From Burnt-Out Corporate Accountant to Full-Time Property Mum Thanks to Commercial Properties

Sovy’s story is a remarkable tale of transformation, from a burnt-out accountant in Sydney’s luxury retail world to a successful full-time property investor.

Her property journey began in 2017, right after she got married and had her first child.

While on maternity leave from her glamorous job that once offered travel and luxury goods at a discount, Sovy realised that the corporate life was no longer fulfilling. Her priorities shifted towards caring for her baby and spending quality time with her family.

She wanted to create a life where she could enjoy time with their son, without the constant pressure of a corporate job.

The Beginning: Going it Alone

After attending a free I Love Real Estate one-day event Sovy decided the way to achieve this was through property investments that generated positive cash flow.

But Sovy decided she didn’t need to join I Love Real Estate. She felt she had learned enough at the free event and plowed ahead, buying a less than ideal residential property in Brisbane with the hope of generating positive income.

Initially it did generate $5,000 a year but then the market turned, and the property became a negatively geared asset that was costing her money.

This setback was the catalyst for Sovy actually joining I Love Real Estate, seeking the support and education that would help her manage her investments better.

Warehouse with Cold Storage

As an I Love Real Estate member, Sovy learned about the potential of commercial real estate and decided to invest in a warehouse with cold storage in Brisbane. It came with a purchase price of $975,000 and an annual rent of $75,000, resulting in an initial net annual cash flow of $42,167.

The initial plan was to hold onto it, as it promised a significant annual return, allowing Sovy to step back from work.

However, life’s unpredictability struck again.

Sovy found herself back in the office, juggling work and childcare with minimal sleep. This unsustainable lifestyle led her to the realisation that waiting years for the property to pay off was not feasible, prompting her move to the Platinum program for more advanced strategies.

Journey to Commercial Success

Under the guidance of her Platinum coach, Sovy transitioned fully into commercial real estate.

Her next deal came with challenges, as they had no equity or access to additional funds. However, their persistence paid off when they embarked on a joint venture (JV) project during COVID.

Sovy and Bon went on a family holiday road trip with the intention of looking at a few properties along the way. They found themselves exploring an opportunity in Armidale, New South Wales.

The property was three industrial warehouses within a complex of seven, all under a single title. It had two tenants with periodic leases under market rent and no outgoings, the deal presented an enticing prospect.

Although the initial JV deal fell through, it opened up an opportunity for Sovy to learn about refinancing their properties, so they could do the deal themselves, which became a turning point in her investment strategy.

She successfully negotiated a deal for the property that was undervalued and under appreciated in the market. Not long after securing the property a tenant vacated and she secured a new lease with a new tenant at market lease rates, resulting in a significant increase in positive cash flow.

The negotiated price was $685,238 with the annual rent now bringing in $60,670. The net annual cash flow is $30,097 after expenses and repayments.

No Money Deal and Beyond

One of the most significant shifts in Sovy’s journey was changing her mindset towards finance and investment strategies. Initially inclined to pay off loans as soon as possible, she embraced the concept of refinancing and became open to joint venture deals.

Sovy’s next venture was a no-money-down deal in Jindera, also in regional NSW with a money partner. When they settled in October 2023, the property had already increased in value by $115,000

The plan was to construct new buildings on the property to increase its value further and potentially sell some of the units, with the aim of replacing Bon’s income. But complications arose, leading to the construction plans being temporarily shelved.

After attending a Platinum conference in Vietnam and reassessing her strategies, Sovy realised she had become too comfortable with her current success.

This realisation reignited her ambition, and she renegotiated the deal, adapting it to a cash flow strategy. She secured a new tenant and turned the project into a profitable venture, all without any initial investment.

The Reward of Time and Flexibility

Sovy’s journey shows an amazing change. Now with three commercial properties, she has gone from one property with negative cash flow to over $2 million in equity and $125,000 in passive income in just a few years.

She has successfully replaced her income and is halfway to replacing her husband’s income, all within a shorter timeframe than expected. This has given her the priceless opportunity to be involved in her son’s life, participating in school activities and enjoying day trips with her extended family.

Her success in real estate has given her the flexibility to live life on her terms. With plans to continue growing in the real estate sector and a long-awaited family holiday in Japan on the horizon, she looks forward to what the future holds.

Sovy’s transformation from a stressed, overworked mother to a successful, present parent is the true measure of her success. Her story is a testament to the power of education, perseverance, and strategic thinking in achieving not just financial independence, but a balanced, fulfilling life.

“The glamorous job at a luxury retail company suddenly wasn’t attractive anymore because all I wanted to do was care for my baby and have fun with my family.”

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These stories and the results in them were captured at a specific point in time. The real estate market and the investing strategies used to succeed are constantly changing. The achievements and results of these investors may have changed since these stories were recorded. Each of these investors engaged in in-depth training, coaching and mentoring to be able to achieve these results. Their results are not typical and should not be taken as a guarantee of the results you may achieve. Your personal results will be in-line with the training, education and hard work that you personally conduct.

“Not only have I replaced my income, we are also halfway to replacing my husband’s income.”



Value: $600,000
Equity: $600,000
Cashflow: $0

All Investment Properties
Value: $280,000
Cashflow: – $5,000

Value: $270,000
Cashflow: $0

Value: $1,150,000
Cashflow: – $5,000


Value: $700,000
Equity: $700,000
Cashflow: $0

Commercial Property 1
Value: $1,430,000
Equity: $560,000
Cashflow: + $58,100 pa

Commercial Property 2
Value: $987,000
Equity: $607,000
Cashflow: + $60,061 pa

Commercial Property 3
Value: $800,000
Equity: $108,000
Cashflow: + $7,094 pa

Value: $50,000

Total Position
Value: $3,967,000
Equity: $2,025,000
Cashflow: + $125,255 pa