August 15, 2017 by Dymphna

[VIDEO] How Eric succeeded in “crushing” his poverty mindset, with $54,000 pa passive income AND over $6 million in profits in the pipeline.

Eric was a stranger to money. He left home at 17, having grown up with an alcoholic and abusive father and never knowing where his next meal was coming from.

It took him a long while to realise that his upbringing had left him with a ‘poverty mindset’ that kept him sitting on the sidelines. It took an old friend to pull him up on it: “YOU’RE SUCH A TIGHT-ARSE,” she screamed… at one of Dymphna’s seminars!

Eric knew that he had to adjust his attitude to wealth and money, and he believes that Dymphna’s holistic program really helped him “crush” his poverty mentality and open up to greater wealth and abundance.

However, he was just a few months into his first property deal when his son was born with medical complications. There was an irregular twitching to his movements, and he was rushed to Westmead Children’s Hospital, where the doctors couldn’t or wouldn’t tell him what had happened.

It turned out that his son had had a stroke and “one-quarter of his frontal lobe was blacked-out.”

Working during the day and spending all of his nights at his son’s bedside, Eric couldn’t give his project the attention it needed. Eventually he sold out his share of the deal to his JV partner, and gave all of his energy to his son.

However, as his son’s condition stabilised, and then got better and better, Eric resolved to pick up where he had left off. He built up his cash flow and serviceability through a number of sub-lease deals, before moving on to some major development plays, with financial backing from members of the ILRE community.

With $54,000 pa in passive income, and development deals set to deliver over $6m in profits, Eric’s story could be dismissed as ‘right place, right time’. However, Eric knows that mindset has a lot to do with it. “Ask and you will receive. Believe and you will achieve.”