Reno Rule#1: Buy low, pull to the middle

When thinking about manufacturing growth through renovations, there’s a principle I always keep in mind: “Buy low and pull to the middle.” The ideal is to take bottom rung properties and bring them up towards the middle of the market. In a market with a $500,000 median price, you’re probably going to do better renovating […]

Two Duplexes…Or One 4-Plex?

As a beginning real estate investor, once you get those first few rental homes in your portfolio… Almost inevitably, your next goal is to start buying multi-family properties, isn’t it? And why not? Multi-family properties give investors more bang for the buck, right? The answer is…it depends. On the face of it, buying four rental […]

Should Your Hire A Project Manager For Your Reno?

One of the first things that you will learn as a real estate investor is that things don’t always go smoothly… Especially when a reno project is involved. With most reno projects, it’s more likely that things won’t go according to plan rather than will… It’s just the nature of the beast. Your reno budget […]

Know Your Reno Market Or Lose Thousands!

As I talk to many of you on my Aussie tour, One question that I was asked was about renovating a property. More precisely, this person wanted to know how many renovations he should make on a particular property and what the cost should be. Doesn’t sound like a big deal to you?  It’s […]

Your First Reno Project Is You!

In the past several letters to you, I’ve focused on areas within your own personal space, or just you, in order to help you understand and adopt the success process. There is much more yet to go into, but I thought I would take a moment here to address a question or two you might […]

#39: Renovate, Relocate or Detonate?

What do you do if you have begun the real estate journey and don’t seem to be getting ahead? Here I run through some likely scenarios on how I would advise a client who is looking to move ahead but confused on what the next steps are. My advice to investors is that sometimes they might […]