September 19, 2013 by Dymphna 10 Comments

New Infrastructure Spending Means Opportunity!


Some of the questions that I get asked all the time are ones like, “Where should I invest?” Or, “Which area will be growing in the next few years?”

Well, today I have an answer to that question from an entirely different source than you’re used to…

It’s a gift from our new government if you can believe it!

You may have heard what they said right before the election.. And it may well be just the kind of news that you can build a massive real estate portfolio from…

First of all, let’s agree right here not to discuss politics. The election is over and I don’t care to talk about who won or lost and why.

Act on market information and avoid the media

As a real estate investor, you want to take advantage of the market no matter who happens to be running things. It’s that simple. I’ll leave the politics to the talking heads on the evening television programs.

And really, helping to educate you so you make smart investment decisions is what is concerned with and what I care about…

And by the way, don’t listen to the media on how good or how bad things are or might be. Their job is to sell newspapers, magazines, or whatever else they advertise on the television. It doesn’t help you grow your portfolio, so you’re better off avoiding all of that rot.

Having said all of that, the pledge the new government has made in a very public way is going to give smart real estate investors some very tangible opportunities for high profits…

Oz to invest more money here than abroad

The new government’s aim is to reduce the amount Australia spends on foreign aid by $4.5 billion. The plan is to cut that much spending over the next four years. That’s a little bit of money, isn’t it?

Now, this policy of cutting foreign aid is not media spin. Rather, it’s a policy that they say they will act upon. The key, of course, is to watch closely to see if they follow through with it.

But let’s just say that they will be as good as their word…

What does that mean?

Well, the best part of that policy is what they plan to do with the money. The new government’s pledge is to re-direct the foreign aid money into capital investments here at home. This is where I see potential opportunity for investors.

A federally created investment BOOM!


That’s because wherever a government spends massive amounts of money is where an economic impact is going to be felt.

It’s going to be a mini-BOOM for those areas. Property prices are likely to climb, as will rents. The local economy will swell and benefits from the inflow of money and workers.

This goes to the heart of smart real estate investing. You want to invest according to where things are headed, not necessarily where they are now.

And just where will that $4.5 billion be going over the next four years?

The pledge is for that money to be invested in infrastructure projects in our three largest cities of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. The majority of those infrastructure projects will be roads and other transportation improvements in those major cities.

The new government is actually telling us where the next real estate boom will be because they will create it!

That should be music to your ears!

If it isn’t, clean them out and get yourself to my next Boot Camp or Seminar because you’re going to need it!

Start your due diligence NOW

Think about it. Federal investment of $4.5 billion over the next four years will have an enormous impact on those local economies…

But even more important, it will have a major impact on the surrounding real estate market…

Now is the time to begin your due diligence in the city and outlying suburbs of your choice. Go to the councils to find out what’s on the planning board. Find out what plans, if any, there may be for road expansion from the city to the suburbs. Determine what areas will benefit from road improvements.

You will also want to determine where new housing estates are planned and how big they might be. You will want to know what corporate investments are under consideration, and so on.

Hey, these cities weren’t just pulled out of a hat!

You can be certain that cities of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane weren’t just chosen at random. There was undoubtedly quite a bit of research on both the cities and their suburbs and the economic impact that federal infrastructure investment would have in those areas…


Now, if you’re looking for the next place to invest, you have three major metropolitan areas and their surroundings to do you due diligence. Remember, these areas are not places waiting to become a destination.

Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane are the top three cities in Oz. They all have high population densities and industry to drive the property values and rents higher. With the infusion of billions of dollars of investment for improved and expanded roadways, those factors will become even more beneficial to real estate investors.

Does this answer the question of where to look for excellent real estate investment opportunities over the next few years?