Truth Bomb Tuesday: The fame delusion

Why everybody wants to be famous, and why it has to make us unhappy. Why do so many people want to be famous? As someone who is partially famous (yes I am! In certain circles…) I can tell you its not worth it. Fame is a con. Seriously, you should see some of the crap […]

Truth Bomb Tuesday: The language of creativity

If you’re coming from this place, you could be making it difficult for yourself How do you stay hungry? Some people draw drive from negative experiences in their past. Think of the boy born into poverty who becomes a successful fund manager. Driven by a need to never be poor again, he excels at getting […]

Truth Bomb Tuesday: 3 tips for tapping intuition

Intuition isn’t a spiritual thing, but it is a deep process. Sometimes your body knows long before you do. Maybe this is what we call ‘intuition’. I remember a little while back I was looking at this property that was on two titles. The titles were side by side, but the house had been built […]