Shocking facts reveal how most real estate investors are doomed for failure... and they don't even know it yet.

Most investors are completely unaware of this. The traditional real estate investment methodologies are broken, out of date and simply don't work.

Want proof? Here it is...

The ATO reported this year that 2.03 million individuals invest in real estate. It has to be a good thing, right? WRONG. 1.3 million of those investors are reporting negative cashflow in their tax returns, adding up to a massive $12 billion of losses.

How do you get rich if you're losing money every day of every month? You don't. You end up giving up. The facts prove that too.

It's widely publicised that you need at least 10 properties to achieve a comfortable retirement on passive income.

But here's the reality... Only 1% of all property investors ever reach that magical 10+ properties in their portfolio. Which means that 99% of real estate investors struggle to reach their financial freedom dreams with real estate.

Clearly, old-school real estate investing has failed you and your wealth creation plans. There is a better way... and there is a small group of renegade investors who are trail-blazing and achieving the ultimate dream of wealth and passive income using real estate.

Discover how to crack the code and become one of the new breed of new real estate rich with passive and lifestyle income.

Introducing the brand-new 2-day event called, The Rise of the New Real Estate Millionaires. How to achieve financial freedom, not in 10-20 years, but in the next 3-5 years.

Here's the powerful line-up of real estate experts...

How I generated a $3.5 million portfolio and replaced my professional accounting income in just 18 months with real estate

She is the author of best-selling book, Confession of a Real Estate Millionaire as well as 5 other real estate specific books. She has repeatedly held the title for the #1 Investment Podcast on iTunes for many years, shared the stage with wealth icons such as Donald Trump, Robert kiyosaki, Richard Branson and Anthony Robbins. She has coached and educated over 100,000 people in the last 10 years and has the largest real estate newsletter, "iLoveRealEstate" with over 72,000 subscribers ...and growing fast. As someone who went from virtually zero to a $3.5 million property portfolio in just 18 months, Dymphna knows what it's like to be on both sides of the wealth creation coin.

She's an accountant, advisor, presenter, entrepreneur, corporate director, miner, wife and mother. Most importantly, she understands property as well as anyone in the country. And when she speaks, the top experts listen.

In 2009, everyone was talking about the real estate market collapsing. But while the media was telling everyone to SELL EVERYTHING AND RUN, Dymphna stepped forward (in March, 2009) and ran full-page advertorials in all of the major Australian newspapers (at her own expense) saying...

Don't believe what all the myths, lies and half-truths in the media & all the trusty professors are telling you about the Australian real estate market dropping by 40%."

What's more, she made several bold forecasts at the time – AND ALL OF THEM CAME TRUE. Ignoring her recommendations in 2009 probably cost you somewhere between $50,000 and $150,000. Ignoring her advice in 2016 could cost you even more.

From Negative-Geared Victim to Positive Cashflowed Portfolio in Just 13 Months

Ian was following the traditional negative-gearing property investing path to the letter. He had a good job, was stashing his super away, investing for the future and reducing his tax.

Yet his 7 investment properties were bleeding him dry at a humbling loss of $36,000 per annum … leaving him with very little to support his wife and four daughters.

He didn't know it, but he was Inches from Bankruptcy

But following some changes at work (he landed a boss he hated), he decided to make a change, and with a new strategy he found, he turned his negative cashflow to positive income within just 13 months

Now, with his new system and formula for investing property, he was able to leave paid employment and the rat race at the age of 35 and focus 100% of his energy as a newly-minted property entrepreneur.

Today, Ian has several multi-million dollar projects in the pipeline, with a view of accelerating his net cashflow above everything else.

You’ll love Ian’s energy, passion and stories on how he was able to go from negative gearing slave to positive cashflow heaven in such a short timeframe.

9 Properties and he was going broke fast! Something had to change...

Whilst working on a construction site as an apprentice electrician, the owner of the site and their expensive car made an appearance and more importantly, an impression. Brad’s eyes lit up, hoping that property could be the answer to help his family and future family with the stress and struggle of having enough money, so he started asking questions.

