Truth Bomb Tuesday: How to help someone in crisis

Don’t stick your foot in it. Here’s what to say to someone in crisis. I never expected it was going to be like this. It’s one of the most interesting things about the work we do in the ILRE community. Stuff comes up. Big stuff. Big stuff that won’t go away. Big stuff you’ve just […]

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Is this dangerous idea making you a coward?

I want to talk a bit about the idea of ‘acceptance’. This is one of those faddy, new-agey words. We’re told that to grow as spiritual beings we have to ‘practice acceptance.’ You’re car breaks down on the way to work. You need to practice acceptance. You’re boss is a toxic nut-case… practice acceptance.  You […]

Why almost 50% of Aussies can’t save a thing

This stat is terrifying… but it’s not what you think it is. I read a statistic the other day that was truly frightening: 40% of Australians are living pay cheque to pay cheque. That’s what ME banks Survey of Financial Comfort reckons. Really? Two in five Australians just aren’t saving a thing? They’re spending everything […]

Property Young Guns Episode 4: The perseverance of two young girls leads to almost $400k in profit

Chanel and Kirsten didn’t know each other before the property games, upon starting their journeys they quickly realised two heads was better than one. Despite their combined forces they started still slow, with deals falling through and time being wasted, their positivity and endurance meant every deal, whether it went through or not, was a […]

Truth Bomb Tuesdays: You’re not alone on your quest

Wow. I never knew we all made these three mistakes. You know, I said a lot of stupid things in my 20s.  I didn’t know it at the time of course. I thought I was a genius! But with the benefit of hindsight, I was way off-beam. Embarrassingly off-beam sometimes.  But if we’re going to […]

The million dollar income secret to rooming and boarding houses

Striking gold in real estate can feel like a pipe dream at times, but all it takes is having the right strategy at the right time. Meet Mark Baker, originally an independent business owner for over 20 years, he eventually stumbled across Dymphna and ILoveRealEstate and realised he could apply his skills in a significantly […]

Incompetent or Corrupt? So angry right now…

Government data is painting a suspiciously weird picture… Late on Friday afternoon (after the journalists had knocked off for the weekend..?) APRA, the Australian Prudential Regulator, the body that is charged with the seemingly impossible task of keeping the banks on the straight and narrow, released their monthly credit data. I’m not sure if anyone’s […]

I want you to do something the next time you’re on a bus. Go around and find out how many people know where they’re going. What do you think? Probably all of them right? They’ll all probably say something like, ‘I’m going to get off at the corner of Smith and Johnson streets’, something like […]