If you’ve ever felt ‘Sad’ this will make you smile

The Ancient Greeks had an entirely different take on what sadness was about. I want you to be sad. Not like all the time of course. That’d be mean. But I definitely want sadness to be one of the colours in your emotional palette. I’m not one of those crazy-eyed and glossy success gurus promising […]

The 5 stages of growth the ANZACs gave us

The ANZACs are still forcing Australia to grow up. It’s a role they never asked for. The older I get, the younger the ANZACs of Gallipoli look. The reality was they were just kids – many of them literally. But even the older ones are no older than my kids are now. To imagine them […]

Famous philosopher discovers: Why rich people are sad

A famous philosopher noticed that the wealthy people around him were sad. The reason why might surprise you. What do philosophers know about being happy? You’d think we’d have that one sorted by now. We’ve thrown enough brain power at it over the centuries. But where has it gotten us? Why are so many of […]

Let go of this story and everything will flow

We think hunters are sexy, but ancient people had a different approach to success You are on the trail of your dreams. You are chasing the life you want. You are in pursuit of happiness, meaning and nice things. You are the hunter. But are you? Is this the right way to think about it? […]

Truth Bomb Tuesday: rejection = death

Are you afraid of rejection? It is completely natural. “She’s just afraid of rejection.” I was a bit uncomfortable where this conversation was going. I think they were trying to be constructive – trying to explain away some of here more annoying insecurities by pinning them to some sort of psycho-babble. And look, the fear […]