Another tsunami of money coming? These charts say YES!

The property boom of 2014 might be set to repeat I’m watching ‘the trade wars’ between China and America very closely. And it’s not because I love the theatre of whatever rom-com Trump is acting in, it’s that I think Aussie property could become collateral damage. Actually, that’s not the right term. What’s the positive […]

What Brexit means for property

Popping out some thought bubbles about what Brexit means for Australian property. The interesting thing that Brexit has shown us is that uncertainty makes noise. The Brexit vote was unexpected, and since it is only ‘advisory’ – i.e it offers no guide to parliament about how Britain should exit the EU – no one knows […]

Are we selling the farm?

Seems that selling farms to foreigners is big business. Isn’t it time for some ‘real’ investment? I was trying to get a feel for just how big an impact foreign buyers are having in Australia. We hear a lot of stories. Everyone knows someone who was outbid at an auction by someone speaking a foreign […]

What a bursting bubble looks like

Chinese leaders look increasingly panicked about the real estate market, and with good reason. It shows us just what we should be looking for in Australia. I don’t quite know quite to make of this story out of China. Seems the government has issued an edict ‘encouraging’ news organisations to pump the Chinese property bubble. […]