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Get Inspired! From Zero-To-Nine Properties In 3 Years

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If you’re on the outside of the property game looking in but you can’t seem to get your foot in the doorway, read on…

Because you need to know about one of my students who went from owning no investment properties to owning NINE properties in only three years!

I always like to talk about success stories because they are not only instructive but are inspirational as well. Sometimes, we all need a little inspiration, don’t we?

Every success is personal

Besides that, I believe that success should be acknowledged and celebrated. It reaffirms that what you’re doing is the right thing and that you’re on the right path…

Now, before I go on, it’s important to remember two things regarding real estate investing and real estate investors…

First, everyone is different. Every success is personal. Every person’s situation is unique; we all start from different places. As a result of this fact, what strategy works for one person may not be suitable for another.

That means that some people will build their property portfolios quicker than others, depending upon the strategies they use and other factors.

Second, you have to make a move! You have to take that first step into real estate investing, no matter how small, before you can move forward, don’t you? If it takes a year of attending boot camps and seminars before you feel ready to jump in, then that’s what it takes…

Identify a plan and stick to it

That’s why so many of my most successful students take the time to do both of these things. First, they get themselves educated well enough to be comfortable in what they know. Even though they don’t know everything there is to know about real estate investing, they know enough to get started…

Then, with that knowledge in hand, they identify a strategy that they can implement and work through without too much difficulty.

The fellow I’m going to tell you about today, did just that…

And changed his life in very short period of time.

Wilson is a longtime student of He first attended one of my ultimate boot camps about four years ago. He had absolutely no property portfolio…

But he did have a plan and stuck to the plan. He knew that he needed to educate himself… He also knew that he would be successful.

Did you catch that last part? He knew he would be successful. Having confidence gets you into the winner’s circle much quicker than working without it.

That’s why Wilson is the perfect reminder of the reasons why I do what I do. He is also the perfect example of a person making his goals and reaching them!

How has he done it? As I said, he knew he needed to educate himself…and he didn’t do it alone.

An record-holder

Wilson holds the record for the most events ever attended by one person…he has attended 39 events to date!

How vital have events been to Wilson’s success? Well, as he points out, property investment can be a complex and involved business. Having a place to go to get answers to your questions, learn from others’ experiences and meet other people on the same path as you are is a tremendous advantage.

Not only does Wilson benefit from the ongoing education he gets at every event, but also, he takes full advantage of the networking opportunities at every event.

“There are always new questions or issues that come up with different property investment opportunities,” Wilson points out, “having met people from different parts of Australia with different skills allows me to be able to call them when I need help in a deal or for good professional references. It’s been very helpful.”

Which strategy is Wilson using to build his property portfolio? The one that works for him.

Wilson has found that he likes small, subdivision deals. That’s right; in three short years, Wilson has built up his real estate investment portfolio by doing splitters!

He has found properties that are good candidates to do a splitter on, worked with the local councils and has successfully built his portfolio.

When asked if he plans to stay with that strategy, he just smiles and says, “of course. Why wouldn’t I? It’s where I’m most comfortable. I understand the process. I enjoy the process and the strategy works for me. I keep it small to keep it as simple as possible.”

A family affair

Wilson’s success has not gone unnoticed. His network of friends he’s made attending the events are proud of his success.

Needless to say, his family is also very impressed with what he has accomplished. His father and sisters are now involved in building their own real estate portfolios.

But Wilson also brings his kids to as many events as possible to get them prepared for their own real estate investing careers to show them what it’s all about…

How about you? Do you feel inspired to make that first move into real estate investing?

Are you ready to educate yourself?

Are you confident that your success will come following this path?

If you’re not, ask Wilson…

He’ll be happy to tell you all about it!