April 23, 2024 by Dymphna

T-Bomb: Why you’re thinking too small

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Expand you’re thinking, expand you’re life.

You’re not thinking big enough. That’s my guess.

That’s ok. Most people aren’t.

I mean, when I sit down with my students for the first time, and we step through their goals and what they want to achieve, people are generally pretty modest.

They want to go debt-free. They want to double their take-home pay. They want to double their equity.

You can call this 2x thinking.

And 2x thinking is dangerous.

And I say that because 2x thinking is a form of ‘status quo’ thinking. If you’re just looking to increase your take home pay by $60,000 or something, you’re probably imagining just doing what you’re already doing, only a little more efficiently and profitably.

You’re not looking to shake things up. You’re just hoping to get better results out of the tried-and-true strategies that have gotten you to where you are.

It’s just you, with a little more money.

And the trouble with 2x thinking is that it is just a pretty half-hearted commitment to change in my opinion.

In fact, it’s little more than a commitment to not changing, married to a fanciful hope of somehow having more money.


That’s why I think we need to embrace 10x thinking.

We want to bring 10x changes into our life. We want to increase our income ten-fold. We want to increase our equity and wealth ten-fold.

This is what we should be setting our sights on.

Because this kind of thinking really shakes things up.

A commitment to 10x thinking makes you look at your life in a whole new light.

It’s not how do you increase your income from $70K to $140K. It’s how do you increase your income to $700,000!

Now obviously the strategies that have got you here and not going to get you to $700,000.

You need a whole new game plan.

And that shows up as innovation. You need to get creative. You need to push envelopes and experiment. You’ve got to get a bit courageous and ballsy.

You need to embrace that pioneering spirit.

And when you set your sights on 10x, it very quickly starts changing all your decision-making processes. You’re no longer looking for iterative improvements. You’re not asking yourself, “How can I do this better?” You’re asking yourself, “How can this be done in a way that’s never been done before?”

And when you’re in that 10x mode – when you’re expanding frontiers and living in that blue-sky thinking – it’s infectious. People pick up on it. They get a buzz from it.

They want to work with you because they want to go where you’re going.

So don’t settle for 2x. Don’t just settle for ‘better’.

Go for 10x. Go for exponential.

Live life like there are no limits.

Because the open secret is…

… there are no limits.