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The Real Beginning of Our U.K. Adventure…And Yours!

It’s funny what a bit of time away does for your perspective on things….

If you read my email earlier in the week, you have a good idea of all the wonderful places we’ve seen and the things we have done. Swimming in Loch Ness, for instance, though not on my list of things to do, was certainly on Brian’s. And on this trip, he did it!

Seeing and learning new things

Visiting the Isle of Mann, with all of its trappings of old money, like its well-kept streets and buildings, well-mannered people and having to pay to pee in a public toilet, has been a treat (except for the last bit) that I’ve especially enjoyed. And funny things or discoveries have also helped make this a fantastic adventure.

Scotland really is incredibly beautiful, even though the people do speak funny

Scotland really is incredibly beautiful with a long, long history.

But you know what? It’s not always about the big important places you go see. Something as simple as a Irish man speaking “English” two feet from me, for instance, and not be able to comprehend what he was saying, was delightful in its own way. Or, learning that Scottish men really don’t wear anything under their kilts (so I’m told, I didn’t personally verify this) was another delightful interesting bit of discovery.

And visiting the beautiful wheat fields in the Midlands and lying down in a freshly made crop circle (don’t ask me to tell you how they’re made!) was another strange and curious experience that I shall always remember. I’ll admit that it did feel strange, but I can’t explain exactly why. But I do recommend you do it if you ever get the chance.

It’s the unexpected and new experiences like these, even though they have no major historical importance, that bring an extra dimension to traveling that make life more exciting, stimulate the senses, and pique our curiosity about how different things can be in this world from one place to the next. I hate to use clichŽs, but sometimes they’re useful because they’re true: traveling to new places and seeing and doing new things makes you feel more alive.

The real beginning of this adventure was…

Now, I can’t and won’t go into every detail of our trip. But I do want to make a very important point about our ‘big adventure’ that is crucial to understand.

That point is this: our trip to the U.K.–for that matter, any of our travels–didn’t begin with an hour or two spent on the internet booking flights and comparing hotels. That was really the last step we had to take…

Do you know where this adventure really began? Looking back on it from thousands of miles away, the answer is really quite simple. I’m sure you know what I’m going to say here…

But I’ll tell you anyway.

Relaxing by the coast on the Isle of Man

Relaxing by the coast on the Isle of Man

This adventure began many years ago, with me taking that first big step with my very first real estate investment deal. Remember that no money down deal I negotiated that got me started? That was it. But also remember that it took me six months to get up the nerve to actually follow through and do it!

But it’s no exaggeration to say that that small deal was the first step toward this wonderful adventure I call my life. You see, my life adventure continues, whether I’m in the middle of a wheat field in the Midlands of Great Britain or in one-day boot camp in Melbourne. In both cases, I’m meeting new people, learning new things and living life to the full.

Gaining control of life!

That is the reason ILoveRealEstate.tv exists. I want to help you get from real estate investing what I have gotten from it: the freedom to live my life how I want to. Real estate investing has given me–and so many of my students–the freedom to pull the pin on a job and gain control of life.

When you control your life, your life becomes interesting in ways you just can’t imagine beforehand. Instead of being controlled by a boss, a bill collector or a negative attitude, you live your life discovering new things, visiting new places, and perhaps most important of all, learning about yourself. You learn just how powerful and capable you really are and how adventurous your life can really be.

As you read this, keep in mind that there is no reason whatsoever that you can’t be visiting the U.K. or wherever else catches your fancy. It’s not impossible. It’s not even improbable. In fact, once you can imagine it, you can do it!

Hoping for a sighting early tomorrow morning - Brain says his going to swim in Loch Ness

Hoping for a sighting early tomorrow morning – Brain says his going to swim in Loch Ness

Just as my journey began with one small deal, so can yours. It’s not luck, nor magic, nor an accident of fate. It’s a choice. Your choice. But please don’t waste six months thinking about it like I did. Do it today!

Your journey into a life adventure you never thought possible begins with you deciding to invest in yourself. Is there a better investment than you? I don’t think so! Spend a day or two at my boot camps or seminars soon. Tell me what your adventure looks like and I’ll help you get there!