August 21, 2017 by Dymphna

[VIDEO] DAMNING ADMISSION: “As an accountant, I was telling everyone that negative gearing was the way to go… I WAS SO WRONG!”

I thought negative gearing was the way to go… until I saw I was losing $184,000 a year!

Brian wanted to be a wildly wealthy woman.

Well, not quite. In 2004 Brian was dragged along to a seminar at the Brisbane Convention Seminar. Little did he know it was to an event called ‘Wildly Wealthy Women’, and he ended up being one of only two blokes in the room!

Still, it turned out to be his lucky day. It was there that Brian first met Dymphna, and it was there that of his journey into real estate success really began.

Because Brian had been doing everything wrong. On the advice of several “experts”, Brian had every property he owned negatively geared. He also worked as a tax accountant and would tell all of his clients that negative gearing was the way to go.

For a long time, negative gearing was the received wisdom. It’s just what everyone did. It was what every accountant recommended. However it lead Brian up the garden path. Eventually the banks refused to lend him anymore money, and his properties were costing him $184,720 a year!

Meeting Dymphna, and joining the Ultimate and Platinum programs has been a revolution. Brian has totally reworked his portfolio, and rather than losing money, his property portfolio now provides him with passive income of $65,000 a year…

… all this in less than 3 years!

With his own financial future secure, Brian has now begun helping his children build their own property portfolios, with his youngest son Luke looking to join Dad as a full time investor.