January 21, 2020 by Dymphna

Truth Bomb Tuesday: When ‘abundance’ goes bad

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How to do abundance mentality right

Let me let you in on a little secret.

Let me give you something that’s going to change the way you manage your mind.

Let me tell you about the real secret of abundance.

Now, abundance is one of these words that’s become a little over-used. It’s become a bit cliché. It’s become a bit tired and scrappy looking, covered in day-old glitter from the cactus and cacao ceremony.

But it still points to a truth that is one of the most important skills / qualities that you need to master.

Because I would say that every successful person I know – every successful student that has ever walked through my door and out the other side – they all have an abundance mindset.

To one degree or another, they hall have an outlook on the world and a belief system that is anchored in the idea that the world is an abundant place to live in.

It’s opposite is the scarcity mentality – the belief that there is never enough, and you’ve got to fight tooth and nail for what’s yours, if you ever get it all.

Now the great mistake people make is they think about the abundance mentality purely in material terms.

“The abundance mentality says that there are lots of I-phones and sports cars in the world. The scarcity mentality says that there isn’t.”

This misses the point, and is actually wrong. In fact, it’s so wrong that it risks being offensive.

I mean, go out to Tamworth or Stanthorpe and tell them that, despite appearances, there is actually an abundance of water. Or try tell them that the reason they don’t have water is because they must secretly be harbouring a scarcity mentality.

See how long it takes for those good people to run you out of town.

No. Let me be clear. The abundance mentality is not about believing that there is an abundance of the things you want.

It’s about believing that there is an abundant number of ways to get what you want.

That distinction is subtle, but incredibly important.

The abundance mentality is about believing that when you connect to your needs and desires – when your focus in on the experience rather than the specific things that give you particular experiences – the universe has an abundant capacity to give you what you hunger for.

(In fact, based on my personal experience, I’d have to say that that capacity is actually infinite.)

The abundance mentality is the belief that there are an infinite number of paths that lead from where you are now to the life you want to be experiencing.

If one career doesn’t work out, it’s ok, there’s going to be another one.

If a deal doesn’t come together, it’s ok, there’s going to be another one.

If a marriage doesn’t work out, that’s ok, there are many ways to satisfy that deep need for human connection.

With the abundance mentality, life never gives you a “no.” It just gives you a “Not this way. Try another.”

That’s what the abundance mentality is about. It’s not about believing there is an abundance of things. It’s about believing that there is an abundance of strategy.

So this is what we need to cultivate.

Come home to a world of abundant possibility.

And don’t get hung up on “stuff”.