Truth Bomb Tuesday: Why so many fail in February

February and January are worlds apart. Here’s how to navigate the change. So… February. How you doing? I’m still working through the Hayne RC report. Explosive stuff. I’ll give you the full wrap tomorrow… but for  now, a question Josh Frydenberg must be asking himself: “Why is February such a brutal month?” The year is […]

Truth Bomb Tuesday: My first NY resolution

There’s no shortage of glossy New Year’s hype at this time of year. Does it speak to you? I want this to be a year for everyone. This is normally the time of year where I put out a rallying call. “The new year is beginning,” (I say as emotive music is playing to footage […]

Truth Bomb Tuesday: How to 50x your productivity

The power of this brain hack has to be seen to be believed Ok, I want you to imagine something. Someone comes to your house and asks you whether you’d be willing to put up a 3x6m billboard in your yard promoting safe driving. It’s a worthy cause, right? But I’m guessing you’d say, “yeah, […]