May 17, 2022 by Dymphna

Video: Labor To Give $300,000 To Home Buyers?!

The election campaigns are running red hot at the moment.

And labor is looking to make a big push to new home buying.

And when I say big, I mean $300,000 big.

Sounds nice, but when politicians are involved, I always ask abuot the strings attached.

So that’s why I’m talking about it this week.

  • Why the inflation data shocked econimists,
    …And scared the RBA into hikinh rates early.
  • The two big factos driving those inflation numbers.
    …And why they mean that rate hikes might not last.
  • Why households have plenty of room to digest rate hikes,
    …And why some economists think rates might even fall next year!
  • The big winners from Labor’s housing policy,
    …And the impact it’s going to have on the market.

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