Truth Bomb Tuesday: 3 tips for tapping intuition

Intuition isn’t a spiritual thing, but it is a deep process. Sometimes your body knows long before you do. Maybe this is what we call ‘intuition’. I remember a little while back I was looking at this property that was on two titles. The titles were side by side, but the house had been built […]

Truth Bomb Tuesday: 50 Shades of Failure

I think most of us have our success/failure grading scale calibrated all wrong. For most people, I think there’s one grade of success, and then fifty shades of failure beneath it. Like Success Partial failure Total Failure Miserable Failure Total Trainwreck This is one of those instances where we are just too hard on ourselves. […]

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Robo-apocalypse?

Don’t want to live in a robotised world? Then stop calling it in. So China has unveiled a bank, the first in the world, to be fully staffed by robots. And that’s not a glamorous name for a computer algorithm. We’re talking actual robots. Look at the photo. The receptionist looks like Astro-boy. Robots greet […]

Truth Bomb Tuesday: The Master’s Shame

Mastering a craft is more about avoiding embarrassment than anything There’s a story I like about two stonemasons. One was, young, strong and full of pride. The other was old, in the mastery of his craft. They both had to break a stone down exactly into a particular shape. The young buck throws himself into […]

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Plan Less Get More…

Manage your time like you manage your money “I don’t like to be too structured. I want to allow for spontaneity. I want to keep things organic.” But then I was looking at his diary… “But you haven’t got anything scheduled for this week… “What’s your strategy here? Give your week fully to spontaneity, and […]

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Compassion is an empty heart

How to empty out and be the compassionate person you want to be To offer people real compassion, you almost need to disappear completely. I used to have a friend who had been jilted by her husband. She was angry about it, and fair enough, but it began to colour every conversation she had. So […]