July 5, 2017 by Dymphna 17 Comments

10 Tricks For Killer Win-Win Negotiation


Negotiations are the juice that powers all serious property investing.

It’s the lube that greases the wheels of the property machine.

I’ve heard it said that we negotiate every day for every thing we do… but most people never realise that’s what’s happening…

That’s why not many people are actually good at it.

…and exactly why you need to be.

If you are going to take property investing seriously negotiation is an essential skill and in this podcast I show you 10 tricks for killer win-win negotiations…

That might sound oxymoronic… but it’s not; you’ll see why…

In this podcast you’ll discover:

  • => The one thing you must do before entering into any negotiation – forget this and your negotiations will fail.
  • => How to create a research file that will show you exactly what any area is like, how much a deal should be worth and what you could get away with.
  • => How to discover who the best agents are and who the worst are (and which to choose depending on your position)
  • => The steps to take to remove ALL the emotion and tension from the deal. This allows you to make clearer decisions and gain better wins.
  • => How to avoid a bidding offer/counteroffer war by coming from a place of power (with the one power move I use all the time.)
  • => How to make the agents job easier and get the deal across the line faster – this will also help you get around slack agents who aren’t getting you the concessions you want.
  • => Why lawyers can ruin a perfectly good deal -and what you need to put in place to stop this happening.
  • => The one action you must take after the negotiations to solidify the deal.

The 6 deadly sins of negotiation – follow these rules for better outcomes for you and the other party as well:

  • => What to ask during a negotiation – this looks like small-talk but gives you additional power to get what you want from the deal.
  • => How to use ground you give to gain ground elsewhere. Done right this can give you amazing concessions from the other party and they don’t even know it’s happening.
  • => How to give them what they want and use it to get what you want – there’s always a creative way to make things work – here’s how you do it.
  • => the one step most people forget that can unravel an agreement if you miss it. It all comes down to people saying one thing but meaning another.
  • => And much, much more…

This is a big one and information rich…

I believe that this is one that you should listen to a few times.

Take notes and pout this stuff into action before you enter your next negotiation. It will completely change the outcome.