April 4, 2017 by Dymphna 2 Comments

[PODCAST] Nexus and Claiming the Cost of Education On Tax – What You Must Know!

One of the things that I discuss in my one-day events is tax – I was an accountant one upon a time after all.

Because of that, I get this one question all the time:

How can I claim the cost of the course when I do my tax?

Well, first up – it is possible, but as with all things tax office related – there are conditions.

You know what they say – The large print giveth and the small print taketh away…

This podcast I talk with Kamal from Investor accounting and we talk through what you need to know.

You’ll discover:

  • –> What is a “nexus” and why it’s important for claiming the cost of education from your tax.
  • –> Why the range of content in the course means there are different ways to make this claim
  • –> Why your intention matters as to how you claim and how much you can claim.
  • –> Why you must show action to back up that intention or you may have to go back and amend your claim from previous years.
  • –> The difference between regular courses and high level one on one coaching courses.
  • –> Can you pay for education out of your super fund – if you are planning to use that super fund for investing?
  • –> and much, much more



This is not just about my courses but all education that you want to claim the cost of on your tax, regardless of where you are getting educated.

Like always with the tax office – they call it a trust system in that they trust you to put in your claims and reporting accurately, but if you get it wrong, they will slap you…

So it pays to understand these things and get them right.

That’s what this podcast is going to show you.

So have a listen now and get some free education.


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