Truth Bomb Tuesday: The right time to photocopy your arse

Working productively with our rebellious instincts Australians are ratbags. That’s one of the things we love about being Australian. We’re proud to be ratbags. Ned Kelly was a ratbag with a gun. And so it’s this ratbag streak that makes the OBike fiasco in Melbourne seem so predictable. From the Herald Sun: For a city […]

Truth Bomb Tuesday: How To Make Life Beautiful

Do you want one beautiful or all the beautifuls? Life can be beautiful all the time. This is both 100% true and total BS, depending on what you think that statement means. And if you get it wrong, you’re going to be miserable. That was the short version. The longer version goes like this: I […]

Truth Bomb Tuesday: The truth is kinda like this

I give you a fresh way to think about ‘reality’ What is it really like? I can’t tell you. I don’t know why. Some things are bigger than words. “Cat” is just a word. The experience of a cat is much bigger than those three letters. It’s a funny cosmos like that. But I think […]

Truth Bomb Tuesday: The path of awesomeness

Your resistances have a reason. “Why am I afraid of being awesome?” I was talking to one of the students in the Property Games last year. We did a lot of work with the kids mindset, and we were talking about how we all have these blockages that stop us reaching our full potential – […]

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Mowing grass when it gets too high

The three teachings of grass Right now, I’m watching grass grow. Like literally. Up where I live, when you get a cycle of hot days and wet weather, the grass goes bananas. It’s like literally leaping out of the ground. I swear if you watch closely (in the late afternoon, from the deck, with a […]

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Stop At The Top Moment

Make time for this one ritual this December. There’s a particular brand of Aussie madness. It’s that end of year rush. I was talking to a Canadian woman about what this time of year is like for her, and she was saying it’s mostly pretty chill. They don’t do all that much. They’re chop some […]

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Pain medicine works slow

Are you running to your future or running from your past? “I want to be with the father of my children but I don’t want to be with him.” This was a few years ago, and I was helping a friend through a bit of a messy split. I know there’s two sides to every […]

Truth Bomb Tuesday: You might already be immortal

We’re not ready to live forever. I’m having a weird reaction to the prospect of immortality. This is one of the stranger things that’s come out of the research I’ve been doing my for Next 10 event. (Have you got your ticket yet?- get it here) It really looks like we’re on the brink of […]