June 19, 2018 by Dymphna

Truth Bomb Tuesday: The language of creativity

If you’re coming from this place, you could be making it difficult for yourself

How do you stay hungry?

Some people draw drive from negative experiences in their past.

Think of the boy born into poverty who becomes a successful fund manager. Driven by a need to never be poor again, he excels at getting rich.

This archetype exists in the collective consciousness, but the number of success stories like this is, I think, are actually pretty rare.


Because it’s all about what you’re focusing on.

If you’re focusing on your poverty, giving all your energy to how much it sucks and how much you want to escape your poverty, what’s going to happen?

Yup, you’re going to call in more poverty.

This is what the theory tells us – the law of attraction and all that.

As much as possible, we want to avoid using negative emotions as source of motivation and energy. It’s self-defeating.

And with that comes the concept of ‘need’. We can’t be focused on what we ‘need’. Because if you ‘need’ something, that must mean that you don’t have it.

Need automatically implies lack.

I see a lot of people get to this place and get confused.

“So you’re saying I can’t say that I need to replace my income, or I need a cashflow positive portfolio, or I need a new partner?

So what can I say then?”

We are used to thinking about what we want and what we want to create in life relative to what we need – relative to what is absent.

But there is another kind of creativity.

It is the creativity of the artist. It’s the creativity of the visionary.

It’s the creativity that says, what wants to happen? What wants to be called through? What would be fun / inspiring / exciting / awesome / wild / hilarious?

It is creativity purely for creativity’s sake. It’s not trying to fix anything or make anything better.

You can feel it moving from the inside out. It comes from what excites your spirit and you feel yourself being drawn towards it.

In that way, it’s the opposite of lack-based desire. This moves from the outside in – it tries to call something out of the world to grasp and hold on to – to draw in and possess.

They are very different things.

So rather than “I need more money” etc. We move to statements like, “wouldn’t it be cool to take mum to Egypt to see the pyramids. How cool would that be?”

I know we’re not great dreamers. Our creativity is often beaten out of us in school. We are taught to be analytical problem solvers, rather than creative dreamers.

But it’s this creative dreaming that is absolutely necessary. You can’t do it without it.

So take a moment to take stock. Look over your goals.

Are you trying to fill holes in your life?

Or are you just doing fun things for the fun of it?