May 14, 2014 by Dymphna 2 Comments

Sue’s Amazing Cashflow Positive Transformation

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I first met Sue in 2009. She and her partner, Phil both came from a background in the film industry doing freelance work.

They got a slap in the face when the GFC turned their investments around and left them with a lot of debt!!

They didn’t have any 10 year plan and it took them a while to get market ready. So they dug into the education, the support and the community and started to plan for success.

They took action and at the time of the interview, their situation was:

  • A passive income of $120,000 from their Aussie properties
  • A further $15,000 passive income from their portfolio in US!

Their next goal is to get debt free and the build up equity with more chunk deals planned for the future.

Sue treats my style of real estate education like a University Degree and her children are now coming along to my events too.

Her future now has so much more possibilities.

Watch the full interview and see for yourself what is possible if you really take investing in real estate seriously and you have a great plan and system going forward.

PLEASE NOTE: No remuneration was offered for appearing in this video and sharing their story. This is the student’s story in their own words and the timeline and details of all transactions have not been verified by Knowledge Source or Dymphna Boholt. This interview was conducted June 2013