The Market’s Dead… Good! This is a Win.

Stamp duties have ‘killed’ the foreign buyer market, according to this bloke. I’m not sure it’s true, and I’m not sure it’s a bad thing anyway. You might remember that last year both the NSW and Victorian governments decided to go after foreign property buyers. The NSW government doubled the foreign buyer surcharge to 8 […]

“Pollies need an uppercut” – Economist

The privatisation of the land titles registry in NSW has had a predictable result. And we might be picking up the tab. Last year, the NSW Berejiklian government privatised the land titles registry. In doing so, they instantly created a private monopoly, against all economic sense. Monopolies are bad economic news. They don’t charge efficient […]

Old Skeptic Makes Good with Property

When I met this fella he thought I was a complete charlatan but half an hour into my presentation he’d already decided to buy my course… I must have been convincing. Since then he’s property journey’s taken leaps and bounds, you’ll get a kick out of this story, take a listen.

Immigrants moving bush? Should I buy regional?

The government has dusted off an old policy. Is there any hope for it this time around? So the government is flirting with a ‘migrants to the bush’ scheme – a program that will require immigrants to move to regional areas. Scott Morrison and Cities Minister Alan Tudge haven’t given us the exact details yet, […]

Brisbane Apartment Crash Cancelled?

A lot of doom-merchants were selling the apartment crash in Brisbane. Looks like it’s not happening. Brisbane is actually headed for a shortage of apartments. I know, right? That sounds crazy. I’m flying in the face of conventional wisdom here. The rule of thumb is that Brisbane, like most capitals, got a little too high […]

Ouch! Property investors getting fleeced for $120,000

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Don’t be fooled. I wanted to make sure everyone caught this recent story from The Australian Financial Review. It’s a sorry tale of a property investor who purchased an off-the-plan “dream home” from cold-calling property spruikers, and lost over $120,000. Mal Jones, a father of […]

60 minutes scaremongery… Here’s My Predictions!

I definitely don’t think prices are going to fall 40%. No way. But where do I see prices going? I lay out my thinking here. Everyone has been quick to ridicule 60 Minutes and their episode last week about Australia’s coming “house price crash”. (They’re not actually quotation marks. They’re air quotes.) And fair enough. […]

Be happy and save the world. Here’s how.

Have we pushed out intellects to far? Is it stopping us from being happy? So, how’s the age of reason working out for you so far? I’m not going to try and tell you that the age of reason – our drive to be more rational, logical and scientific – has been all that bad. […]