Truth Bomb Tuesday: Stress is the new fat

I give you a new way to think about stress No point getting stressed. Seriously. There isn’t. Not a single point on offer. I’ve watched my fair share of people navigate through deals and deadlines, and it really seems that as a society, we venerate stress. We admire it. We take it on board and […]

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Vegans, leave the farmers alone

I just need to let farmers know that they haven’t been forgotten. I’m hearing reports of vegans attacking farmers and their farms, and I just feel I need to respond to that. It’s been a long time since I drafted cattle on my family’s cattle farm, and my hands are way too soft these days […]

Truth Bomb Tuesday: rejection = death

Are you afraid of rejection? It is completely natural. “She’s just afraid of rejection.” I was a bit uncomfortable where this conversation was going. I think they were trying to be constructive – trying to explain away some of here more annoying insecurities by pinning them to some sort of psycho-babble. And look, the fear […]

Truth Bomb Tuesday: the magic of the ‘ripple effect’

Many of my students have observed ‘the ripple effect’. But what’s actually going on here. Let me tell you a story about Richard. Richard isn’t his real name. I just chose Richard becomes it reminds me of the word ‘ripple’, and it’s the ripple effect that I really want to talk about today. And I’m […]

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Why so many fail in February

February and January are worlds apart. Here’s how to navigate the change. So… February. How you doing? I’m still working through the Hayne RC report. Explosive stuff. I’ll give you the full wrap tomorrow… but for  now, a question Josh Frydenberg must be asking himself: “Why is February such a brutal month?” The year is […]