Video: Are Unit Investors About to Catch a Break?

Signs are looking good for anyone who’s investing in units right now… Units struggled to see much demand over the pandemic, but as things shift back into place, we might see demand rising VERY soon… Here’s everything I’m diving into this week. Why prices are rising at the fastest pace since the 1990’s,…Although the worst […]

Video: How to Buy Property with a Bushel of Wheat!

Are people calling wheat the new brown gold? Well no, not really. But there’s more to this story than meets the eye… Here’s what else I’m talking about. The why US dollar dominance is under threat,…But it still has no known predators. Where in the world you can use wheat and garlic as a deposit,…But […]

Video: Want to save $10k a year? Stay home!

As if working from home didn’t have enough benefits… Reportedly Aussies are saving up to $10k a year just by staying home instead of heading in the work. But bosses are management want to take that away from people, and get them back in the office. Obviously, workers are pushing back. Other than that, here’s […]

Video: The Dirty Little Secret Hiding in the GDP Data…

Everyone’s got their own “analysis” on the latest GDP data. It’s usually shallow, obvious, and sometimes they charge you for it. So I’m laying out the dirty secret in the data (free of charge). Here’s what I’m covering. Why the Aussie economy firing on all cylinders…And property remains a key driver of growth. Why this […]

Video: What Can We Learn From The US Property Boom?

Usually I keep my eyes squarely glued on Australia property. But there’s A LOT to learn from American property right now. And the way it ties into Australian real esate may suprise you… Here’s what I’m talking about. Why the global ecnomy is still a great place for Australia to be,…And what’s driven exports to […]

Video: Election Underwrites Boom For Property

Who’s labour backing now that they’re in office? I’m covering the sectors to look out for, and why it might spell BOOM for property… Plus, you’ll also discover… The markets that will find support from this government policy,…And the segments that will catch a lift. Why global investors are increasingly worried about stagflation:…And the one […]

Video: What does the new Labor Government mean for property?

We have a new government… A new Prime Minister… But more importrantly, a new plan for property. I’ve deep dived into Labour’s potential plans for Aussie property, the good, the bad, and profittable. Here’s the points I’m covering: Although the ‘Help to Buy’ scheme is expected to be popular among buyers, it could lead to […]

Video: How The Economy Shrugged Off Rate Hikes!

Rate hikes? Personally, I didn’t notice. And neither did the Aussie economy. Despite all the hollering about the recent interest rate scare, we seem to have help up alright. And I’m going to tell you why. Here’s what else I’m talking about. Why business is still super optimistic about the outlook,…Especially as retail sales continue […]

Video: “Secret Safety Switch” will Hinder Rates Rising?

Who’s got their finger on the “Secret Safety Switch” that’s gonna save interest rates? Here’s what I’m covering this week. Why china might already be in recession,…As they pay a heavy price for a ‘zero-Covid’ policy. Why this could ultimately push commodity prices even higher.…Which floods Australia with cash. Why Melbourne is facing an epic […]

Video: Labor To Give $300,000 To Home Buyers?!

The election campaigns are running red hot at the moment. And labor is looking to make a big push to new home buying. And when I say big, I mean $300,000 big. Sounds nice, but when politicians are involved, I always ask abuot the strings attached. So that’s why I’m talking about it this week. […]