What A Jerk! But He Might Be Right…

Malcolm Gunning maybe could have chosen his words better. But he’s pointing at a rental crisis no one else is seeing. Malcolm Gunning started a bit of a social media fire storm last week. Gunning, the president of the Real Estate Institute of Australia, told the ABC that young people struggling to find an affordable […]

Rate Hikes: Did I get it wrong?

Markets still think rate hikes are coming. Turn it up. Ok, let me give you a little update. Back in May I noted that the markets and most people were expecting the next move in interest rates to be up. I said they were crazy: I’m way out on my own here, but hear me […]

The secret message in old Shakespeare

Shakespeare had some amazing things to say about being in integrity, generous and abundant. Shakespeare left the world a lot of wisdom and many wonderful turns of phrase. After 400 years though, you do have to wonder if some things are not getting lost in translation. Take the saying, “to your own self be true.” […]