T-Bomb: The 9 ways to have an edge

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Just so many ways to win How much of your success is within your control? About 7/9ths? That wouldn’t be a bad guess I reckon, and it’s what Shane Parrish who runs the Brain Food business newletter reckons. He’s identified 9 sources of advantage – 9 things that will give you an […]

Mortgage prisoners still out there

Stuck with your current lender? You’re not alone. So one of the many novel things that Covid gave the English language was the concept of “Mortgage Prisoners”. There was an idea here that some people got mortgages at the super cheap rates available during Covid. And they were assessed at a serviceability buffer of 300 […]

Oh no! Market has bolted!

Will the RBAs pause give us a FOMO phase? So the RBA left rates on hold on Tuesday. And good thing too. That would have been a very difficult decision to explain with monthly inflation falling quickly and wages growth going nowhere. In fact, with the benefit of hindsight, it looks like they might have […]

Myth-busted: the ‘mass exodus’ of property investors

Myth or reality? Investors are leaving the market in droves. I’ve seen a few reports recently of a mass exodus of investors from the property market. They’re leaving in droves apparently. I haven’t noticed this first hand, so I thought I should look into it. So, at one level it’s true. There are a lot […]

Rate hikes vs shortage – who wins?

Why aren’t prices rising more quickly? This is why It’s an interesting phase in the market right now. It’s caught in two powerful cross winds. The first is the downdraft emanating from rising interest rates and the fixed rate reset. True, the RBA has paused hiking interest rates. But interest rates work with a lag. […]