He was told to talk to an accountant and by the age of 23, he started buying negatively geared properties.

By the age of 29, he had built up to 9 properties and never felt more broke. From the outside looking in, he looked successful and was seemingly on the right path.

However the reality was that he was forced to keep working and without even knowing it, he was sitting on a portfolio that was just waiting to collapse - which it did.

Fortunately for Brad he found another way. Within 4 and a half years from that moment, he cracked the code and was in a position where he could leave his full job, become a full time investor and owns a multi million dollar portfolio.

Today, Brad, like our other property mavericks is a full-time property investor and developer.

How a Personal Tragedy Became the Inspiration for Fast Real Estate Success

When Michael Tiemens was just 17 years old, his mum walked through the doors with a pale face and shrieked…

“We have the police here, and they are telling me dad’s gone”

As soon as he realised it wasn’t a joke… his heart sank, his stomach churned, and he felt sad, anxious and afraid. But with two younger sisters and the main income vanishing from the family… he knew he had to step up and take action.

Two weeks later, he landed a dream job for any 17 year old and on the side, started to dabble in the share market. But he found it hard to get traction. The same thing happened with property, until he found a mentor who turned his world upside down.

By the age of 27, just 010 years later, he has a multi-million dollar portfolio that has enabled him to exit from the rat race and live his dream of being a full-time property investor.

Michael has featured several times in some of Australia’s largest property publications as a featured story of what is possible today in the marketplace, even if you’re young and inexperienced.

PROOF: The Rise of the New Real Estate Millionaires in Action and Speaking Live at the Event

Many other events talk about new systems and strategies, but very few can actually prove it. Featured at this event, will be everyday individuals who are currently crushing it in the real estate market using this unique, new real estate rich formula.

These guys aren't your everyday presenters or teachers. They'll be sharing real-life, in the trenches stories of what they bought, how they used the New Real Estate Rich system and how you can too.

How struggling husband and wife were able to build a multi-million dollar portfolio and a 6-figure passive income in just 5 years.

Des and Shona

How an over-worked camera man is now a full-time property professional, making $1 million per annum.

Jason Byron

With their marriage and finances falling apart, a changing mindset and education has allowed this couple to build a $4.5 million portfolio in less than 4 years.

Danny and Cheryl Gardiner

Despite massive farming debts and disaster, this couple were able to build a $1.9 million portfolio of 9 properties and passive income in just 13 months.

Kellie Towers

In just 7 years, Esme went fro personal disaster to a portfolio of 20 properties, worth $5 million and a passive income of $50,000 per annum.

Esme Chin

These sessions alone will be worth dropping everything you're doing on the weekend and being part of this event. Amazing success stories from everyday Australians who have dreamt of financial freedom and now are well on their way.

(Not all of the above guest-speakers will be appearing at all events)

The Formula for the New Real Estate Rich

You must generate POSITIVE CASHFLOW, not negotiable.

You'll discover the ultimate guide to finding positive cash-flow real estate, exactly how to go about locating real estate cash cows that can potentially replace your current income within the next 3-5 years. Our team of experts will walk you through several of their best income-replacement strategies including when to apply them and exactly how they work, step-by-step.

You must generate GROWTH and EQUITY. Without this, you're stuffed.

Positive cash-flow is one thing, but at this event our team of experts will walk you through different approaches to "manufacture" growth... Including sub-divisions, options, strata titling, developing, building, and off the plans - together with a whole heap of techniques, analysis and how to do your due diligence. It's growth that gives you wealth.

You must PROTECT your new-found wealth for future generations

Making you first million dollars in real estate is a massive effort and you need to understand how to protect your new-found wealth from any unexpected disasters. You'll discover how to bullet proof your portfolio from frivolous law suits, what the best entities are to protect your assets and how to make sure yours and your future generation's wealth is protected.

You must MINIMISE, MINIMISE TAX. It's your biggest expense.

