PODCAST: Tax Planning for the Year Ahead

While some people hate tax time, as you probably know I love tax time. It’s when I get to really review how much I’ve achieved over the last year… But it also means I can work out what needs to be put in place for the following year… before the new tax year starts. This is […]

PODCAST: The budget from a property investor perspective…

So the budget’s come out… Of course it’s Hockey droning on about pensions, small business and blah blah blah… Boring right..? The big question is what does the new budget and the new small business benefits mean for you? In this podcast, Tasha Hungerford and I delve into the new budget from a property investor’s point of view. […]

The forgotten questions in negative gearing

My two cents on negative gearing is that it might not really matter. It’s what’s going on in the policy environment around negative gearing that counts. The negative gearing debate has gone full tilt. … again. This is one of those issues that just doesn’t go away, and divides Australia up like the State of […]

Prepare Yourself for Tax-Savings!

Today I want to talk about something that is everyone’s favorite topic. Of course I’m talking about tax! You know the saying, ‘the only sure things in life are death and taxes’, right? Unfortunately, it happens to be true. But how much tax you pay often depends upon you! Now, unless you’re either in a […]

#49: Tax-Planning Strategies

A topic that does’t get talked about nearly enough…One of those things that gets left until last, but certainly one of the most important things to focus on long before June 30. On this episode, I’m joined by my dear friend, Tash from Grow Accounting Tash and I discuss the implications of tax planning for […]

Should You Own Or Rent Your Home?

I want to talk about a dilemma that so many people face in their real estate investing decision process. In fact, I faced the same dilemma myself when I found myself divorced and hard up for cash. The dilemma is simply this: What if you can only afford to buy one property? Not two or […]

Maximize Profit Without Cost

I want to talk about some very good news for real estate investors that too many just don’t take advantage of… In fact, fully half of all real estate investors don’t use this fantastic tax reduction strategy I’m going to talk about today.  I’m going to show you how to reduce taxes without spending money.  […]