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Your Future Is In Your Hands!

Never doubt the power of an encouraging word…or a discouraging one.

As any of my students will tell you, I’m a big believer in setting out your goals in such a way that you are able to accomplish them and build upon your success…

And I help my students apply the power of visualization as a way to “see themselves achieving their goal” before it has happened.

It takes a certain kind of thinking and a way of being that allows people to do that…

That’s exactly the kind of positive mind climate I bring to my Seminars and Boot Camps…

There is the space and openness there that allows you to be free to pursue your dreams…

And it doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from, or what your age is.

Who are students?

As you might well imagine, all kinds of people attend my Seminars and Boot Camps. Some people are very well educated, with university education and advanced degrees.

Others have no university education, but are eager to learn new ways of thinking and have overcome their fear of doing something different in their lives. In fact, it is those types that are often the most successful of my students.

Funny thing that; but sometimes, too much education can get in the way of becoming successful.

How can that be?

It’s a bit strange how it works, but you’ll see what I mean in a moment…

First let me say that I don’t believe that education in itself is ever a bad thing. Quite the contrary, I believe we should be learning something new every day of our lives!

And not just about the world around us…but about ourselves, as well.

In fact, that’s one thing that replacing your income with passive income from real estate investing will allow you to do…

It will give you the time to think about new things, new ideas.

When you’re not giving all of yourself and more to just making a living, paying the mortgage and saving for retirement, you’ll see that you have time to learn many new things and the financial resources to see new places.

For most of you, your current job doesn’t leave you time or money for such things, does it?

When you really think about it, most of your jobs are very narrow in focus, don’t pay you enough or leave you enough time to learn something new that isn’t related to work…

When that happens year after year, your mind becomes stale and in an intellectual rut. Your world becomes small, narrow and in some cases, hopeless.

You feel trapped by it all.

Change your life patterns

Well, a similar thing happens to even the most well educated people.

Remember, our brains behave according to patterns that we establish by repetition. But this doesn’t just apply to our behavior or reactions. It also applies to the way we think as well.

That’s why some of the most educated people can be in a thought pattern that is just as destructive as a fellow welding pipefittings together day after day. Our daily thought patterns tend to define our lives and our identities to a much greater degree than we care to imagine.

That’s one of the fascinating aspects of Seminars and Boot Camps and even the Course itself…

They force you out of your familiar patterns of behaving and thinking! You are shown a new ways of seeing things.

I can’t tell you how many of my students have thanked for “opening their eyes” to what is really possible in achieving their dreams in a relatively short amount of time.

But just as importantly, when you attend an iLoveRealEstate Seminar, you find that the behavioral environment has changed radically as well.

Why is that important?

You are MUCH more than your work identity

It’s important because, in most cases, there is a pecking order in our lives, isn’t there?

Unless you’re the boss, you have a boss, and your boss has a boss as well. In that pecking order, you tend to stay within your place in the food chain. Even when you’re promoted, you’re still one more link within a larger food chain.

One problem with that is that as a person, you are boxed in to what your job is. This leaves you little room for creativity or for expanding your possibilities. You have to perform within the box, don’t you?

You even have a title, don’t you? It might be manager of this or associate of that; it doesn’t matter. That job title defines you in the eyes of all your co-workers, your boss, and maybe even yourself!

Not only that, but how many discouraging words are thrown around your job?

Are targets being met? Are you performing as best you can? Are your happiness and confidence being stolen from you a bit at a time, day after day, month after month?

There is a way…

Break out of your old life and into your future!

The positivity of my Seminars and Boot Camps and the expansive learning experience you’ll find are exactly what will help you break out of your box…

You will discover just how powerful you truly are when you leave the stifling labels and negativity at the door and begin to learn new things and begin to dream again about how you want your life to be.

That is why I say at the beginning of this e-letter to never underestimate the power of words…

All thoughts are ultimately expressed in words, and likewise, words express thoughts. It’s a two way street from our minds to ourselves and back again.

Our thoughts become our words and our words—or the words of others—reinforce our thought patterns…

A great way to break that pattern is to change your routine, change your thoughts, associate with people who are doing the same thing…

Where there are no labels or barriers to your success, where you can reach your dreams and live the life you want to live.

Too often, people spend most of their lives in work places they don’t like, doing mundane things with people who have power over them just so they can pay the bills…

This creates negative patterns in their thoughts and in their lives and is not really living the way that is rewarding to them.

If this describes you and your situation, then come to an event. You will see that there is a way out of your current situation… a way that puts the power of your life right where it belongs:

In your hands!