May 12, 2017 by Dymphna 1 Comment

17 tax deductions you may not be taking full advantage of

You probably know that before I dedicated myself to property – in my former life – I was an accountant.

So I have a built in automatic reaction now to sit up and take notice when it’s coming up to tax time.

First of all, let me say that most people (including accountants) think in terms of minimising tax…

In this podcast, I discuss why you may not want to minimise tax and how you need to be thinking about this decision.

But more importantly, if you are going to minimise tax I’m also going to share with you 17 tax deductions you may not know about or may not be using to your full advantage.


–> How to manage using leases vs loans when you go to buy a car. One has some advantages you can use right now – the other is better for long-term tax savings.

–> How to get a big drop in tax by factoring in the interest you’re going to pay NEXT year. You can apply this trick to several loans at once (if they’re the right kind)

–> How to claim borrowing expenses from your last loan – if you are about to refinance this is a great time to use this trick.

–> How to offset capital gains against capital profits – if you’re taking a loss somewhere I’ll show you how you can use that to pay less capital gains tax.

–> The dirty little scam the tax office use when it comes to depreciation that you may be getting stung by and not even know it.

–> The things you can do if you’re had a big spike in income from property (or your business) to smooth that spike out and avoid getting stung come June 30

–> How to tweak your super payments to strategically shift your money to a lower tax bracket using a SMSF, but still be able to continue investing in property

–> The two things you must do right now if you are using trusts (which is all of you if you are taking my advice) to avoid getting penalised by the ATO.

–> And much much more.

This podcast is an information dense one.

I’m covering things that even your accountant may not know – Especially if you are not using one of my experienced property specialist accountants.

So have a listen and it may mean you can take some of this info to your accountant and make sure they are not missing anything.