June 15, 2017 by Dymphna

[PODCAST] The Path To Real Estate Success – Regardless Of Where You Are At Right Now


I ended up in a mastermind group in Adelaide this week.

It was a group of what I call “Mates in the market”

You know what I was so amazed by?

This was a group of students and they are all using different strategies to invest and succeed in real estate.

This is exactly what I love about this world.

No matter where you are…

…Or what you are trying to achieve…

There is a path, and a strategy you can use.

With their permission I recorded this session and our discussion so you could listen and pick up some tips and ideas for your next deal.

In this podcast you’ll discover:

  • The pros and cons of the renovation game & why so many people start with renovation.
  • How to move on from reno’s and make money from your PPR
  • How to get a tax free capital gain depending on the strategy you choose
  • How to get your kids involved and how to get them really excited by real estate investing
  • How one 11 year old was able to make $22,000 in real estate!
  • How one guy was able to go from highly sceptical and miserable to totally engaged and happy – It all came down to his mindset and his environment.
  • How to invest if you’ve got some money but no serviceability – We discuss the exact deals you could do.
  • Whats an appropriate split for a joint venture
  • How to get the right joint venture agreement in place
  • The one thing that must be in all joint ventures – this is paramount in all partnerships
  • The questions you need to ask to get your focus, your goals and your peg in the sand actually working and driving you toward the achievement of those goals.
  • Where to find the support and need to get you moving and make the right choices in your property career.
  • How to create a mastermind group to get more done.

As you can see this one is information rich.

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