Why I hate guys like this ?

He was one of the giants of literature, but he thought inventors, and all creatives, got way more credit than they deserved. The American writer Mark Twain lived at a time of great technological innovation. Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, the telegraph was new to the world, the railways were transforming the country. But […]

Achieving greatness with your hair on fire

You have to bring a certain intensity to the journey, but it needs to be coming from the right place. “How much do you want it?” Apparently, this was a rhetorical question and “Not THIS much” was not the answer my Spin Cycle instructor was looking for. But although he probably didn’t realise it, my […]

Hope or despair? What are these ancient stones saying?

It’s a reminder that humanity lives under the constant threat of tragedy, but tragedy is also an opportunity for the best of our natures. ‘Hunger Stones’ are emerging across Europe. The idea is that for centuries people have been watching rivers rise and fall with the seasons. And there would be certain stones in the […]

Axe This Ancient Emotional Block Now

We are all guilty of some wishful-thinking sometimes. Thankfully, the Tibetan monks are on to it. A lot of what we call ‘spiritual wisdom’ is really just common sense. Take that saying in Tibetan Buddhism: Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. I don’t think this is meant to a […]

How to bounce back from seven failures

Some failures are easy. Some take massive courage There’s a Japanese saying that goes: nana korobi, ya oki – knocked down seven times, get up eight I love this saying. It’s a good reminder that the journey is going to involve at least a few knocks. The only way to get through unscathed is to […]

The two keys to happiness AND productivity

There’s a line of hungers waiting for you. Don’t listen to them. There’s an idea that comes up in a few places that says: “Satisfy a desire and it will only give birth to more desire.” Think Ecclesiastes 1, or I think the Buddha said something similar. But in many ways its one of the […]