T-Bomb: When to rush and when to relax

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Be driven at the calendar, chill at the desk. There’s a particular dance we have to do in this journey. A particular balance we have to strike. We have to cultivate a sense of urgency without getting into a rush. We have to cultivate a sense of urgency because life is short. […]

T-Bomb: Stop waiting to enjoy life

Truth Bomb Tuesday: This is a condition that a lot of people have Someone shared something with me that really struck a chord. It went like this: The best New Year’s resolution I ever made was to start devouring all my nicest things, and save no small pleasure for an unspecified future. Now I burn […]

T-Bomb: Why freedom actually sucks

Truth Bomb Tuesday: I couldn’t believe that life was actually like this… Freedom is painful. I know we talk about freedom as if it’s the greatest thing God ever invented. Apart from love is the only thing worth dying for. Just ask Mel Gibson. But it’s actually painful. It’s kind of a pain in the […]

T-Bomb: How generosity changes your brain

Truth Bomb Tuesday: If you don’t practice generosity, life starts to box you in. Generosity has to be a central practice. You need to make it a central discipline of your life. If we become selfless – actually, hold up. I don’t really like the term ‘selfless’. We often use it to describe the tendency […]

T-Bomb: Would you rather die or look stupid?

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Is a need to belong keeping you poor? There was a fascinating psychological study I was reading about recently where a participant was put in a waiting room with a bunch of people. All the other people were actors, but the participant didn’t know that. After a little while of hanging out […]

T-Bomb: How to get on top of overwhelm

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Can we all just stop pretending for a minute? Overwhelmed? Confused? That’s ok. No really. It’s ok. It’s totally normal. If you told me that you had a complete grip on things – that you had a good working understanding of how the world works – I’d think you were kidding. At […]