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Dymphna Boholt

Dymphna Boholt built her multi-million dollar property portfolio starting virtually from scratch. Newly divorced and pregnant with her second child, she had little other than a burning desire to be financially free. Dymphna now controls a multi-million dollar international property portfolio and enjoys a lifestyle that most other people just dream about.

Born in a small central Queensland town, Dymphna began her working life as a jillaroo. At the age of four, she invested in a cow which she bred to create her first asset portfolio – a herd. Dymphna sold her cattle to pay her way through the University at the Australian National University in Canberra from where she graduated with a degree in Accounting and Economics.

On graduation, with fifteen job offers to choose from, she decided to move to Sydney and work with the prestigious Coopers & Lybrand (one of the world’s biggest accountancy firms). She was subsequently head hunted to be financial controller for a number of companies in a variety of industries including a liquor distribution company, several mining industry companies, a stock broking firm and in the finance industry.

In 1994, she found herself ‘starting over’ after a divorce left her on her own with very little money, a young child to support and another one on the way. To get back on her feet, she moved to the Sunshine Coast and started her own accountancy practice, Active Financial Answers, which she has since sold.

Keen to escape the constraints of a solo mum with a full-time job, she decided to try her hand at real estate investment. She focused on properties that brought in more than they cost. Within just 18 months, she’d accumulated a $3.5 million property portfolio boasting approximately $1.55 million in equity and had totally replaced the income she had been earning as an accountant working 40 to 60 hours a week.

Since that time, her property portfolio has expanded into a multi-million dollar international property portfolio. Dymphna is in great demand nationally and internationally as a speaker on a multitude of topics, most of which fall under the headings of personal finance, business, taxation, asset protection, property investing or motivation and inspiration. She is regularly called on by the media for interviews or to contribute articles.

She is the author of six books specifically aimed at helping others succeed as estate investors including – Confessions of a Real Estate Millionaire, Tax Secrets of a Real Estate Millionaire, Asset Protection Secrets of a Real Estate Millionaire and 101 TopTen Tips for Real Estate Success.

Dymphna is also responsible for some of the best-selling training and coaching curriculums for rookie investors who want to immerse themselves and learn from some of the most successful mentors and coaches in the field.

Another of Dymphna’s innovations is the I Love Real Estate network, a community of like-minded investors who get together to help each other grow and achieve greater success.

The now happily remarried mother of three lives on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in what she describes as her “fifty-four acre piece of paradise”, completely surrounded by rainforest with its lush vegetation, babbling creeks and abundant wildlife. “My passion is to help people make money through real estate, but really when you break it down, it’s about helping people achieve financial freedom.”

"My passion is to help people make money through real estate, but really when you break it down, it’s about helping people achieve financial freedom."

Dymphna is the author of the best-selling book, ‘Confessions of a Real Estate Millionaire’ as well as five other real estate specific books.


Jon Giaan

Jon Giaan is a self-confessed dreamer, an advocate of financial freedom, a passionate wealth seeker and a mad multi-millionaire property investor with an unquenchable thirst for self-education and knowledge. And not just any type of knowledge, but knowledge that empowers and adds value to areas of your life that are crying out for improvement. With that as his inspiration, he founded Knowledge Source.

Now Australia’s number one education and training company, Knowledge Source brings together the best, most adept and sought-after educators in the area of property investing and self-improvement. The secret of success lies in surrounding yourself with successful people and in practicing the wise words of mentors who have blazed a trail before you.

Giaan’s own success as an investor and wealth creator came late in life. Aged thirty-six with three kids all less than three years old, no clear career path and no formal education, he realised he’d have to work fast if he wanted to start making enough money to support his young family and achieve his life-long dream of financial freedom.

“I attended every seminar out there at the time – property, shares, business, personal growth, etc. etc. I fell in love with the idea of self-education, and I quickly realised that even though I didn’t have a formal education and I’d failed my HSC, I could still achieve success.

With great determination, drive and application I started at the bottom and built a vision of what I wanted my life to look like. I remember doing a lot of personal development at the time involving vision boards and goal setting workshops. I realised that the first thing I needed to work on was my mindset and then focus on tactics and strategy.

Despite my thirst and commitment, success was elusive. I failed a lot in the early days. I tried futures trading with a small account and lost the lot within six months. I bought a property and the value stayed the same for years. I tried my hand at various businesses without success. However, one of the key things I learned from all the seminars I attended was that its ok to fail and that failing is a form of feedback that tells you what you did wrong and what needs fixing. I used that feedback to refine my strategies and reset my goals.

My game plan was first to master the area of business, make money there and use the profits to build a property portfolio. Diving even deeper into self-education, into every aspect of business, I stumbled upon the concept of direct response marketing and soon became an expert. With this skill, I rapidly became the go-to person in the area of lead generation and conversion. From there, I eventually built my own businesses in business coaching & consulting and publishing. That success enabled me to start and grow an investment property portfolio that today is valued at more than $35 million and growing.

Following my initial success, I was keen to set up a training and event business that would coach, support and motivate people to achieve their goals through self-education. Today, Knowledge Source is that business. One of my mentors said it best… "Formal education will get you a job, self-education will make you rich…”

"One of my mentors said it best… "Formal education will get you a job, self-education will make you rich…”"


Mentors & Coaches
Platinum Coaches

Tamara Read

Tamara has significant skills in communicating complex property processes in a user friendly manner. With over 25 years experience in property, the last 10 years as a full time investor amassing a multi-million dollar portfolio, she has a genuine commitment to continuous learning and improving the well-being of others.

