T-Bomb: What laziness actually is

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Are you a bit lazy? Are you sure? I was having a chat with some students the other day, and I want to clear something up. I want to talk about laziness. This is something that I hear people often self-identify with. “I believe I could do more, but maybe I’m just […]

T-Bomb: A back-door hack into desire

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Get this right and it will feel like magic. People are often surprised to learn that figuring out what you really want is often the hardest part of the journey. People say things like “Oh I know what I want. I want to be rich and financially free.” But rich is just […]

T-Bomb: Do you feel like you give too much?

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Giving is good, but not always. Where are you giving from? This is a really interesting question. When you give, do you give automatically, out of impulse? Or do you stop and consider deeply whether you actually have the resources to offer? I was talking to a former student the other day […]

T-Bomb: Why life is like Jenga

Truth Bomb Tuesday: It should be easy. This is why it’s not. Making changes in your life is hard for the same reason that Jenga is hard. You know the game Jenga right? You have a whole bunch of little blocks stacked one on top of the other in a tower, and you have to […]

T-Bomb: Why we get stuck in bad patterns

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Where did these patterns come from anyway? Why do we get stuck in behavioural patterns that don’t serve us? Maybe you grew up in a household where money was always a drama, and now you tighten up and get a shame response every time we talk about money. Or maybe you grew […]

T-Bomb: Fail fast, fail furious

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Mistakes are a cost of doing business. “Wow. You work so fast.” I was messing around with my messaging system while a friend was over the other day. I didn’t know what I was doing, but I was trying to figure it out. Click that setting. Have a look. Youtube what that […]

T-Bomb: Why only humans think growth looks like this

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Change is tiny kid’s cardigan. There’s a funny thing that happens when your kids are little. You accumulate your own favourite outfits for them. They’re almost certainly not the clothes that they want to wear all the time themselves. But they’re your favourites. That cute little cardigan. The one piece romper suit. […]

T-Bomb: The ‘hour to midnight’ practice for getting unstuck

Truth Bomb Tuesday: If you only had an hour, you’d be surprised at what you could get done “You’ve got one hour. Go.” That’s the beginning of an exercise I do with my students sometimes. It’s called ‘an hour to midnight’. It’s not particularly complicated. Basically I just give them a task that would normally […]