Truth Bomb Tuesday: Compassion is an empty heart

How to empty out and be the compassionate person you want to be To offer people real compassion, you almost need to disappear completely. I used to have a friend who had been jilted by her husband. She was angry about it, and fair enough, but it began to colour every conversation she had. So […]

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Device Time, Vice Time

Should you let kids have device time? Should you let yourself? A student of mine was talking about how she’d just decided to stop giving her 4 year old any time with devices. “Screen time leads to scream time,” she said. I think we all kind of get that there has to be limits with […]

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Love is not a mystery

I was listening to a song the other day that was saying “Love is a mystery.” Out of nowhere, I channelled my third year economic lecturer. “There are no mysteries. Only poorly defined problems.” There’s a school of thought I really like that says science is not about answers, but about questions. And you don’t […]

If you’re going to blame someone, go all the way

Blame is a disempowering mindset On last week’s truth-bomb I talked about why we can end up carrying hurts around with us, sometimes for the rest of our lives. The wounded stories serve a purpose. Today I wanted to talk about another element: blame. Blame is directed anger and an assignment of responsibility. It says […]

Truth Bomb Tuesday: The right time to photocopy your arse

Working productively with our rebellious instincts Australians are ratbags. That’s one of the things we love about being Australian. We’re proud to be ratbags. Ned Kelly was a ratbag with a gun. And so it’s this ratbag streak that makes the OBike fiasco in Melbourne seem so predictable. From the Herald Sun: For a city […]

Truth Bomb Tuesday: How To Make Life Beautiful

Do you want one beautiful or all the beautifuls? Life can be beautiful all the time. This is both 100% true and total BS, depending on what you think that statement means. And if you get it wrong, you’re going to be miserable. That was the short version. The longer version goes like this: I […]