection to tax law, Dymphna describes the dirty details of structuring an air-tight investment, while outlining key business principles along the […]

“Nothing but Boom” – CBA

Economists across the board are revising up their expectations for property this year. Things are accelerating quickly. Are you feeling that? It’s happening. It’s on. The boom I’ve been telling people about for 9 months is here and its bigger than we thought. And look, there’s isn’t anybody who doesn’t sit on that side of […]

T-Bomb: the one thing holding you back

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Our conditioning leaves us ill-prepared for success. Sometimes I wonder if maybe there is just one challenge. Having enough available working equity. No, I’m not talking about financial stuff here. That’s another matter altogether. That said, I don’t reckon you’ll get to far on your journey towards financial freedom until you’ve met […]

Whoa! The office market implodes

Have you seen what’s happening in the office segment of the property market? I know there’s not a lot of my students who invest in the office space, but I thought it’s be interesting to check in there and see what trends are playing out. So long story short, people left CBD office towers in […]

T-Bomb: your excuses define you

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Want to know what you are capable of in life? This will tell you. I can tell you where you’re at right now. You are on the frontier where your courage and your excuses meet. True Story. Excuses can crowd in and smother a life. I’ve seen it a thousand times – […]

How to romance the mystery

I’m thinking about starting mystery adventure tours… I remember when I was younger I didn’t understand the Greenies. I mean, I could understand where they were coming from. Trees are nice. Forests are nice. It’s nice to have them around. Absolutely. But when you’re working the land, you have a different relationship to it. It […]