January 8, 2019 by Dymphna

Truth Bomb Tuesday: My first NY resolution

There’s no shortage of glossy New Year’s hype at this time of year. Does it speak to you?

I want this to be a year for everyone.

This is normally the time of year where I put out a rallying call.

“The new year is beginning,” (I say as emotive music is playing to footage of a couple walking on the beach.) “Let’s make this year the year where we bust through our limiting beliefs, flip the portfolio into over-drive, and set ourselves up for awesome once and for all.

Let this be the year that we always remember as pivotal.”

And I still want to make that call. If you’re ready to flip your portfolio from $20K in the red to over $100K positive (as several students who got up at this year’s Super-Conference had done), then all power to you. Whatever you need to make that happen, let me know. I’m so there for that journey.

However, not all of us are at a stage where we’re ready to plop a cherry down on the ice cream cake of life. Not all of us are ready to actualise our higher soul’s calling and finally book that Tahitian cruise.

Some of us are just in the business of surviving.

And really, when you look around this community, and most of us have been there. Even me. I remember when I was freshly separated with two small kids I was shell-shocked. I couldn’t see a way out. I really thought I’d be living hand to mouth forever.

And couldn’t give a flip and about activating my inner potential as a cosmic star-being of light. I just wanted to buy the kids shoes. That was my New Year’s resolution.

And so this community is as much for those folks doing it tough as it is for those folks ready to put the finishing touches on the masterpiece of their life.

It’s for the people who just want a portfolio that isn’t bleeding them dry.

It’s for the people who just need to know where the money is coming from.

And it’s for the people who just want to get the boot of debt off their necks – who just want to breathe again.

This community is for you.

And look, we celebrate success. We make a point of it. And so when you touch in with the community for the first time, it can be overwhelming.

“I’m not ready to fund a series of orphanages across Asia. I just want to be able to pay the school fees when they come due.”

But we know that space. Most of us have been there our selves.

And so as the new year begins, don’t feel like you’re being ignored. Know that this call goes out to you.

Let this be the year where you regrouped, regathered, and stopped retreating. Let this be the year where you turned everything around. No flash success. No trophy homes. No humanitarian awards. Not yet.

Let this be the year where you just took control.

And if your hopes for 2019 are as humble and as heroic as that, then we are here for you too.

Let’s make it a cracker.