Video: Labor To Give $300,000 To Home Buyers?!

The election campaigns are running red hot at the moment. And labor is looking to make a big push to new home buying. And when I say big, I mean $300,000 big. Sounds nice, but when politicians are involved, I always ask abuot the strings attached. So that’s why I’m talking about it this week. […]

Video: Pandemic changed property… Forever.

Everyone loves to talk about the effect the pandemic had on property. But I’m doing it differently. Not just looking at the short term, not even the current cycle, I’m talking about how the pandemic altered property PERMANENTLY. Here’s what else I’m covering. Why this a ‘best-ever’ labour market,…And how that is going to push […]

Video: BUDGET 2022 SPECIAL: Top 20 Biggest Winners!

It’s that time of year! I’m taking a break in the usual schedule to discuss the 2022 Australian budget. All the dirty details, the losers, and the 20 BIGGEST winners to come out of it. From taxes to petrol prices, I hope you enjoy. If you’d like to book a FREE 60 minute Real Estate […]

Video: Disasters to derail Aussie Economy?

It’s no secret that natural disasters hit Australia hard year after year. Among fires, hurricanes, and heat waves, floods are actually among Australia’s most expensive disasters. The damage ranges in the billions, and someone has to pay it. Today I’m talking about the nature of those costs, and their potential to completely derail the Aussie […]

Video: 3.7 trillion reasons why property will RISE.

DESPITE the strength the property market continues to show in 2022, there are STILL people saying it’s due to fall anytime now. Today I want to go over 3.7 TRILLION reasons why I think the exact OPPOSITE. Plus I’m covering these topics… Wihy some sectors are seeing strong wages growth,…But most aren’t and real wages […]

Video: 8,000+ Property Guru Says Negative Gearing is “STUPID”

No shock, another property LEGEND has come out against negative gearing. If you know me, you know I’ve thought this for years. But it’s nice to know other high-level investors are starting to spout this ‘secret’ property truth. I won’t spoil who, but this legendary investor said more than a few interesting truths on the […]

Video: ‘Great Reshuffle’, Great News for Property?

Heard of the Great Reshuffle yet? If not, you should have, it’s a huge job trend that’s pushing the Aussie economy in CRAZY directions. Millions are leaving their jobs – or joining the workforce – trying to find new jobs with more fulfilling and flexible roles. And can you blame them? Lockdowns taught us that […]

Video: Tightest rental market ever?

Here’s what I’m covering this week: How property prices kept surging into the new year,…And which city is leading the way. Why we have never seen such a shortage of rental accommodation.…And which cities are suffering most. What border reopening will do to Australian property. Why a ‘race for space’ is changing the way we […]

Video: Rental Boom Delivers BIG GAINS

Rents are still EXPLODING in 2022. And if you were prepared (aka listening to me) you’ll know just how BIG it’s paying off for investors. I’m diving into that, as well as a ton of other property and ecomonic news and events this week. Here’s everything I’m covering. Why we are probably past “peak-Covid”,…But ‘story […]

Video: Why we’re in a ‘super-cycle’ of housing demand.

I’ve received a lot of questions about the nature of the real estate that’s well and truly underway. It’s easy to forget that this boom isn’t just another random event. It’s part of a super-cycle, and it’s something I’ve talked about for years now. So today I’m specifically talking about the demand that comes with […]