A year to get it sorted

Sometimes nothing happens unless you make it happen. Is this the year you’re going to get it sorted? Tell me it is. Tell me this is the year you bite the peach straight off the tree and get it sorted. Because I have some shocking news for you: 2021 is over. Done. Dusted. In fact, […]

Who won the property market in 2021?

The property market keeps serving up winners. So, here we are 2022. How did that happen? Now, I hope you’ve hit the ground running. I hope you’ve got clear on your goals, clear on your strategy, and clear on how you’re going to access the support and resources you need. I am sure this year […]

Video: Infrastructure BOOM to fuel property in 2022?

Welcome back! Hope you all had a great break. As per my usual a ‘holiday’ is one part relaxing and two parts working. But I enjoy it all the same. For the first episode of 2022 I’m keeping it tight and relevant. And I’m honing on the infrastructure boom that’s chucking diesel fuel into the […]

What will households do with all that money?

I gave you three reasons why 2022 will be big for property. Here’s two more. So I flagged a couple of days ago that I thought there were five reasons (at least!) why property prices were going to continue to boom in to 2022. The first three were record low interest rates, massive money printing […]

The second biggest boom in 150 years!

How 2021 became the most epic boom in my lifetime. I don’t think most people realise how epic 2021 has been from the perspective of property prices. I mean, we all know that property prices are booming. It’s front-page news right now. And not to toot my own horn too much, but this is exactly […]

T-Bomb: Why your tribe can’t find you

Truth Bomb Tuesday: To find your tribe, look within first. We had our super-conference a few weeks ago and it always leaves me on a high. And it’s not just the amazing stories of students totally transforming their financial lives – though that is awesome too. For me it’s feeling like I’ve found my ‘tribe’. […]

How big is Bitcoin, really?

To get a sense of how big Bitcoin is, look backstage… I think people don’t really appreciate how big the crypto space has become in just a few short years. It’s actually massive. And you can talk about how many coins are traded every day, but in a digital era where things are flying around […]

Do I think crypto is a revolution?

Crypto has created the first global-scale network of trust. Do I think Bitcoin is revolutionary? Look, Bitcoin and the whole crypto-currency universe is one thing. And we can talk about that. But blockchain technology – the innovation underpinning crypto-currencies – that is a revolution. Why? Because blockchain scales trust. If you don’t understand this point, […]

T-Bomb: Two questions before the end of the year

Truth Bomb Tuesday: If you get your push and pull sorted, you’re sorted. As we roll into the end of the year there’s two questions I want you to ask yourself: How’s my pull? How’s my push? When you are calling things into your life, these questions are key. The pull is your attractive power. […]

Why are kiwi policy makers freaking out?

The Kiwi government is worried about the boom… about 18 months too late. There’s a bit of a funny situation unfolding across the ditch in New Zealand. (A funny sitch across the ditch?) Basically, house prices are in the middle of an economic boom, and policy makers are tying to walk it back… … even […]