First jobs boom, then property boom

This jobs market truly is one for the ages. I don’t know if people really get that. So we got the jobs data last week, and I don’t think people really get how important this is. Because when you have a jobs market that’s this tight for this long – when everyone who wants a […]

Why a rate hike recession is not happening

Rate hikes are so not happening. Not like this anyway… Right now, markets are still pricing in a riduclous outlook for interest rates. Normally, money market pricing gives you a pretty good indication what’s going to happen to interest rates. But right now, they’re saying rate hikes are going to do this: That is, rise […]

T-Bomb: who is telling your story?

Truth Bomb Tuesday: The stories we tell matter, but who is telling yours? I’ve written a few times about the power that comes with being the author of your own story. And I don’t just mean that you get to decide the way you live and the things you get to do. I mean being […]

T-Bomb: don’t rush your healing to market

Truth Bomb Tuesday: It’s beautiful to share. But don’t be in a rush. We are all merchants of our own healing. Once we understand what the medicine is that is going to sort us out, we become super inspired to share it with the world. I think this is sort of universal. It certainly describes […]

Shock! Inflation is coming for tim-tams!

Inflation is here, but it might be worse than you think. Andrew Leigh, the shadow assistant minister for Treasury, was tackling the big issues over at The New Daily the other day, lamenting the shrinking size of Malteser packets: Freddo Frogs were reduced from 15g to 12g – but the price stayed the same. New […]

How NOT to enter a joint venture deal

Sometimes trust is just a way of avoiding responsibility. There’s a saying in the Muslim part of the world that goes, “Trust in Allah, but tether your camel first.” I love this one. To me its saying, yes, trust in abundance or spirit or whatever you want to call it, but don’t think that that […]

Why aren’t they teaching this in schools?

I’ve been calling for this for years. Time for Australia to listen. I’m certainly not a fan of Australia follow America’s lead on everything, but this is one trend I think we should get fully behind. Financial literacy in schools. To me it’s ridiculous that a kid can graduate knowing how to calculate the hypotenuse […]

T-Bomb: why happy = who cares?

Truth Bomb Tuesday: There’s no useful information in happy. I’m going to tell you why you don’t actually want to be happy. I’m serious. You don’t. You don’t necessarily want to be unhappy either. You just don’t care. As far as you’re concerned, happiness is largely irrelevant. Now you might be thinking, “Hang on Dymphna. […]