Nicolle Beer

Nicolle turned a severely negatively geared portfolio into significant cash flow with various strategies including commercial property. She sees any obstacle is an opportunity to stretch her knowledge, endurance and solution-focused awareness. She brings this attitude to her coaching to assist Platinum members.

Melissa Fisher

Melissa's success in business expanded into a passion for property investing and she quickly built a multi-million-dollar property portfolio. She is excited to share her passion and experience as a Platinum Coach to help others achieve their own sustainable property goals to achieve a lifestyle they truly deserve.

Greg Miller

As a Platinum student, Greg accelerated his own investing journey using a range of strategies, from JV’s and subdivisions, through to developments and commercial deals. With his experience and passion for investing, along with a can do attitude, that Greg is excited to assist students to obtain their individual property goals.

Narelle Cosstick

Beginning with a single renovation Narelle built a multi-million dollar portfolio. Her property experience includes renovations, short term rentals, joint ventures, subdivisions, new house builds, units and mixed comm/resi developments. Narelle is excited to be coaching others and leveraging off her own experience.

Aygün Özkan

From being locked in a single negatively-geared investment property, Aygün created a multi-million dollar property portfolio using multiple strategies including renovation, subdivision, short term rental, duplex development, JV deals and project management. He looks forward to being the person who backs you in reaching your goals through property.

Christine Hamilton

Christine and her husband Brad have both replaced their incomes as full-time property investors. Christine’s strategies include renovation, sub-division, construction, commercial, short-term accommodation and JV’s. Christine is excited to share her passion with others to help them achieve their own sustainable lifestyle through property.

Dan Betterridge

Dan's expertise includes, cosmetic renovations, structural renovations, buy & hold strategies, residential cash cows, blocks of units, commercial properties, rural & agricultural properties and businesses, SMSF purchases, subdivision, business real estate and joint ventures. Dan is very much looking forward to sharing all his hard earned knowledge.

Ultimate Coaches

Michael Franks

Michael is a full-time I Love Real Estate Coach. He is a millionaire property investor who came out of our elite Platinum Program. Hand picked by Dymphna, he is very well-credentialed in all aspects of our investment methodology. 

Sara Franks

By successfully implementing the I Love Real Estate strategies learned in the education, Sara has built an impressive property portfolio. She is now an elite Coach guiding members through the challenges of Real Estate investing.

Michael May

Michael came from humble beginnings and borrowed funds just to enrol into the I Love Real Estate program. Within 2 short years he's gone from zero to an impressive portfolio of 7 properties. He now gives back by coaching and guiding members through their own investing journey.

I Love Real Estate Mentors

Kevin Doodney

In the past 35 years Kevin has sold over 15,000 land lots, received over 180 industry awards and devoted his time to the return of the Great Australian Dream. He is a key speaker at industry events and founder of the Future Housing Task Force.

Az & Em

Aaron Thomson and Emily Greenway have gone from strength to strength with their Real Estate Journey. Coming with little experience, they are now professional property flippers creating massive profits FAST.

Mark Baker

Using the knowledge I Love Real Estate education has provided him, Mark was able to implement creative strategies that has completely changed his cashflow position. Mark no longer works to live, but instead has to freedom to live and work on his own terms.

Helena Farrell

Helena became a successful Real Estate Investor through the I Love Real Estate education. She was able to develop a successful business in importing building materials for her own renovation and developments, but now helps others double their profits and reduced building costs.


Industry Professionals

Calvin Kong

Calvin leads Pacific Law’s Residential and Commercial Property Group. With over 20 years practical legal experience, Calvin specialises in sale and purchase of residential and commercial property, leasing, franchising and commercial contracts.

Derek Sky

Derek leads Pacific Law’s Asset Protection Group. Specialising in asset protection, which includes estate planning, Derek works closely with his clients to set up companies, trusts and other legal structures for investing in, and developing property, such as discretionary, unit and joint venture trusts.

David Netherton

David leads Pacific Law’s Property Development Group. Having gained his experience at one of Australia’s largest law firms, David specialises in property development law. David’s clients include first time investors through to large property developers.

Loans, Advisory & Accounting

Clint Ducat

Clint is the founder and managing director of the WiZDOM Group of Companies. Specialising in strategic Finance, SMSF, Estate Planning and Property Investment Advice, Clint is passionate about the financial services industry.

Andrew Kubenk

A keen property investor, Andrew holds qualifications in the form of an MBA, Finance degree and is also a CPA. Prior to joining the banking and finance industry, Andrew was involved in a large family business so he is no stranger to hard work and is always willing to go the extra mile for all his clients.

Tony Height

Tony has a passion for property and has been an avid investor since 1999. He joined the team at WiZDOM having owned a successful mortgage broking business previously. Tony brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience in the finance and real estate industries.

Kamal Power

With over 20 years’ experience in accounting and a long time passion for property investing, Kamal has the expertise to advise clients. From first time investors, to experienced investors and developers with substantial portfolios, Kamal brings with her substantial knowledge around accounting, taxation and strategic property related matters.