February 12, 2013 by Dymphna

Passive Income from Property – This Is How You Do It!

I want to talk to you about a couple who started real estate investing doing some things right and other things wrong, but after becoming my students, turned everything positive in a very short amount of time…

Now, to Angie and Joe…

Losing to the blue gum trees…

This story begins with Angie deciding to get into real estate investing…

A smart move if you ask me.

She began by buying a positive cash flow property in a good area of Melbourne.  She was happy with the extra income from the property because she was only earning about $25,000 at her day job. 16 months later, the property had risen quite a bit in value.  Well, Angie yielded to temptation and sold the property for a $50,000 gain… 

I can’t say that I blame her, really.  That $50,000 was twice the amount of income she earned from her regular job!

But did Angie buy another positive cash flow property with her profits like she should have done?

No…she put most of the money in tax-protected blue gum trees that were recommended by her financial advisor…and of course, lost her money.  Not a very smart move on Angie’s part, was it?

Going back to what works

But then Angie did another smart move…

She took what she had left of her profits and bought four two-unit rentals in regional Victoria against all the advice of her friends and family…Fortunately, she didn’t listen to them.

That property gave her positive cash flow of $27,000 per annum.  To offset her tax liability, Angie bought a slightly negative geared apartment.  But after furnishing it and giving it a scrub, it leased with positive cash flow of about $9,000 per annum.

Angie was back in business, earning $36,000 passive income per annum from two purchases!

Then she met her future husband, Joe…

What’s wrong with this picture?

Joe had a steady job but was also a real estate investor.  He owned a couple of negatively geared properties that gave him $5,000 tax refund per year, but it cost Joe over $8,000 per year to get it!

What was wrong with this picture?

Joe thought, like a lot of investors do, that investing in negative geared property was the “smart” way to buy property…

Angie and Joe debated about this for a while and finally agreed to disagree.

But even though Angie was making money on her properties, she still felt as if she wasn’t maximizing her real estate investments.  One day, she read one of my books and the part about always investing for profit really stuck with her…

But Joe took a little longer to convince.  Finally, however, they attended on of my training events, and afterward, they finally decided to sell his properties and let someone else lose money on them.

Joe jokes “it took two women to convince me of the right way to invest.

Then they bought a positive cash flow property…and made some money!  Who knew that could happen?  Actually, every single one my students, that’s who!

Mind you, Joe and Angie were still working their day jobs and saving money…

Well, after a bit of time passed, they decided they needed a little more education on buying multiple properties and help with investment strategies, so…

Going from okay to fantastic

Can you guess what happened next?

That’s right…Angie and Joe bought one cash flow property after another, just how they learned to do it with my programs!

Angie says, “I thought we were doing okay, but after joining Dymphna’s programs and listening to her CDs, it has opened up our minds and everything changed!”

I’ll say they have.  Joe and Angie set income goals for their income, which was quite impressive:  They wanted to be earning $200,000 in passive income before the end of 2012.  That was just a few years ago, and where are they now?

Angie and Joe have turned their $36,000 annual passive income into more than $203,000 annual passive income!  That’s the power of real estate investing with the right information!

Educate yourself for success

Do you see how important it is to educate yourself about what to do and what not to do in real estate investing?  Even though Angie was doing “okay” in her investing (and Joe was doing miserably!), it wasn’t until they were armed with the right knowledge and strategies that they saw their real estate portfolio, their net worth and their income all skyrocket.

And there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from doing exactly the same thing as Joe and Angie have done…

But first, you need the right information, don’t you?  To get the education you need, you can attend one or more of my training events, which are held all over the country.

As you know from Joe and Angie’s story, their lives and their fortunes changed for the better when they knew just what to do in their real estate investing.  That’s not a coincidence, is it?

Why not you?