September 3, 2013 by Dymphna 16 Comments

Want To Make Your Millions? Stay on Track!


So many of my students have done incredibly well in building their portfolios by following my courses…

And you know what’s really fun? I get to hear about their success stories wherever I go. And you know what else? It always makes me smile with a mixture of pride and happiness. Not pride in myself, mind you, but pride in my students’ success.

I’m happy to hear of how they have changed their lives by taking control of their lives rather than letting someone else run their lives. It’s a wonderful feeling for them and it’s a wonderful for me to have helped them make it happen. You could say it’s truly a win-win type of thing.

So sure, seeing the dynamic and radical change in people’s lives for the better is one of the best perks of doing what I do. But rather than talk more about those successful students, I want to talk to those of you who have yet make the change in your lives.

The simple fact is…

CHANGING LIVES FOR THE BETTER IS WHAT is all about! I’m really serious about this. That’s why I’m talking to a very specific group of you out there…

I’m not talking about those of you who have already bought your first property and are up to you neck in renos or subdividing or whatever it may be. You lot are already on your way. I don’t doubt that you’ll reach your goals soon and become Investor of the Month in the Newsletter before too long.

But there are some of you that I’ve seen in my Boot Camps and Seminars maybe a couple of times over the past ten or twelve months. We have talked at length about your goals. But I also know that you have yet to commit yourselves to that last step of getting into real estate investing.

I know there are quite a few of you in this stage because some of you also ask me via email about it. You tell me that there’s “something holding you back” or that you “can’t make the commitment” right now for one reason or another. And yet you ask for my help, so here it is.

Now that you’re Market Ready…

Since I’ve seen quite a few of you several times, and many of you have my courses, I know that you know enough to intelligently buy a property. The type of property isn’t the issue, either. It could be a cash cow or a manufactured value deal that you are looking to buy; it doesn’t matter…

From an education perspective and a financial perspective, you are qualified to buy. But yet, you haven’t. Why is that?

I’ve learned that many of you have gone all the way in terms making yourselves Market Ready. You’ve gotten your tax returns up to date and paid outstanding bills. Some of you have also sold that expensive Mercedes-Benz or Lexus to lower your debt exposure and give you more disposable income.

Of course, you secured a line of credit or got yourself qualified for a purchase loan, paid down your credit cards and all the rest. You’ve created a trust and opened a trust account at a bank and have even got a couple of different construction crews on speed dial.

And where are you now that you’re Market Ready? You’re still without a portfolio, and not even in the process of buying one property yet. What’s holding you back?

YOU are holding you back

The truth is that no one is holding you back but you! How do I know this? Because you tell me!

There is usually only one or two reasons for this procrastination… Either you don’t believe in the process or you don’t believe in yourself. Let’s talk about at each for a moment.

If you’re honest with yourself, you know that Courses, Seminars and Boot Camps work. You’ve met or listened to too many people who have turned themselves into millionaires in a matter of months doing exactly what the process tells them to do! It’s that simple…

The process makes millionaires. It works.

So you know who that leaves, don’t you? Yep; you. For whatever reason, you are not confident in yourself or somehow feel that won’t work for you.

Retrain your thoughts to positive outcomes

In either case, those are false perceptions that you have learned along the way in life. They are like glass lenses that you have decided consciously or subconsciously to look through, especially when looking at yourself.

Ah, but don’t worry; everybody has them!
It’s true; we all have had experiences that influenced our perception of ourselves in a false and unjust light. All you have to do is to decide not to look through them anymore.

That’s right; take those lenses off and put them in the drawer where you keep expired coupons, old cologne that you never liked and those extra wires that came with the computer you got rid of last year….

Because that’s where your negative perceptions belong. Now listen closely…

Perceptions that make you doubt yourself and prevent you from succeeding are worse than useless. They are harmful.

Throw them out!

How do you do that? It’s actually an easy process. You simply refuse to give them room in your thoughts.

Instead, fill your thoughts with what you have learned from, and what you have already accomplished in becoming Market Ready.

These are tangible, positive accomplishments.

Finally, retrain your mind by consciously follow written instructions to yourself. Fill your thoughts with the intent of taking the necessary steps to buying your first property. Make a list of what steps you have to do to get you to the settlement date in your first deal. Tick of each item as you get it done

For instance, when you find your target property, tick of that box. Then, when you call your lender and you get the green light to make an offer, tick off that box. When you present your offer, tick off that box. When your offer is accepted, you tick off that box.

When the settlement period is over…buy some champagne and celebrate your success!

When you do this, you will eliminate the one thing that has held you back… the idea that you can’t do it.

You can and will do it! Make your list of steps to take, take them, and complete the list. When you do, you become the successful person that you really are!