T-Bomb: The most toxic idea out there

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Be direct. Be clear. “I just wish my hubby was more affectionate.” “You don’t think he loves you?” “Oh no. He loves me. I know he loves me. He’s just not very touchy. I just wish he was more affectionate.” “What happens when you ask him to be affectionate?” “When I what?” […]

Really? There’s panic selling?

Don’t believe the hype. Everyone is trying to sell you something. Ok, so here’s an exercise in cutting through media hype. The AFR (who should probably know better) was running an article the other day under the dramatic headline “Distressed Listings Blow Out as Interest Rates Bite.” It caught my eye. The number of distressed […]

Why there’s a tax on your cash

Feeling like you’re falling behind? You probably are. Can you hear that sound? That’s the sound of your lifestyle going to the drain. Gurgle-gurgle-gurgle. Inflation seems well and truly off the leash now. Headline inflation is running at over 7% annually. It’s been so long since we’ve had inflation in Australia that I’m not sure […]

In the future, you’ll only buy ¾ of a house

Soon, governments are going to be paying you to buy property. So the Victorian state election is coming up, and one of the promises I’ve taken a bit of interest in is Dan Andrew’s proposal to introduce a shared equity scheme, following a brief trial over the past year. At the moment, there’s talk of […]

T-Bomb: Escaping a ‘culture of wrong’

Truth Bomb Tuesday: A simple framework for de-escalating conflict “In the end, I lost it at my husband, threw the loaf of bread at him and said ‘Stop trying to change me! I’m sick of feeling like I’m wrong all the time!” And he said, ‘That’s exactly how I feel! I feel like you’re always […]

Turning around a negative-gearing DISASTER… In just 12 months.

This is the MOST common story I’ve heard in real estate. Just entered the market, negatively geared property, and a slow-but-steady train to a DISASTER investment. The bright side is, I’ve seen it so many times, I know how to get out of it. That’s where Tak and Hoe Ping were when they joined I […]

T-Bomb: Where real joy comes from

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Life starts when we take off our masks You are nowhere near as clever as you think you are. Actually, you are probably more intelligent than you think you are, but you are not as clever – you can’t fool us as well as you think you can. Many of us spend […]

How the “ratchet effect” works in property

Property is unique, which is why the bottom of the cycle is closer than people think. I think we’re probably getting pretty close to the bottom of the cycle now. That might seem like an ambitious call. It’s a bit ballsy. And it might seem premature. Nationally prices are down about 5%. That follows 25% […]

Shock sale shows how hot market actually is

The market is hotter than most people think. There was some chat in the press this week about a surprise sale in Melbourne. Basically, the property, completely unrenovated, sold for $1.1m over the reserve! Nice. It was a three-bedroom house on 427 square metres at 1 Nyora Street, Malvern East, Victoria. Here’s a picture: Pretty […]