Apartments have never been this cheap. Why?

Do buyers like apartments, or do they just like a bargain? Apartments are cheap. We all know that. Apartments are cheaper than houses. But right now, they’re cheaper than they’ve ever been. Apparently the median apartment is now 66% cheaper than the median house – the largest differential on record. That’s the word from Domain […]

T-Bomb: What Anzac Day means in 2021

Truth Bomb Tuesday: We’re still all in this together. Anzac Day felt different this year. It’s a bit strange. In some ways it feels more distant. Like WWI feels like a thousand years ago – like an entirely different age. In that way, Covid is an entirely modern phenomenon. We’ve had pandemics before, sure. But […]

Video: Intelligent Property Investor Update

The property market and economy are heating up like crazy, and not just in the big cities. Tons of news is coming out that the big outlets just aren’t showing, but the countries smartest investors are salivating over. If you don’t want to miss out, (And trust me, you don’t) then jump on this weeks […]

Jobs boom get pinker

The jobs market goes from strength to strength, and has even started delivering for women. I’ve got some good news ladies. The labour market just got a bit less crappy for you. It is true that it continues to get less crappy for everyone. Actually, the labour market outcomes have been strong. Really strong. We […]

Who is really driving this boom?

There’s a frenzy in first home buyers, but the baton might finally be heading over to investors… Who’s running this boom anyway? Is it investors? Is it those naughty investors gobbling up all the good properties again? Nup. Not yet at least. That’s what Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon over at Yahoo Finance is saying. In fact, there’s […]

T-Bomb: “your soul is hosted in the cloud”: Professor

Truth Bomb Tuesday: A new theory of consciousness opens up some interesting possibilities. So scientists are still baffled by some pretty basic questions. Not basic like ‘easy’. Basic like, fundamental to our understanding of the what the heck is actually going on here. Last week I was reading a piece on ‘consciousness’. This is still […]

Video: Intelligent Property Investor Update

I’ve been receiving a tons of positive comments and emails about my weekly Intelligent Investor Update. I’m glad everyone is enjoying it as much as I’ve enjoyed hosting it. At first I was a little worried aspiring investors weren’t that interested in becoming smarter. It’s nice to be proven wrong, even more so after hearing […]

Think you’re smart? Watch this pee wee

What do your instincts drive you to do? How sophisticated are you, really? I was watching a pee-wee the other day. I think they call them Magpie Larks – similar colouring to a magpie but half the size. Anyway, this pee wee was hanging around a car. Everyone now and then, it would fly up […]

The financial conspiracy to fight Trumpism – pt2

Donald Trump gave the elites a scare. They’re not going to let it happen twice.  So on Monday I introduced you to the Jackson Agenda – a secret agreement between the world’s financial elite to run the economy red hot. I’ll get to that in a sec, but just to recap, on Monday I showed […]