July 10, 2013 by Dymphna

Build Multi-Million Dollar Relationships!

Ready for some GREAT NEWS?

You’re going to make MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in real estate investing…

BUT ONLY if you educate yourself and use what you learn in my seminars.

When you do, there are generally two tracks you can take…

Some of you are doing one or the other. Some of you will do both. There’s no right or wrong track to make millions of dollars in real estate investing.

But there are right and wrong ways to go about them…So listen closely!

Track #1 is where you build your portfolio up with your own investment cash and know-how.  That’s how I and many of my students have done it. My first deal led to more deals with the same person. But let me tell you, that didn’t happen by accident!

Track #2 is where you partner with an investor to bring your own “sweat equity” into the deal. Remember, this track means you’ve got valuable skills and knowledge to bring to the table…

But guess what? Whichever track you choose, you need to have PEOPLE SKILLS. If you don’t know about these, you will learn them in my seminars. It should be no surprise that my Platinum Students are so successful—they’re great listeners and know how to build trust.

You see, here’s the reality: THE BEST DEALS ARE MADE WHERE EACH SIDE HAS A SENSE OF TRUST with the other.

When there is trust, it opens up many more possibilities. What you may have thought was A SIMPLE, ONE-TIME TRANSACTION…


But that trust doesn’t just happen…

Build a relationship


What’s the best partnership that you can ever have?

Simple–One that works for both partners. Finding the right real estate investing partner is a big deal—even if it’s just for one deal. But finding the right investment partner and getting to the partnership phase are two very different things.

And whether it’s a well-healed financial partner with money to invest or a JV partner with land to subdivide, your successful partnership begins with your ability to connect to the other person.

Notice I said person, and not investor. That’s not by accident.

Having WEALTH AND CASH TO INVEST doesn’t mean that the investor stops being a human being. That’s a critical fact to remember. Investors are like anybody else—they are people with an objective and plans on how to achieve them.

This means that you as, a potential partner bringing your talent, knowledge and skills to the enterprise, must also bring your people skills to the table. There are a few things you’re going to need to do…


Power relationship psychology 

In some of my seminars, I talk about the psychology of relationships and the need to get to know the seller’s needs and concerns as much as possible. Like other skills, it is a process I teach that anyone can learn and master.

Why do I do this?

Because it normalizes the power equation. It changes the buyer-seller relationship of the deal to one of a partnership.  Many DEALS ARE MADE ON THE BASIS OF MEETING NEEDS, not just financial ones.

It’s the same with approaching a potential financial partner. Say you have a meeting with a CASH INVESTOR…

How do you approach that person?

ASK YOUR POTENTIAL PARTNER ABOUT HIMSELF. How he got started in real estate investing, his preferred properties, etc. Find out what his major concerns and what his needs in a partner are.

Use your intuition as well. A partnership is a two way street.  Ask yourself, “Are they are the kind of person I would like to be in business with?”

ONE MISTAKE YOU MUSTAVOID: DON’T DEVALUE YOURSELF! Don’t be “star struck” by wealth. They’re people JUST LIKE YOU, who are a little bit further down the track than you are.

REALIZE that YOU ARE A VALUABLE PARTNER…Otherwise, this person would not be meeting with you!

But it’s not just about bringing capital to the table. It takes a lot more that money to make a good partnership. You both have to be comfortable with each other.

For your part, you MUST deliver on what you promise! Have a meeting scheduled? Be prepared and don’t be late!

Have a property to discuss? Make sure you know all about the property, the grid variance analysis, sales comps, maintenance and all the rest. Every meeting and every task is your opportunity to add value to the deal and build trust with the other person.

Let your financial partner know about you!

On the flip side, don’t be arrogant or put on a false front. BE YOURSELF. This takes a tonne of pressure off you by not being someone you aren’t. It also allows you to go with your own personality strengths.

This next point is a big one:  STAY POSITIVE! Don’t dwell on past failures or what you can’t do—focus on all of the things you can do! Talk about what you have learned from past experiences, but be pleasant, not hostile or bitter.

Let your prospective partner know what you’re about—your ambition, your knowledge, your timetable for reaching your goals. Make your partner understand that YOU ARE MOTIVATED!

How motivated are you? Let your partner know that you have studied and learned the business with iLoveRealEstate.tv. Let him know that you’re serious about making millions of dollars in real estate!

Your million-dollar portfolio: People do business with people they like—and trust

At the end of the day, every million-dollar portfolio begins with one person meeting another person, one deal leading to another deal. Your job is to prepare yourself for that meeting, to prepare yourself for that deal.

But you should also know that not every meeting will lead to a deal or a partnership. People have all kinds of needs and comfort levels. Some investors will repel you and others will attract you, and vice versa.

If you’re from the same town, you may know the same people. If you’re both into sailing, for instance, there’s an opportunity to build on that. Barring any of that, it always helps to have references you can give your prospective partner…

And don’t be afraid to ask for the same from him!

The key is to find things in common with your potential investment partner. If your goals are similar, your risk tolerance levels are similar, and you communication is open and honest, you’re well ahead of the game.  But the bottom line is that, if at all possible, people will do business with people they like.

Where does that leave you?

Consider what your next prospective partner sees when you meet him or her. You’re pleasant, knowledgeable about real estate investing strategies, ethical and ambitious…

What’s not to like?