NZ boom goes ‘historic’

For once, New Zealand is about 12 months ahead of Australia. I’ve been saying for a few months now that if we want to know what’s going to happen in the Australian property markets, the place to look to is New Zealand. And what’s happening across the ditch right now? Boom. Boom is happening. Kiwi […]

Why you are worth of wealth.

[Recast] It’s a common problem all people face, the feeling fo being “unworthy”, that you’re simply not good enough for wealth or success. Dymphna sits down with Rayleen Burns to discuss some of the tactics and strategies in order to strengthen your ability to be “wealth worthy”, and truly regaining your emotional self control. Listen […]

Nine ways to increase rental return, pt.2

People think there are no cash-flow positive properties out there. But if you can’t find one, make one. So on Tuesday I introduced you to four income accelerator strategies – techniques for getting more rental return on an investment property. Today, I give you another five. So on Tuesday, the four we went through were: Income […]

Nine ways to increase rental return, pt.1

People think there are no cash-flow positive properties out there. But if you can’t find one, make one. At the risk of opening up the kimono too much, and giving away too much of everything I’ve learnt and everything I teach, here are nine ways to increase the income you’re getting out of an investment […]

T-Bomb: The trinity of change

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Most people get this wrong, but there is incredible power in getting it right. There is power in small steps. In fact, if I really look at it, I think this is where all lasting change comes from. Focused intention, incremental steps, consistently implemented. This is the holy trinity of change. But […]

The only thing economists should worry about

Economics 101: How to build a DIY economics dashboard Ok, so last week I introduced you to economics, and told you that the economy doesn’t actually matter. It’s what ‘the economy’ gives us an insight into. So let’s break that down a little bit, and start to get a feel for how all the pieces […]

Revealed: ‘the economy’ doesn’t exist.

Economics 101: Forget about the economy The economy doesn’t exist. I mean, have you ever seen one? I’m feeling like I want to give a few blogs to something of an economics primer – Dymphna’s Economics 101 – something to help people get a basic sense of how the economy hangs together. This stuff is […]

How to Pick Your Property Niche

[Recast] While you can “make it” in any property field, I can never stress the importance of “Niche”. If you aren’t striving to fill needs then you aren’t taking full advantage of your investments no matter where you are or what your speciality is.Being able to supply a need doesn’t just mean your capable as an investor […]

RBA happy to let house prices boom

The RBA is pretty chill about the house price boom they’re in the middle of creating. The RBA is happy to let house prices boom. That was the key take-away from the RBA Governors “game-changing” speech last week. (Well, it was the key takeaway as far as I was concerned.) Phil Lowe outlined a new […]