September 9, 2023 by Dymphna

How to create $250k per annum and escape the work rut.

Before joining I Love Real Estate Sergio saw the rut that was forming at his feet.

Working to day to day, he had no goal and while he was still making a living, he wasn’t building wealth.

Looking to escape the black hole sucking him in, be began noticing the common “propositions” for wealth building…

…Crypto, share market, Amazon etc.

Despite dabbling in all of these, it always seemed like each win came with two losses. And the numbers just never added up.

In comes I Love Real Estate, and a chance to start taking two steps forward instead backward.

Soon enough Sergio had transformed his latest financial endevours into a huge stream of passive income, $250k’s worth every year.

Today our host Michael sits with Sergio and finds out exactly how journey started, exploded with success, and the amazing life he now lives today.


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