WTF happened to Canada’s housing market?!?

It has Canadian flavours, but their boom is built with the same bones as ours. Someone flicked me a kind of mind-blowing report on the Canadian housing market. If you think the Aussie housing market is tight, have a look at what’s happening in Canada. And if you think that the Aussie property market has […]

Young buyers gearing up, but will it be enough?

Sales should pick up this year… but it won’t close the shortage. New home buyers are starting to get active in the market. That was the word from Stockland’s earning call last week. The CEO reckons sales inquiries are booming: Home buyers are returning to the market as expectations grow that the cycle of interest […]

Why this property came in $300K over reserve

This was a great result, built on a property’s ‘potential’. So the auction market is clearly pumping so far this year. It’s had a cracker of a start and suggests that price growth should remain strong through the year ahead. The data on clearance rates is positively bullish. Eager buyers are keeping pace with the […]

Revealed: the big mistake about wealth

Once you understand what wealth actually is, the game changes. What does it mean to be wealthy? This one of those words in the English language that is as common as mud, but everybody hasn’t a different understanding of what the word actually means. We all know it’s a good thing. We all want to […]

RBA gets a free kick: the economy in pictures

See the world through the eyes of an economist: mortgage drift, politician property ownership and taxes. This is what caught my eye this week. First up, the average interest rate that Aussies are paying on their home loan is still rising. This is even though the RBA has stopped hiking rates. It’s because of cheaper […]

T-Bomb: Why we get stuck in bad patterns

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Where did these patterns come from anyway? Why do we get stuck in behavioural patterns that don’t serve us? Maybe you grew up in a household where money was always a drama, and now you tighten up and get a shame response every time we talk about money. Or maybe you grew […]

We’ll be lucky if things are only this bad

The construction crisis goes from bad to worse. I’m a little surprised more people aren’t talking about this. We are supposedly in the middle of what is possibly the worst housing crisis in the country’s history, and construction levels are collapsing. At a time when we should be building more houses than ever, it looks […]

T-Bomb: Be honest. Who’s problem is this really?

Truth Bomb Tuesday: If you can get past this blind spot, life becomes easier. How many of the rods on your own back are of your own making? I think this is one of the big blind spots that people have. We create dramas for ourselves, and then forget that we just have the power […]