August 2, 2012 by Dymphna

New Australian World Record!

Getting into the Olympic spirit and I’m happy to announce a new Australian world record.What am I talking about?

It was my eBay launch.

Several weeks ago I auctioned the first copy of the second print-run of my book, Confessions of a Real Estate Millionaire.

An Aussie client living in Dubai was the highest bidder.

Want to know the price?


…that’s right. No misprint.

It’s the most expensive non-fiction book ever sold on eBay.

Here’s proof:

eBay Screenshot

Now, I didn’t keep any of the money… I gave it all away to the OzChild charity.

Here’s a nice pic of me, Michael from OzChild and Rixon Heyder (the winning bidder) on my secret hideout (my home on the Sunshine Coast).

OzChild Donation

I also had the chance to spend the whole day with Rixon and go through her personal vision for her financial future. I want to personally thank Rixon for having the belief and courage to be the winner of this unique auction.

She is truly a young Australian with a vision that I’m sure you’ll hear a lot more of as I help her reach her financial and life goals.

There was also a whirl-wind of media that attended on the same day and if you live on the Sunshine Coast, you may have seen me on the Channel 7 news and in the local press.

All in all, it was a great day, a worthwhile cause and everyone went home happy and content.

It’s really nice to be in a position to be able to share this with you.

All the best!