Truth Bomb Tuesday: When stuff takes care of itself

Humans are naturally bad at understanding probability. That gives the demons of laziness a way in. Sometimes, stuff just takes care of itself. You know, sometimes a problem will be looming. You’ll have no idea what you’re going to do about it. But then, through a confluence of factors in the world around you, the […]

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Reflections on Being Sick

If you’re sick you should take it easy. But that doesn’t have to mean being unproductive. Seems that’s there’s a bit of a lurgy going round. It’s taken the wind out of my balloon for a bit. So I know I can over-analyse things a bit, but I’m thinking, what are the lessons that come […]

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Invite tomorrow, empower today.

There’s a delicate balance between dreams and drive. I’m road testing a new motto. What do you think? “Invite tomorrow, empower today.” Catchy? Can you see on it on a motivational poster with some dolphins and stuff? I’m trying to catch a really important balancing act that’s central to the success journey. The balance of […]

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Find Your Chill Down Distance

Is your life on fire? Is it just a question of distance? I was out camping the other weekend. I’m not going to tell you where, I want to keep it for myself. There’s something about getting out from under the stress-umbrella of the city, and back to all the good things the outback has […]