Truth Bomb Tuesday: To All My Haters

I’ve received a lot of help over the years. This journey has been tough, but there were people who believed in me, Who supported me, Who gave me just the right words at just the right time, And I got through it. But for every person who believed in me, there were a hundred who […]

Why this billboard makes my blood boil

Ok, I took the bait. This is what I really think So a friend sent me a photo of a billboard at Roma St station in Brisbane because he knew it would get a rise out of me. It’s this one, from Suncorp. He was right. This really gets the blood boiling under my goat, […]

Should nurses be able to negatively gear their house?

Category 5 rant warning – property investors are entrepreneurs too! Look, I want to clear something up. The whole debate about negative gearing is raging all around us. It’s all over the shop, but there’s one thing that keeps getting over looked. And that’s the economic logic of allowing property investors to access negative gearing. […]

A second job is not a solution. Do this instead.

There’s a million Aussies working multiple jobs. Are they being conned? The view from 30,000ft says that the Australian economy is kicking on pretty well. But down on the ground it’s often a different story. And it’s one of the challenges that developed economies all over the world face. How do we make sure everyone […]

The Chess Masters Guide Winning Life

An ancient chess strategy might hold the key to your success I remember how disappointed I was when I found out how chess computers worked. I always imagined them like some sort of super-intelligent army general, with a treasury of battleplans, a dash of cunning, and an uncanny ability to predict its opponents move. That […]