Taxes will be the largest ongoing expense in you life regardless of how much or little you have. It's no coincidence that the wealthiest and richest people in the world understand and are able to earn more and pay less tax. If you want to be rich, you'll discover some very simple and highly effective system and strategies that most multi-millionaire use to make more money as investors.


  • How to slash your taxes by paying your kids a wage
  • How to present no-money-down deals that people find hard to resist
  • The dumb depreciation mistake many property investors make which is like poking a bear with a sore head in the eye with a stick (don’t do this, or you could end up on the tax office’s hit list)
  • You'll learn a tailored Asset Protection secrets that are tested, proven, legal tools. These tools are the most successful and thoroughly explained in Plain English.
  • Discover why cash-flow is better than growth and when you need to focus on it
  • The type of structure you should NEVER have for an investment you expect to increase in value.
  • Learn exactly what passive income gives you and why it's so important if your goal is to retire in the next 5 years
  • Do you work in a job for a salary? Here’s a few simple tips for slashing your tax bill
  • See greedy, hostile litigation attorneys stop salivating and turn pale when you explain to them your asset protection strategy.
  • How to instantly tell if a house is about to boom in value. Real example (if you see this, get in fast before everyone catches on)
  • Barricade your assets with an impenetrable fortress where they are creditor proof, lawsuit proof and judgment proof forever.
  • One of the easiest ways to predict future house prices in any area
  • How to secure and control property with very little money out of your pocket, using professional option clauses in contracts.
  • How to claim tax deductions on an overseas holiday
  • How to find properties that can give you positive-cashflow to the tune of $10,000 - $15,000 per year (a handful of these could quickly replace your income)
  • How to create HUGE capital gain with subdivisions, planning permits, development approvals and zoning changes. (You don't have to be a developer or builder to do this. This is how the big boys make millions of dollars).
  • Why Australian get sucked in to property deals that cost them money rather than make them money
  • How to transform a negative-cashflow property into a positive one with this simple trick
  • Own an older investment property? That doesn’t mean you’re not entitled to building depreciation.
  • Discover why negative gearing is a dumb idea... and if you follow it, why it will keep you hand-cuffed to a JOB for the rest of your life... YUCK!
  • The exact investment that gave me an instant $27,000 in positive cash-flow
  • The best structure to buy in to maximise your income and minimise your tax
  • A simple way to defer and save tax. Particularly useful if your kids are in their teens. Could potentially save you thousands
  • The best areas you can currently buy in for high rental returns in Australia
  • Why your accountant's advice to buy in your own name is really the worst advice you can get
  • When claiming tax deductions for travelling to look at your investment property can land you in hot water (and how to do it right)
  • What you must get in order to legally depreciate your fixtures and fittings (such as curtains, drapes, light fittings, etc)
  • A simple way to be able to move money around and keep your taxes low (hardly anyone does this, but it can save you a fortune)
  • When to search for a growth property for capital gain versus an income property for cashflow (get this wrong, and you could back yourself into a corner)
  • How to force growth without having to wait for property prices to rise in value
  • Questions you must ask before investing in a cashflow positive property (this little checklist could save you from wasting thousands. Keep it with you whenever you invest in a property)
  • Never again waste another minute worrying about losing your house, bank account, investment, business, etc to an unethical lawsuit?
  • How to get vendor finance from a builder or developer (And get into deals with no money down. The secret lies in knowing when to spot the opportunity – and when to act)


If this event is so good, why is it free?

Here’s my reasoning. This is an educational event only. We are not here to SELL you any real estate, period. We never have and never will. We have no association with developers or land subdivision companies. In fact, we think the practise of educating and then offering a “great property deal” is disgusting. OUR GOAL is to educate you so YOU CAN AVOID the traps uneducated investors make, and take advantage of the boom ahead without a great deal of anxiety or fear. However, at the end of the event, we will offer our ongoing educational services, courses and programs. If you feel that you have received great value by spending a two days with us and we are worthy mentors and coaches to assist you on your real estate journey, the choice on whether you engage with us in the future will always be yours… Please read this paragraph again.