April 19, 2021 by Dymphna

Video: How The Spending Cycle Is Accelerating Property Prices

I’ve been receiving a tons of positive comments and emails about my weekly Intelligent Investor Update.

I’m glad everyone is enjoying it as much as I’ve enjoyed hosting it.

At first I was a little worried aspiring investors weren’t that interested in becoming smarter.

It’s nice to be proven wrong, even more so after hearing how much value everyone is getting out of this new series.

It’s been a dense week for investing news, here’s what we’re covering this week.

  • How the Spending cycle is accelerating Property Prices
  • The real reason most Australians won’t become financially independant
  • How our revoery from the China Sanctions is snubbing China’s bullying tactics

Things are changing rapidly in Australia and around the world.

Hopefully with weeks episode you’re able to digest and measure everything that’s going on and use it to your advantage.

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