June 1, 2017 by Dymphna 5 Comments

[PODCAST] How To Quickly Find The Bargains And Opportunities In A New Area

It’s all well and good knowing your area when it comes to finding good deals but what happens when you start looking at a new area?

…Or in my case when I wanted to find out what kind of opportunities there were while I was on holiday in the UK.

How do you quickly find out where the bargains and opportunities are?

Well, I’ll tell you…

I devised a simple strategy to get the exact information you need.

In this podcast I’ll show you:

–> The first place to go to get all the basic information – no it’s not the estate agent.
These guys will fill you in an the area and what’s on offer.

–> The second place – this is a fun one – where you’ll get a wealth of information on the area. And the one guy who is best to start up a conversation with. He’ll give you info that no agent will give you.

–> The third place can be a real eye opener – and no – it’s still not the estate agent. Here you will be able to find where you will be able to get the best return in any town.

–> Why you need to go to these 3 places before you even look at an estate agent.

–> How to tweak these strategies if you are in a capital city to make them work.

–> There’s a new trend in sales and marketing for agents which means that many properties – the real bargains, never make it to market. I’ll show you how to find them.

–> Why, if you’re waiting for good deals to come online and you’re not using these strategies, you’re going to miss out.

–> and much, much more

So get your head around these strategies and start picking up some fantastic deals.

Listen to the podcast now.